Sunday 25 September 2011


Genre - Rock / Classic Rock / Blues / Soul / Pop
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing -

01. Love Power And Peace   (lead vox Ruby Turner & Jaki Graham)
02. Seven Golden Daffodils    (lead vox Jacqui Williams & Robin George)
03. Cocoon                            (lead vox Sean Harris)
04. Pride                                (lead vox Ruby Turner) 
05. Bluesong                          (lead vox Charlie George)
06. World                              (lead vox Freya Copeland, Vix, Robin George & Arthur Brown)
07. King’s Call                      
08. Tired Eyes                        (lead vox David Byron)
09. Another Lonely Night       (lead vox Daniel Boone)
10. With A Little Help From My Friends  (lead vox Sean Harris, Jacqui Williams & Robin George)
11. Mona Lisa Smile              (lead vox Pete Goalby)
12. Wasted Time                   (lead vox John Wetton)
13. Alice                                (lead vox Robin George & Spike)
14. No Justice                        (lead vox Andy Pyke)
15. Heartline                          (lead vox Nick Tart)
16. Next to You/Don’t Turn Away (lead vox Robin George)
17. Angel Song                      (lead vox Robin George)

" This album involves no less than 50 artists making a contribution to this charity album under the production of project mastermind ROBIN GEORGE. The LovePower Band who are: Pete Haycock (The Climax Blues Band), Charlie Morgan (Elton John Band), Mel Collins (King Crimson), JacquieWilliams (Sister Sledge), Charley Charlesworth (Dangerous Music) and Robin George (Phil Lynott etc) Artwork is by the fabulous Andie Airfix.'

As the title suggests this is Robin’s Love Power and he has called on members of Uriah Heep, Trapeze, UFO, Mott The Hoople, Hanoi Rocks, Cry Baby's, King Crimson, Diamond Head, Asia, Quireboys to soul queen Jaki Graham to Ruby Turner to ViX to produce an album which is the desire of all artists participating to put something back by way of a charity album." "The Love Power project began with a conversation in the Andalucian mountain village in which Robin George now has his home. It started as a single, then grew to an EP and then as more artists recorded Robin’s songs they started contacting fellow artists/musicians and has now grown to a full album. As Robin recently said "It’s amazing a couple of weeks ago I recorded drummers Charlie Morgan in Nashville and Pete Thompson in Dallas where he was performing with Robin Trower. With 21st Century technology, geographical distance is no barrier"

Apart from the 50 musicians others who have freely dedicated their time and expertise include a choir of over 200 schoolchildren, an international women’s choir, a male rock choir, as well as photographers, journalists, art studios and record companies.
Uniquely for a charity album the entire profits from this release are being donated to three charities- BCAT, Haven House, and Compton Hospice."

 This is a great album, combining the talents of a whole host of musicians. Highlights for me include Cocoon and With A Little Help From My Friends, if for no other reason than they feature ex Diamond Head vocalist Sean harris on lead vocals, in quite possibly his first released work since being ousted from the band a few years back, awesome.
Another highlight is Bluesong where Charlie George just owns the lead vocal!
 Some tracks do sound a little dated, but what the hey, on the whole this is a great album and its raising money for some great charity's!

webisite - LovePower and Peace 
rating 9/10

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