Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jackdaw4 - The Eternal Struggle For Justice

Willie Dowling and Jackdaw4 return with their third full length album. As ever the song writing and performance's on display here really are top draw! Great tune, followed by great tune, followed, well you get the idea right?

Stand out tracks for me include, 'Everyone Becomes The Road They Take', 'Wire to the Wire',(which is simply amazing!), 'We Sold It All', 'Baby I'm A Killer' and Waiting To Die'.
This album has a kind of 70's thing going on, and at times it reminds me of some of Queens work from the early 70's!
The Eternal Struggle For Justice, as an album, has more in common with Jackdaw4's second album, Bipolar Diversions than the bands debut Gramophone Logic release, lacking the rockier tracks like 'King For A Day' and 'This Is Your Life', but it's still a power pop classic, and probably the best power pop album to be released in 2010.
Willie Dowling is one of the best song writers of his generation, and really shows it here with his dry humour and dark sarcasm in his lyrics!

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rating - 10/10

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