Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Buckcherry - Singles Club Pt 4

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Pledge Music /  F-Bomb
Track listing:
01 - Rock N Roll Damnation (AC/DC Cover)
What can you say, with the sad news regarding Malcom Young's state of health and retirement from the band it really seems like the timing is off a little for this months Singles club track.
To be fair the band pull of a cracking rendition of this AC/DC classic, Rock N Roll Damnation, capturing the spirit of the original but still managing to put their own stamp on the track.
Worth signing up for alone!
Rating - 10/10

AC/DC - Play Ball and Rock Or Bust Singles (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label -
Track listing:
01 - Play Ball
01 - Rock Or Bust

After a lot of rumors, it's official; AC/DC will release its new album, titled 'Rock Or Bust', on December 2. The 11-song collection is the band's first since 2008's Black Ice and it includes the song "Play Ball", which is available as an instant download when pre-ordering the album from iTunes.
'Rock Or Bust' features an inventive three-dimensional lenticular cover, which gives the illusion of the band's iconic logo exploding as the packaging is moved in different directions.
And how sounds the new single "Play Ball"? Just the way you want them to.
While Malcolm Young may not be there anymore the song begins with a meaty but simple riff (presumably played by Malcolm's nephew, Steve Young) that gets a little funky – for them anyway – but is anchored by the solid thump of drums. There's little fuss after that and even Angus' solo is short and to the point, as is the song which is gone in under 2 minutes 50 seconds.

And what about the albums title track? Well its typical AC/DC, a little slower than Play Ball but containing all of the elements of an AC/DC classic!
Good to hear the guys back, unfortunate news about Malcom Young but his spirit continues in all the guys do, and his nephew is doing a steller job!
Rating - 9/10
The Band:
Angus Young - Guitar
Stevie Young - Guitar
Brian Johnson - Vocals
Phil Rudd - Drums
Cliff Williams - Bass

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 6 EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk / Alternative
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Don't Stop Loving The Music
02 - The Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton / Tim McGraw Cover)
03 - Ostracide
Bonus Demos
04 - Bloodlust (Venom Cover)
05 - Molly O Mindy

So here we are at the midway point of Ginger Wildheart's phenomenally ambitious G.A.S.S. project, so lets recap, that's eighteen brand new tracks and twelve previously unreleased outtakes / demo tracks, amazing.
This month the new tracks lead off with Don't Stop The Music, a great track which opens with an awesome bouncy riff. The song features the talents of  Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums), Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals), Jake Adams (vocals), and Jasmine Adams (vocals) and was once again mixed by Kevin Vanbergen. A great mid tempo rocker that I imagine is going to go down a storm live.
Next up we have Gingers cover of Chris Stapleton's The Whiskey And You (popularised by Tim McGraw) which is once again mixed by Kevin Vanbergen, and again features the talents of Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums) and Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals). This time around the mix is a little more laid back, remember SilverGinger 5's cover of Somebody To Love? Well that's the sort of sound that they go for on this track, and it works really well, a nice contrast to it predecessor and whats to follow. The last of the new tracks on offer this month is Ostracide. Again this track is  mixed by Kevin Vanbergen, and again features the talents of Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums) and Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals). I have to say that Ostracide is a blinder! Definitely one of the best songs that G.A.S.S. has produced so far. Opening with a blinding riff and big rock beat, I could really imagine The Wildhearts pulling off a stonking version of this one! It really is a stonker of a song with all of Gingers trademark big chorus's, tempo changes and did I mention, killer riffs! the subject matter of this one is a little personal, and obviously close to Ginger's heart, but what can I say? The song is a stonker!
Next up we have this months bonus demos / previously unreleased tracks, a cover of Venom's Bloodlust and a little gem called Molly O Mindy.

I'll let Ginger explain,
BLOODLUST – Born from a daft/drunken idea between me and Jones, this Venom classic was recorded as part of the first Mutation album. Jase Edwards, as well as producing, provides ripping axe solo action and Denzel proves that he’s an even better drummer than Abaddon. I loved singing/yelling this. Shouting my head off is where my heart lies and I curse the day I was ever born with an innate sense of melody.
Originally intended as a double A-side ‘Geordie’ single, expect a cover version of Angelic Upstarts “I’m An Upstart” at some point before the end of G·A·S·S·,
MOLLY O LINDY – Written as part of the session of songs to be presented to Alice Cooper, I feel sure that he would have done a fantastic version of this, further convincing me that he never even heard these tracks.
Imagine Bob Ezrin getting stuck into the production on this with Alice at his super creepiest? Hey, who knows? Maybe he’ll get wind of this demo this time around and check it out? Or maybe he’ll just ignore it again? Ha ha."

First I have to say that the cover of Bloodlust is awesome, reminding us of just how great an assembly of musicians Ginger pulled together for the Mutation projects, full of energy bile and dare I say Venom? True to the original but with a mutated Mutation stamp all over it!
Molly O Mindy, what can I say, I have been waiting years to hear these songs originally written for Alice Cooper, and the song doesn't disappoint! This as Ginger says above could have been huge for Alice, id love to hear Ginger give it a full blown Bob Ezrin production job, its awesome as it is here in this form but my God this song could be a huge Killer!

So once again five awesome tracks delivered and no dips in quality, amazing.
Come on sign yourselves up to G.A.S.S. you be disappointed!

Rating  - 10/10

G.A.S.S. the story so far:

Moth One:
01 - Everything
02 - That's a Nasty Habit That You've Got There
03 - Bloody Knees
Bonus Demos
01 - Ice
02 - The Jackson Whites (Original Home Demo)

Month Two:
01 - El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)
02 - Hellbound
03 - King Rat
Bonus Demos
01 - You Are The LIght
02 - How I Survived The Punk Wars (Demo)

Month Three:
01 - Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now
02 - Do You
03 - Petite Mort
Bonus Demos
01 - Friction In My System (Written For Alice Cooper)
02 - Patience And Gratitude

Month Four:
01 - Honour (feat Courtney Love)
02 - Down The Dip
03 - If You Find Yourself In London Town
Bonus Demos
01 - Melanchoholic
02 - Begin from Within (Original Demo)

Month Five:
01 - The Pendine Incident
02 - Carriageway Roses
03 - Brand New Original Sin
Bonus Demos
01 - Shine
02 - Superpowered Superfly (Original Demo)

Month Six:
01 - Don't Stop Loving The Music
02 - The Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton / Tim McGraw Cover)
03 - Ostracide 
Bonus Demos
01 - Bloodlust (Venom Cover)
02 - Molly O Mindy (Written For Alice Cooper)

Monday, 29 September 2014

DEVIL CITY ANGELS - The Devil EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock
Track listing:
01 - No Angels
02 - Bad Decision
03 - I'm Livin'
04 - All My People

A new super-group has been born: DEVIL CITY ANGELS, whose line-up includes guitarist Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), drummer Rikki Rockett (Poison), bassist Eric Brittingham (Cinderella), and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Brandon Gibbs (Cheap Thrill).
The band formed in June, 2014, with the idea to tour all across the USA during the summer performing songs from all member's famous bands, but also compose new original material.
The tour, has received an overhelming response from the public,  and is still rolling with Devil City Angels adding new dates and venues everyday. So the guys decided to record the already written original material.
There's 4 tracks on this "Devil EP", but the band is so happy, that there's a plan for full album when the tour ends.
"No Angels" will remind you Cinderella's more melodic side, "Bad Decision" has a Poison / Baton Rouge vibe, the catchy "I'm Livin`" bring to mind Ritchie Kotzen solo works, while "All My People" is a fun rocker in the Billy Squier vein.
All this stuff has been carefully recorded with great production, with all instruments coming out clear.
It's a pleasure listening these guys rocking again, especially Tracii ripping killer solos again.
The EP is not officially for sale, but you can make a donation to Fender Music Foundation and get the tracks digitally.
Can't wait the full album

Very Very Highly Recommended!
Rating 10/10
Line Up :
Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns) - guitars
Rikki Rockett (Poison) - drums, percussion
Eric Brittingham (Cinderella) - bass
Brandon Gibbs (Cheap Thrill) - vocals, guitar

Sunday, 28 September 2014

JOE BONAMASSA - Different Shades Of Blue (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Blues
Label -

Track listing:
01. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
02. Oh Beautiful!
03. Love Ain't A Love Song
04. Living On The Moon
05. Heartache Follows Wherever I Go
06. Never Give All Your Heart
07. I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues
08. Different Shades Of Blue
09. Get Back My Tomorrow
10. Trouble Town
11. So, What Would I Do

As part of Black Country Communion or solo artist, there are few blues-rockers today who are as consistent as JOE BONAMASSA. And this comes clear on his new great record to be released next week under the proper title "Different Shades Of Blue", as ranges from heavy blues to funk / soul inspired blues.
To outdo himself and push his art forward with the bar already set pretty high, Bonamassa left his long-standing template of mixing in covers with originals and had a hand in writing every track for new album. But instead of writing the songs on his own, he partnered in Nashville with established composers like talented James House. 
Oh, and Bonamassa wrote with Jonathan Cain, too. Yes, that Jonathan Cain of Journey.
Joe B.’s songwriting acumen didn’t really require extra polish, but the input from these proven pros certainly didn’t hurt, either. And any anxiety that he went 'country' or 'Journey' on us should quickly be put to rest; these song bear his fingerprints much more than his songwriting mates. 
That improvement comes in a more aggressive push against the boundaries of contemporary blues, making an album that offers different, widely varied takes of the broader-based blues. That’s the freedom that often comes with writing all your own material.
The album starts off mighty strong, a killer string of four tunes that reminds us of the diversity Bonamassa finds in the broad context of the blues. The Hendrix re-worked instrumental intro “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)” serves as a just-right passage into the killer crunch of “Oh Beautiful!”, quite heavy and very Black Country Communion in essence.
A sax from Ron Dziubla and a trumpet from Lee Thornburg give “Love Ain’t A Love Song” swift, soulful kick in the ass and the lyrics have the swagger to match the melody; it’s meant to be played loud. The horns reappear on “Living On The Moon,” a crisp blues shuffle, and Bonamassa gets a nasty thing going for his brief guitar solo.
But the best arrives in the middle of the CD.
The ultra melodic but a the same hard rocking bluesy “Never Give All Your Heart” will delight fans of classic Bad Company, and for those with a hunger for the dirty lowdown kind of blues, “Heartache Follows Wherever I Go” fills the bill and then some. It's like a song taken from Gary Moore's classic 'Still Got The Blues'.
These two songs alone worth this disc.
Kevin Shirley is on board as producer as he’s been for the prior fifteen Bonamassa albums and he declares "Different Shades of Blue" his 'favorite Joe Bonamassa record to date'. Agree with him.
This album rocks, in a bluesy style, but rocks with blood in the veins.
Like the title of the album and the deeply soulful song of the same name (another highlight), this new batch of songs points up the fact that the blues does come in so many different shades. And all of it is good.
Highly Recommended.
Rating - 9/10

SLASH - World On Fire (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label -
Track listing:
01. World on Fire
02. Shadow Life
03. Automatic Overdrive
04. Wicked Stone
05. 30 Years To Life
06. Bent To Fly
07. Stone Blind
08. Too Far Gone
09. Beneath The Savage Sun
10. Withered Delilah
11. Battleground
12. Dirty Girl
13. Iris Of The Storm
14. Avalon
15. The Dissident
16. Safari Inn
17. The Unholy

"World On Fire" with 17 tracks it’s not a short album, but surely with that many tracks there will be at least one in there as filler? Well, the short answer is no – this is one hell of a good album with songs that have been carefully polished and arranged.
The album kicks off with the title track. The fast-paced riff immediately hits you like a freight train from the start and will have you looking for the nearest person to run into, even if you’ve never moshed before. The '80s hard rock influence is very apparent and Myles Kennedy’s voice suits the song very well, with the singer in comfortable and confident territory as he wails down the mic with typically cheesy but brilliant lyrics: “Let me tempt you with the evils of the flesh and so much more”.
The breakdown later on in the track is something that English rockers The Who would be proud of, and it wouldn’t be complete without a token Slash solo, still showing he’s up there with the best when it comes to ‘shredding on the axe’.
“Shadow Life” starts of slower and more melodic with quite soft vocals before the drums join in with a crash and the guitar switches to a heavier riff and you’re into a flull-blown hard rock song. “Automatic Overdrive” starts with drums and guitar at a moderate pace and gradually getting faster and faster before launching into another great song.
The riff in “Wicked Stone” reminds you of Guns N' Roses, particularly the intro to the song before the vocals kick in. Once you get into the main body of the song it does lose that Guns feel. There’s a long guitar solo and a tight instrumental section as the rest of the band are still playing as well as Slash.
“Bent to Fly” is a ballad with soft vocals and gentle guitar its got quite a slow build-up but it’s only a minute or so till they ramp the power up for the chorus.
Despite the name, “Battleground” isn't a full power hard rock song. Instead it opens with some nice vocals and flowing guitar work before like goes to full power for the chorus.
“Iris of the Storm” is an unusual title – a play on the commonly used term 'eye of the storm'. It rocks, before the interesting instrumental “Safari Inn” kick in to add variation.
Slash’s last album was quite good, and this "World On Fire" is even better.
Myles Kennedy is a killer vocalist and it’s no wonder Slash wanted to work with him. His powerful rocking vocals shine and would normally be the star of the album, but the music here is equally impressive – particularly the first class guitar work from Slash, so there’s a perfect balance between the top singing and the kickin' music.
Slash is back, and if this new album is anything to go by, he’s here to rock your world.
Highly Recommended.

Rating - 9/10

SIXX:A.M. - Modern Vintage [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Modern Rock
Label -

Track listing:
01 - Stars
02 - Gotta Get It Right
03 - Relief
04 - Get Ya Some
05 - Let's Go
06 - Drive
07 - Give Me a Love
08 - Hyperventilate
09 - High On the Music
10 - Miracle
11 - Before It's Over
12 - Before It's Over (Piano Ballad) [bonus track]
13 - Stars (Cinematic) [bonus track]
14 - Gotta Get It Right (Acoustic) [bonus track]
15 - Let It Haunt You (So Beautiful) [bonus track]

#### The following review is someone elses, but as I agree with it in its entirety I reproduce it here. All credit to the original author. ####

"Modern Vintage", the long-awaited third release from SIXX:A.M., the band comprised of Motley Crue's founder Nikki Sixx, James Michael (vocals) and DJ Ashba (guitar), will be released next October 7th.
If you liked the previous albums from the band, you will fall on your knees with this new offering, as it's even better.
 "Modern Vintage" is the third chapter in the dark sordid tale that is ‘The Heroin Diaries’; a white knuckle ride through the demon days of notorious L.A. bad boy, the personification of a wrecking ball, Motley Crue's bass player Nikki Sixx.
From the opening track (and one of my favorites) "Stars", the music comes fast, heavy, providing the perfect soundtrack to subject matter that includes abuse, addiction, life, death, and paranoia.
The songs are all varied in style, genre, and tempo, but compliment the powerful and emotionality moving lyrics exceptionally well.
Other stand out tracks include "Relief", "Let’s Go", the melting hard rocker "Give Me a Love" and "Hyperventilate". There’s even a great cover of The Cars' classic "Drive", reworked in trashy, broken and sick version.
The bonus tracks on this Deluxe Edition of the album are a handful of stripped down versions of various main album tracks, which really serve to prove, how different, yet intense songs can sound stripped bare.
"Modern Vintage" is nothing short than impressive.
As the previous Sixx:A.M. albums, offers an eclectic mix of songs. It's intense, dramatic, combining as the title says, modern sounds with timeless vintage rock.
Guitarist DJ Ashba style is unique, with an extensive use of effect pedals and sonic textures. James Michael, besides being a fantastic songwriter, has a distinctive voice. Both deserves lots of credit for their important contribution to this material, which definitely gives the album extra layers.
This new Sixx:A.M. album successfully paints vivid pictures of the struggles and realizations of Nikki Sixx, a talented cat that never stops to surprise with fresh music and ideas.

Rating -  9/10