Tuesday, 19 April 2016

THE TREATMENT - Generation Me (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Frontiers Records

Track listing:

01 - Let It Begin
02 - The Devil
03 - Tell Us the Truth
04 - Generation Me
05 - Backseat Heartbeat
06 - Cry Tough
07 - We Are Beautiful
08 - I Know She Knows
09 - Bloodsucker
10 - Better Think Again
11 - Light the Sun
12 - Killer (digital Bonus Track)

"Generation Me" is THE TREATMENT's 3rd studio album and the first to feature new members Mitchell Emms (who some of you may recognise from the BBC TV program The Voice) on vocals & Tao Grey on guitar.
The opening track and first single ‘Let It Begin’ kicks in with a catchy classic hard rock inspired riff and some rather excellent vocals from Emms. Sonically, it’s the same full on attack that you would expect from the band but it’s the vocal delivery which is different now and it works really well. A belter. ‘The Devil’ is next up, another strong song propelling the album onwards and upwards. ‘Tell Us The Truth’ keeps the momentum going with another foot stomping and air guitar playing rocking track, and title track ‘Generation Me’, is no slouch either and could quite easily be the next single. This is an immense hard rock track, hard hitting with loads of great hooks and some truly great guitar playing. ‘Backseat Heartbeat’ is as slow as this album ever gets, an infectious song with a great chorus.  ‘We Are Beautiful’, ‘I Know She Knows’, ‘Bloodsucker’ and ‘Better Think Again’ continue to maintain the high standards set by the albums earlier tracks and can all be examined and pass with flying colours, while the album closer ‘Light The Sun’ is really the icing on the cake.
Bonus track 'Killer' is indeed an assassin rocker plenty of stinging double guitars and a cool street attitude.
"Generation Me" is a great album from a revitalised band.....very Highly Recommended!

Rating - 9/10

Violet Janine - So much more (ft. Tony Martin) (Coming Soon!) (2016)

Genre - Melodic Rock / Blues
Label -

Track listing:

01 - So Much More

Former BLACK SABBATH frontman Tony Martin makes a guest appearance on "So Much More", the new single from VIOLET JANINE, the project led by Swedish singer Janine Nyman.
The song was originally written for Tony Martins' debut solo album, Back Where I Belong way back in 1992 but was left unused. Pity as its a bloody great song.
This is the first that I had heard of Violet Janine, and believe me it sure wont be the last, with a voice reminiscent of a young Bonnie Tyler in places, this Woman is destined for greatness!
The song is a beautiful bluesy track, that works really well as a duet, with both vocalist voices really complimenting each other.
The song  feature the talents of the the following musicians:
Vocals: Tony Martin
Janine Nyman
Guitar: Daniel Palmqvist
Bas: Basse Blyberg
Drums: Ian Brunnberg

"So Much More" will be made available as a digital single on April 21. The song is one of nine tracks that will appear on VIOLET JANINE's debut album, "Between Red And Blue", due later in the year.

Very Very Highly Recommended!

Rating  - 10/10

KNOCK OUT KAINE - Cruel Britannia (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze
Label - Rocksector Records

Track listing:

01 - Cruel Britannia
02 - Love The Way You Hate
03 - Going Down
04 - Copperhead Road

"Cruel Britannia" delivers four tracks; 2 originals, 1 cover version & 1 re-recording.
The cover of 'Copperhead Road' (originally recorded by Steve Earle) has been a Knock Out Kaine live show fan favourite for many years now, so to finally have a studio recording is great especially as the band give their own spin on this bluesy rocker.
Originally released back in 2012 on their debut album House Of Sins, the re-recorded version of 'Going Down' is a very good choice. The original was really good but this version is better still! The band are on fine form and sounds like they had a bloody fantastic time recording it.
Then we have the new 2016 songs.
Track 1 'Cruel Britannia' shows Knock Out Kaine's more serious side. Probably about as political as this band could ever get. Full of satire and cutting social commentary that basically sums up the feeling of the United Kingdom & the current government as it stands. Musically kicks with a vintage hard rock swagger.
'Love The Way You Hate' was originally composed for the band's second album. It never made into the final track list, and I'm glad the band now properly recorded it. It's a catchy melodic rocker with lots of harmony vocals and an infectious riff.

Well worth checking out!

Rating 8/10

Lunchbox Bullies - Here Comes The Rain (Digital Single) (2016)

Genre - Acoustic
Label - Self released

Track listing:

01 - Here Comes The Rain

Lunchbox Bullies are a new project featuring Juan Pablo Mazzola (Baby Scream).
In his own words,
""Lunchbox Bullies" is an acoustic duo created by Juan Pablo Mazzola (Baby Scream) and Agus Samur (One Man Dancing) that recreates the music of "Greg Dowell, a crazy misfit and weird and underrated composer from Birmingham
Basically Greg (former known as Chaisaw Murphy) recorded many songs and he's always re recording stuff and for some reason the stuff keeps always unreleased....so we thought it was a cool thing to pay tribute to his songs.
We are going to be releasing more singles with his songs, and eventually, we'll make an album out of them...probably by late 2016"

Now how can I describe Lunchbox Bullies? Well imagine the best, trippiest, most mellow moments from 60's and 70's artist such as the Beatles, Everley Brothers etc with beautiful acoustic guitars and finely crafted subtle vocals and then you are pretty darn close to how these two guys sound.
Now it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Juan's work with Baby Scream but I think that he is onto something really special here with Lunchbox Bullies. The vocal harmonies between Juan and Agus work really well, creating an almost ethereal effect......truly heavenly. The song its self. "Here Comes The Rain" is a beautifully crafted piece of music. Personally I can not wait to here more from these guys. Perfect for those moments when you just need to unwind a little and chill out!

Very Very Highly recommended

Rating - 10/10

The digital single is available here from the bands bandcamp page.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Zen Motel - Choking On The Chrome (Part 1) EP (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze
Label - Corporate Records

Track Listing:

01 - Hell Or Nothing
02 - I'm Not Sorry
03 - Choke
04 - Killing Me

Brit Rockers return with a brand new four track EP in the form of "Choking on the Chrome" (they have decided to release their new album a series of EP's instead of a single album release!)
The EP opens with the barn storming track "Hell Or Nothing", that has been floating around the internet for a little while now, a song that captures the vibe and feel of Stations Of The Dead release of a few years back.
Next up we have "I'm Not Sorry". a more melodic rocker of a track with a driven yet laid back tempo and feel. A great sing along chorus too!
"Choke" is up next. This song has a harder more in your face edge to it than its predecessors. Another great song to add to the slowly growing Zen Motel catalogue!
The EP closes out with "Killing Me". This is the classiest track on the EP. Sacrificing its guitar driven attitude for some real atmospherics. A really great song and a brilliant way to close out the EP.
"Choking On The Chrome (Part One)" is a brilliant release from one of the UK's most underrated and overlooked bands.

Very Highly recommended!!!

Rating - 10/10

The EP is available to purchase (For free!) here!

Hung Like Jack - She's Not Dead (Single) (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Metal
Label - Self Released

Track listing:
01 - She's Not Dead

Rowdy Rockers Hung Like Jack follow up last years rather excellent "Life's First Signs of Rage" double A-Side release with the brand spanking new single, "She's Not Dead". This new track see's the guys in a rather melodic yet punky frame of mind, bringing to mind lost 90's rockers Whatever, or a mellower Supercharger. The song is pretty damn fine, the guys are sounding as tight as ever, and this single really does manage to wet the appetite with anticipation of a possible new EP (or album maybe?)

Well worth checking out!

Rating - 9/10

This site lives again!

Towards the end of last year I was forced to make the difficult decision to stop posting reviews on this site, this was mainly due to time constraints, I was simply too busy what with the day job, open university studies etc. and something had to go, unfortunately it was updating this site that got sacrificed. Well now, some six months down the line I find that I am still just as busy, but if I am honest I just miss this blog too damn much. Therefore I will resume posting reviews, even if somewhat sporadically, and try to spread the word about all the great music that is coming out at the moment!                                                                                                                                                        

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