Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Voodoo Johnson - 10,000 Horse's

Voodoo Johnson are a Midlands based classic hard rock band with a sound that has been described as being similar to Aerosmith, Led Zepplin and Whitesnake with a little Queens of the Stone Age, and even sounding a little like later day Diamond Head to me! (the Nick Tart fronted version that is.)

Fans have been waiting for this album to drop for a while, after the band released two stunning Eps, (II & Into The Red), so expectations are high, but have the band managed to deliver? Well in a word, YES!!!!

10,000 Horses opens with 'Headstone', a stunning melodic yet heavy track, and is quickly followed by 'Sin!', another classic in the making, a great track that's going to be fun live!
Next up is 'Feel Karma' with defiant chorus, a classy track with some interesting riffs to boot! That's quickly followed by the epic that is 'End Of The Empire',Zepplin would be proud!
'You Will Never Know' is up next and is more of a straight a head rocker followed by 'It Doesn't Matter To Me', a mid tempo rock track, with a real laid back 70's feel to it.
'Burn' is a great rocker, whilst the re-worked 'Nowhere Inbetween' manages to make a brilliant song even better by trimming it down a little, yet maintaining that Six A.M feel that the original had.
'Sleepwalker' is a classic in the making, with its moody acoustic intro and keyboards steadily building into a epic song, whilst 'Rain' manages to showcase the bands softer side, being a lovely acoustic track. Closing track on this cd is 'Never Make It Out Alive', although it is marked as a bonus track and therefore maybe missing from some released versions of the album!), and is a stunner, a real epic like Seven years from the Into The Red EP.

This album really showcases the band at their best, I mean yes it would have been nice to have a real uptempo rocker on here, but all the tracks on offer are excellent, Kev Bayliss has a great set of pipes which he uses to full effect on 10,000 horses.

With a debut album this strong its no wonder music biz heavy weights such as Classic Rock Magazine, Bruce Dickinson (BBC Radio 6 Rock Show / Iron Maiden) and Alex Zane (Mars Planets Radio), have thrown their support behind the band

A truly fantastic debut album from a band who are destined to be huge!!!!!

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rating 10/10

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