Monday, 14 January 2013

Promethium - Welcome to the Institution

Promethium - Welcome to the Institution Review

First up, let me just say that this album has been available for a little while now, so shame on me for not reviewing it earlier but here goes,
Welcome to the Institution is Promethium's debut album, originally released back in 2010 via Casket / Coproproductions. promethium are an Old School metal band, very tight and very soild musically, obviously playing the kind of music they love most. The album opens with a great brooding atmospheric intrumental track, Distant Illusion before crashing into Visions, a great solid piece of metal by anyones standards. there are a few standout tracks, Tribute To the Fallen, Cycle Of Vengence and closing track Murder Inc to name but three.
Welcome to the Institution is a solid and and impressive debut album from Promethium, lets just hope its follow up is as good!

Rating - 8/10

Track listing:

Distant Illusion
Meaning Of Trust
Tribute To The Fallen
Cycle Of Vengeance
The Curse
Murder Inc