Monday, 20 December 2010

Shame18 - Dead Eyes Are Forever Gone demo

Genre - Metal / Rock
Label - Unsigned

Tracklisting -
01 - Never Sleep Again
02 - Deadly Addiction
03 - The Devil In Me
04 - Die Dear Bride
05 - Shame 18 Video Samples

Originally formed in 2007, but things really started to happen for Shame 18 in 2009 when the guys regrouped after along break.
"They started writing lots of new songs but had difficulties in finding a singer, but after a while Ricky & Adam decided to test Chris on vocals and that worked perfectly, Chris was now the band’s singer/guitarist, Ricky on drums & Adam on bass. They recorded the demo ”Dead eyes are forever gone” in Staffanstorp March 13-14th 2010 with Martin Sweet and Calle Fäldt as producers. In may, the band found a second guitarist, Simon, who seems to fit into the band really well!"
All four tracks on display here are of a very high quality, with Nightmare on Elm Street ode Never Sleep Again and Devil In Me seeming to be the best of the bunch. The band counts the likes of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, W.A.S.P., DEATHSTARS, WEDNESDAY 13, CELINE DION, MOTÖRHEAD, among their influences, which explains their dirty sleazy sound.
These guys have the potential to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and New Generation Superstars and achieve a decent amount of international success.
After hearing the quality if the four songs on display here I really can’t wait to hear the debut album!
Highly reconmended!

Website -
Rating - 9/10

Sleaze Vice - 2 track demo

Genre - Metal / Punk / Rock
Label - Independant

Tracklisting -
01 - Make You Mine
02 - Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll

Not got too much information upon these guys, but I do know that they hail from Brazil and play that classic Glam / Sleaze rock that we all love so much. There sound for some reason brings to mind fallen Uk upstarts the Rick Rags.
Of the two tracks on show here, I'd have to say that Make You Mine is the strongest, but the production on both is a little weak, but then again this is only a demo!
Worth checking out, and I'll be interesting in seeing where they go from here.

Website -
rating 7/10

Scarlet Violet - Roll The Dice EP

Genre - Metal / Punk / Rock
Label - SLIPTRICK RECORDS (Worldwide Distribution)

Tracklisting -
01 - Roll The Dice
02 - Kill Me
03 - Its Over
04 - Drunk On Elm Street

With a more melodic metal sound to them than the previous out and out glam of previous releases Scarlet Violet deliver up their new four track Ep in the form of Roll The Dice. To help achieve their slight change in direction the band have enlisted the production and mixing services of one Andy LaRocque, the ultra talented guitarist from King Diamond!
The new tracks have a much harder edge to them as can really be seen on Kill Me.
All four tracks are great and diverse from the tempo and pace of Roll The Dice, The Aggression of Kill Me, the stomping of Its Over to the pure rocking Drunk On Elm Street (I guess the bands ode to the classic Nightmare On Elm Street movies!)
A great Ep, and I’m really loving the bands new sound.
Well worth checking out!

Website -
Rating 9/10

Distorted Wonderland - Distorted Wonderland

Genre - / Metal / Rock

Tracklisting -

01. Raised On Rock N' Roll
02. Losing It
03. Slave of My Desire
04. In For a Thrill
05. Never Had Nothing
06. Behind the Scenes
07. Waving the Flag
08. Stand and Deliver
09. Guillotine Babies
10. On the Other Horizon
11. Tangerine

Distorted Wonderland started out as a side project and is the brainchild of singer Olof Lindgren and bass player Axel Karlsson, whom after playing together in Swedish band Overnight Sensation, decided that they wanted to try something a little different. With a sound that combines heavy melodies and great riffs, somewhere not to dissimilar to the likes of Hardcore Superstar and Crash Diet, the guys seem to have come up trumps.
As I said the Distorted Wonderland deliver a sound that is very similar to Hardcore Superstar, but with a vocal delivery that at times brings to mind the likes of Chris Laney, Wednesday 13 and even Randy Pipers Animal.
The production is perfect for the songs, which are all very well written and perfectly executed.
This is a great album very highly recommended to all rock fans and especially fans of the genre!
Quite possibly on of the best albums of 2010!!!

website -

Rating 10/10

Hollywood Killerz - Dead On Arrival

Genre - Glam / Punk / Rock
Label - Logic(Il)Logic

Tracklisting -
01. 700.000
02. Grey Celebrations
03. Luxury Depression
04. Girls ® Dead
05. How (Could I)
06. Going Down
07. Somewhere Out of This Mind
08. All Tomorrow's Parties
09. Over and Over
10. Through the Sand
11. Our Memories May Be Right
12. Lovecrash
13. More Than It Hurts You

Italian glam rock punksters unleash Dead On Arrival upon us, their debut album which can be best described as classic 80's influenced glam /sleaze / punk / hair metal ala the likes of Hanoi Rocks Tigertailz and Wrathchild etc. They pull it off really well, almost single handedly creating a glam scene back in their native Italy with the forming of Italy's longest running Glam festival 'Glam Attakk',
The 13 tracks on show here showcase the different sides to Hollywood Killerz, from the glam punk rage of 700.000 and Lovecrash to the hard-rock-meets-disco-beat of Over & Over. How (Could I) is a slow moody power ballad whilst Through The Sand and Our Memories Could Be Right show case the experimental side to the bands song writing.
A solid debut, I look forward to hearing more from these guys!

website -
rating - 8/10

Kidd Skruff - Angels With Dirty Faces

Genre - Metal / Hard Rock
Label - SUNCITY Records

Tracklisting -
01. Sixteen
02. Lonely Hearts
03. Blackcherry - Save Me
04. Down & Dirty
05. Shooting Star
06. Honky Tonk Woman (The Rolling Stones Cover)
07. Thank U (Bonus Track)
08. Best Friendz (Bonus Track)
09. Don't Need Your Love (Bonus Track)
10. The Flower Song (Bonus Track)
11. Save Me (Bonus Track)

Originally released back in 1995 now reissued via Suncity Records with 5 bonus tracks this album really showcases the wears of Kidd Skruff well. With a sound falling somewhere in between Bon Jovi and Skidrow, Kidd Skruff had all the right ingredients to make a huge impact, had it not been for the onslaught of the entire grunge movement.
Kidd Skruff started as a side project for then Lead Singer/Guitarist Jimmy Forest, and had he formed the band a few years earlier I truly believe that they could have been huge. Timing hey?
All the songs here show some great craftsmanship and excellent writing skills. It’s such a pity that the music world is so fickle, ohh well the world gets a second chance to hear the wonderful talents of Kidd Skruff thanks to this re-issue now.
The 5 bonus tracks are slightly more stripped down sound wise, a little heavier maybe, but still excellent all the same


website -
rating - 8/10

Monday, 6 December 2010

Illuminatus - Glasnost

(Genre - Rock / Metal / Alternative Label - Headroom Records)
Tracklisting -
01 - Glasnost
02 - Murderocracy
03 - Division
04 - Reconnect
05 - Cave In
06 - Keep Calm and Carry On
07 - You'll Never Know What This Means
08 - Red
09 - Gosling
10 - Clarity
11 - Wolves

Illuminatus are a multinational band, dealing in loud, melodic yet heavy soundscape’s, and bloody good rock tunes to boot. Every song comes complete with power, melody and most important of all, atmosphere. Illuminatus build each song up, before flooring you with the sheer power and quality of the material. The band consists of, Julio Taylor (Vocals/Guitar), Jon Martin (Guitar), Felix Rullhusen (Drums), Leo Giovazzini (Bass, but at times sound like there are hundreds of members building the sound wall that assaults (in the best possible way)your ears. Julio's vocals range from a Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) type scream, to the beautifully soft and gentle.
There is not a bad track on this album, but some of the standout tracks include, Murderocracy, Reconnect and You'll Never Know What This Means.
Given the right breaks this band could be huge, they have the perfect mix between melody and power, and write some cracking tunes!
Check 'em out.

website -
Rating - 9/10

Forever Never - I Cant Believe Its Not Metal

(Genre - Hard Rock / Metal Label - Independant)

Track Listing -
01 - You're The Voice (John Farnham)
02 - Who Is It? (Michael Jackson)
03 - Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)
04 - Boombastic (Shaggy)
05 - We Close Our Eyes (Go West)
06 - Future Love Paradise (Seal)

Essex boys, Forever Never offer up an Ep of cover versions, nothing too original there, but they do off up 6 good cover versions, which is something a little different for a covers release.
The Ep starts off with a metalized version of the John Farnham classic (?), You're The Voice, which works very well. The guys keep the song pretty true to the original version, with vocalist Renny Carroll pulling off a pretty good John Farham impression, but this version has been galvanized in metal, the guitars scream high in the mix. A great start!
Next up is a brave choice of covering a Michael Jackson track, Who Is It?, and again the guys pull it off very well, a great laugh.
Next up is Forever Never's reworking of the Whitesnake classic, Still Of the Night. Now personally I would have thought that this should have worked really well, but for some reason, it just doesn't feel right to me. Maybe it’s just that Renny just isn’t a match for the mighty David Coverdale, I don’t know, but it’s the low point of the Ep so far.
What follows is as surprisingly good as it is shocking. A metal version of Shaggy's Boombastic. Now I never thought that I'd live to see the day when I actually enjoyed listening to this song, but here I am singing along a thoroughly loving Forever Never's cover version. It’s a strange world!
The Ep closes out with a pretty standard and uninspired version of Go West's We Close Our Eyes and a brilliant version of Seals Future Love Paradise, which gives Renny a great opportunity to showcase his singing talents.
As a stop gap release to see the band and the fans through to their next full album, this collection of covers is a great little diversion. A fun Ep by a band that are not afraid to enjoy themselves, great.
Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

website -

Rating - 8/10

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Slag in Cullet - Time To Explode

(Genre - Alternative / Rock / Metal Label - Headroom Records)

Track Listing -
01 - Time To Explode
02 - Blame
03 - My Fire
04 - Rubber Heart
05 - Sick Circus Of Love
06 - Saved My Soul
07 - Those Stripes
08 -Fade Away
09 - In Memories
10 - Cotton rose

Debut full length album from Slag in Cullet, Time To Explode does just that from the opening riffs of the opening title track. There’s enough power here to keep the average metal fan happy, yet also there’s plenty of calmer quirkier moments to keep things interesting for alternative / prog fans.
To be honest after the opening track the album does tend to lose a little of its pace and power, with only Rubber Heart matching the opener's intensity.
After a little while some of the songs start to sound a little repetitive, but enjoyable none the same.
Stand out tracks include, Time To Explode, Rubber Heart, Cotton Rose and Sick Circus Of love.

Website -!/pages/slag-in-cullet/58736419320

Rating 8/10

Sworn To Oath - Dont Fuck About EP

(Genre - Metal / Rock Label - Independant)

Tracklisting -
01 - City Of lies
02 - One Split Second
03 - this Is Hell

What the hell?
How can three people make so much noise?
Damn I have only one negative thing to say about this Ep, and that’s that I simply I want MORE TRACKS!!!!!!
Hailing from the Midlands, Sworn to Oath deliver a heavy dirty metal with distorted guitars and bass lines throughout.
The Ep's name really does say it all, Sworn to Oath just Don’t Fuck About, the music is bone crunching heavy and direct with Tom and Dave’s powerhouse vocals holding it all together.
I am really looking forward to hearing the full length album because this Ep's barely been off since I first put it on!!!!!!!!!!!

website -!/sworntooath
Rating 10/10

Ritual - Ancient Tome

(Genre - Metal / Hard Rock Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. Give It To Ya Straight
02. Get Back, Stand Back
03. No Longer Feel
04. Tight
05. Let the Metal Play
06. If I Had Your Love
07. Rock & Roll Demon
08. Claw To the Top
09. Evil In Your Heart
10. Love in the Shadows
11. Friend or Foe
12. Dark Star
13. Rid of the Bitch
14. Sweet Lady
15. Overload
16. Electrified

Ancient Tome is a collection of standout tracks from Ritual, a band that at one point were considered to be New Jerseys most promising band! Unfortunately for whatever reason, Ritual failed to crack mainstream success and grab a hold of that elusive record deal. The band’s sound is definitely melodic metal / hard rock, in the vein of Motley Crue, Quite Riot etc.
The songs displayed here are all of high standards even though there’s nothing here that was ever going to set the world on fire. As an album, Ancient Tome sets itself up very well, there’s a good and varied mix of material and styles here to keep the listener interested. This album will probably find more favor amongst the fans of 80's hard rock / hair metal, although I can see Steel panther fans loving it too!
A good overview of a bands output, a short stroll down memory lane if you will.
Well worth checking out if you remember the band, or are a fan of the genre of music, or even just a fan of 80's hair metal bands.

website -
rating - 7/10

Overlord - Back in the Dragons Lair

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. X-Rated Man
02. Messiah Comes
03. Distant Orphan
04. (Prelude) Endless Sun
05. Walk Softly
06. Midnite Flight
07. Nice Life
08. The Storm
09. White Witch
10. Desert Door
11. Subterranean Spiral Dance
12. Mind Slide
13. Wings of Stone
14. White Lightning
15. Never Enough
16. Ran Away

Originally formed back in Canada in 1983, Overlord played that’s kind of metal that was rife back then. Galloping guitars and bass lines, like a softer Iron Maiden and generally typical of NWoBHM, with soaring vocals. This album is a re issue of the band’s debut EP and a collection of demos that followed between 1988 and 1993, when the band decided to call it a day. Due to a sudden and unexpected upsurge in interest at the turn of the millennium, mainly from Europe, the band briefly reunited in 2001 but this failed to last and the band swiftly parted once again.
This compilation, a kind of anthology over the bands works, was originally released back in 2003 independently, but this time is re-issued through those wonderful people at Heaven and Hell Records.
After listening to this album a few times I can see why it never quite happened for Overlord. Yes they started off with some great tunes, but as the years went by they seem to have lost their edge, becoming clumsy and repetitive, unfortunate really as you can clearly hear the bands potential on the opening few tracks.
A small glimpse of what might have been, maybe, on a whole a great over view of a band, but really only recommended for existing fans.

Website -

Rating - 7/10

Seventh Calling - Epidemic

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track Listing -
01. Test of Time
02. Paid in Blood
03. Rising Against
04. Epidemic
05. Ignite the Fire
06. Death Dealer
07. Fractured
08. Tyrannical Reign
09. Beyond (the Wicked Lies)

U.S metal merchants return with their second album in the form of Epidemic, bringing us their own mix of traditional heavy metal mixed with a little speed and thrash metal for good measure.
Although Seventh Calling have managed to carve out their own sound you can hear similarities with bands like Vicious Rumors and Metal Church, yet they do always maintain their own identity. Song wise, it’s all good here, and it’s great to hear a young band that’s not afraid to play this kind of music, and play it well too. The riffs come fast and furious with a dirty swagger too, and Steve Handel's vocals soar in the same vein to those of the almighty Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and at times even King Diamond (King Diamond / Mercyiful Fate). There’s not a duff track on this album, but a few of the standouts include, 9 minute epic closing track, Beyond (the Wicked Lies), Fractured, Rising Against and Ignite The Fire.
A great album that I can see all metal fans, from Metallica to Iron Maiden, from Slayer to Judas Priest, enjoying a good old fashioned slam in the mosh pit too!

website -
Rating 9/10

Demontuary - Of The Fallen Years

(Genre - Black Metal / Death Metal / Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)
Track Listing -

01. From the Depths
02. Thou Art the Flame
03. Shores of the Damned
04. Days of Infernal Insanity
05. Spirits of the Dark Waters
06. Outro
07. Infinite Twilight
08. Dawn of the Blackest Sun
09. Writhe in Vengeance
10. For Those Who Died
11. Desolation and War
12. Ancient Gods of Battles Past
13. Journey’s End

Of the Fallen Years, is a collection of rare early material by the American black metal band now known as Demontuary. Unlike so many of the other bands of the same genre from this time, Demontuary skipped the clichéd trappings of overly satanic themes and stripped back productions, in favor of battle themed songs and a well polished and very aggressive sound. These recording were made between 1997 and 1999, and you can hear just how much the bands songwriting and musicianship developed during that period.
The songs are very well structured and although I’m no fan of growly shouty vocals (that come as part and parcel of this genre unfortunately),front man Crom does a pretty good job.
There are some great symphonic metal moments here too, and the keyboards really do add a dimension to the songs, adding a little atmosphere and softening the relentless battering that the band dish out.
This is album is a great collection of tracks , showcasing a band that many may have missed or overlooked, so if you’re a fan of the genre check these guys out, there’s some good stuff on here!
Standout tracks include, Infinite Twighlight and For Those Who Died.

website -
rating - 7/10