Monday, 22 March 2010

Falling Red - Shake The Faith

The Cumbrian four piece's debut album comes packed to the brim with the debauchery, guitar hooks and swagger that made Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction such a vital and refreshing album!

The band manage to enthuse each and everyone of the eight tracks on this stunning debut album with a raw pure energy that highlights the sheer enthusiasm that is sure to capture the hearts of a new rock generation, and Shake the Faith could still be considered as a ground breaking classic in 10 years time!
Falling Red could be the most important thing to happen to the British music scene since the Wildhearts and NWOBHM!
Tracks like 'How You feel (On Me)', 'Out Of Control', 'Sue You for Your Soul' and title track 'Shake The Faith' and destined to be the anthems of the new generation of rock n rollers!
Its rare that you get to hear sure a stunning debut, I was 13 when Appetite hit the streets, so I pretty missed all the fuss, but Ive got a feeling I'm gonna jump on board for this ride!

Very Very Highly recommended!

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Rating 10/10

Brijitte West and the Desperate Hopefuls - Self Titled

Damn who said punk cant be sexy? Well they've never come across Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls. Blistering energetic pop punk with the super fine and unnervingly sexy vocals of Brijitte West (NY Loose)who also contributes guitar too, but Brijitte's not the only pedigree in the band, as the band features 3 members of London rockers Kitty Hudson, (Ritchie Hudson on bass, Keef on guitar and Kev Miller on drums!)

The songs are just sublime, the perfect blend of pop and punk, all ten tracks just screaming quality, with my personal favourites being 'Mess Of Myself', 'Its Not My Fault', 'Bitter & Twisted' and 'How To Be Good'.
This album is great from beginning to end and this line up will be great to see live!

Highly recommended for fans of NY Loose, Kitty Hudson and well fans of great powerpop punk rock n roll!

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rating 10/10

FM - Metropolis

The Wildside EP was a good taster for this album. With echoes of the old FM, and influences of Bad Company and AC/DC, this album is just the sort of music FM should be making based on their past, and will hopefully bring the band the success that they deserve.

It's been a while in the coming - about 15 years actually, but with Metropolis we have 13 brand new tracks by FM, that blow away the cobwebs & represent a classic piece of British melodic rock, and FM have one the best singers (of any kind) that this country has produced, in Steve Overland.
Stand out tracks include, 'The Wildside', ' Over You', 'Unbreakable', 'I Ain't The One' and 'Don't Need Nothing'. Once again FM deliver us some Aor / melodic rock classics!

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rating 10/10

Crazy Lixx - New Religion

CRAZY LIXX was formed in 2002 in Malmö, Sweden.

CRAZY LIXX's debut album, "Loud Minority", was released in November 2007, and was followed by extensive touring throughout 2008 and some of 2009.
According to a press release, the band's sound is often compared to the likes of DEF LEPPARD, KISS, WARRANT and SKID ROW, (which is something that for once I really do have to agree with especially the DEf LEPPArd bits!) but as "now matured and evolved in a personal and ultra-melodic interpretation of the sleaze-arena hard rock style."
"New Religion" includes a dozen tracks recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm with producer Chris Laney (EUROPE, CRASHDIET, CANDLEMASS).
Laney really does manage to bring out the best from both the bands and the songs, with it at times feeling like I've stepped into a time machine and arrived at a DEF LEPPARD gig circa early 90's.
Stand out tracks for me have to be '21 till I Die', 'Rock and a Hard Place', ' Road To babylon' and 'Voodoo Woman'.
Great good time rock n roll! I can't wait to see these new songs played live.
Will New Religion set Crazy Lixx above their Swedish counterparts? That's hard to say, but the bar has been set awfully high!

Highly reconmended!

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Raing 9/10

Baby Scream - Ups and Downs

This CD was originally released in the U.S. by Recorded Recordings Records in December, 2008, being recorded between Argentina, Germany and the U.S.

Originally it was supposed to be a 7 track ep but it ended up being an L.P.
Every song on here is well written, short and sweet, gentle little classics in the making. This album is a powerpop / Americana / Britpop classic in the making in my opinion, and is great music to chill out to!
Like this years Identity Theft, this album ain't going to do it for you if your looking for loud, high energy songs, but if you want to listen to some good, well written classy music whilst relaxing then this album is for you!
very enjoyable!

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Rating 8/10

At the Zoo - Nouveau Popular

These Indie / Punk / Ska lads from Birmingham release Nouveau Poplar upon the masses via iTunes.
Consisting of upbeat cheerful songs very reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks. Nouveau Poplar is a three track ep, 'Take My Love For Granted', 'Non Conformist' and 'Scarlet Harlot'.
My pick of the bunch has got to be 'Non Conformist', it just has that little something extra, maybe a little darker I cant really put my finger on it but its the best track offered up here for me.
The band a group of highly competent musicians, and their song writing is top notch also, but I tend to get the feeling that they may have missed to boat with this release, with this particular sound no longer really being flavour of the month.

Not Bad, plenty to enjoy, but destined for greatness? well of that I'm not too sure

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Rating 7/10

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Eyes Of The Raven - From The Ashes (Live Demo)

Eyes of the Raven are a 5 piece groove metal band from the west Midlands.

From The Ashes is their debut recording, a demo recorded live at Base Studios in Stourbridge (West Midlands) earlier this month.

The band have a very heavy sound, quite bassy, but very clear and also quite melodic. One of the first things that I noticed is that Dave Horan manages to keep his vocals very melodic, and never resorts to ineligible growling as do many other bands that play similar music to Eyes Of The Raven.
For a band that has only really been together for a few months (the lineup was completed Autumn 2009 when James McHugh (lead guitar) joined up with fellow band members Dave Horan (vocals), Damon Cartwright (drums), Matt Walters (bass) and Ross Pickett (Rhythm guitar / Vocals), the songs are very well structured, and well just seem to flow.

From the Ashes brings us six tracks,

‘I’m Gone’ - a mid to up tempo grinding metal track, live these riff’s must be brutal!

‘Cause and Effect’ – a heavy up tempo rocker, again some great riffs and some interesting tempo changes.

‘From The Ashes’ - title track of the demo, and a great little song, musically quite melodic, yet still very heavy!

‘Reflections’ – a great number any band would be proud of, gentle guitar intro with a nice solo over the top, before breaking into a real ass kicker of a track with some riff Metallica would be proud of!

‘Echoes’ – The opening of this track feels very familiar, it has a real traditional metal maybe even NWOBHM feel to it, again another example of the bands softer side showing that they are not just all about bone crunching riffs.

‘My Life’ – closing track, is an up tempo rocker, bone crunchingly heavy.

Every song has its own appeal but I would have to say that the standouts for me are the last four, but although the songs are great, and the band as tight as you can get, the demo has its faults!

Production wise mainly, most of the time the lead guitar is way too low in the mix, barely audible at times, and the same can be said too for Ross’s backing vocals as for most of the songs they seem to get buried beneath the bass and rhythm guitar, on a personal note I’d love the rhythm guitar to have a cleaner sound, less bassy and sludgy. A good producer could really give the songs the platform that these songs clearly deserve, but even with the production they have the quality of the songs shines through.
If you like your music heavy, then I see no reason why you won’t love Eyes Of The Raven.

From The Ashes is available to download for free from the bands website, go on check it out you’ve nothing too loose!

Website -
Rating – For the band and songs 9/10
             For the production 4/10

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Liberty n Justice - Light It Up

Liberty n Justice formed some 19 years ago and Light It Up is their ninth a full album. In 2004 Liberty n Justice ceased to be a full blown band and became more of a studio project based around the song writing talents of Justin Murr.

Light it Up is another album of astonishingly high quality songs featuring a virtual who's who of the melodic / hard rock world, you only have to check out the track-listing below to see the calibre of the musicians involved.

1.Light It Up (Phil Lewis of LA Guns and JK Northrup of King Kobra)
2.The Other Thief (Dale and Troy Thompson of Bride)
3.Blink (Lynn Louise Lowrey of Vixen and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister)
4.Do What You Believe (CJ Snare and Bill Leverty of Firehouse)
5.Man vs. Mother Nature (Ted Poley of Danger Danger and Vic Rivera of Crunch)
6.Treading On Serpents (Les Carlsen of Bloodgood and Oz Fox of Stryper/Bloodgood)
7.Uncle Sam (Sheldon Tarsha of Tarsha/Adler's Appetite and Jeff Pilson of Dokken/Foreigner)
8.Every Reason To Believe (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge/TSO and Kerri Kelli of Alice Cooper)
9.Wrestling With God
10.Best Time You Never Had (Chris Jericho (WWE Wrestler/Fozzy) and Phil Collen of Def Leppard)
11.Beautiful Decision (Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem)
12.Drunk Dead Gorgeous (Marq Torien of BulletBoys and Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P.)
13.Greed (Robert Mason of Warrant/Lynch Mob and Jerry Dixon of Warrant)
14.For Better Or Worse (Shawn Pelata of Line Of Fire/Waking Jonah and Stephen Chesney of Waking Jonah)

and also features some additional musicians: Eric Rango, Terry Ilous (XYZ), Chris Dickens (Mission Of One), Marc Danzeisen (Bulletboys/Little Caesar), Doug Odell (Crunch/TNA) and John Pine. So we have some damn fine songs, featuring some super talented guests, and a bloody fine album!

Stand out tracks for me personally include opener, 'Light It Up', 'Best Time You Never Had', ' Man vs Mother Nature' and closer 'For Better Or Worse', which are all just sublime.
This is a great album, yes I'm not a big fan of having different vocalist's on every track as I feel that it tends interrupt the flow of the album, but having said that it does work on this album as it adds even more texture.

website -

rating 9/10

Revolting Cocks - Got Cock

Got Cock is the latest release from cocky industrial rockers Revolting Cocks and follows hot on the heels of 2009's 'Sex-O Olympic-O' album and the various successful tours!

With founding member and mainman Al Jourgensen still at the helm the band continue with their "Fuck You" attititude and I swear they actually get cockier as they get older.
The album opens with the slow but catchy track 'Trojan Horse' before moving on to 'Filthy Senoritas' with its Joy Division-esque opening and moody goth rhythms of yesteryear.
The continues then with 'Dykes' which is a suprising bouncey track, one that should really get bodies moving on the dance floor in the rock clubs.The high standards continue throughout the album with only 'Fuck Money', with its unbelievably childish lyrics, and the albums closing pair of tracks, those being the two covers of 2 Live Crew's 'Me So Horny', (the second version being a remix-of the 1st cover!) letting it down.

If you're already a fan of the REvolting Cocks, then you're sure to love Got Cock, if not check em out anyway, you may discover something new that you like, me personally, well the jurys still out on this one!

website -

Rating 7/10

Big Ball - Hotter Than Hell

Big Ball hail from Germany, yet they sound almost identical to ACDC, even down to the vocals!

They play the same kind of dirty boogie hard rock as ACDC, but where as ACDC use subtle hints and innuendo in their songs, Big Ball just come right out and say it. The stage is set early on with the albums opener 'Double Demon', and then just pretty much continues in the same vein until the closing track of 'Riding With The Devil'.
All the songs are very well written, and although the band do sound pretty much exactly the same as ACDC i don't get the feeling that they have tried to rip off the legendary rockers, just that they've decided that they like that sound and headed in the same direction.

Another thing that I could say is that Big Ball are an X rated version of ACDC for the younger generation, they have strong solid songs, if not outstandingly ground breaking, and to be honest if you like the likes of ACDC, Rhino Bucket, Airbourne and Broken Teeth etc then you really should be able to find some enjoyment in this album!

website -

rating 8/10

Baby Scream - Identity Theft

Baby Scream are a Powerpop / Classic Rock / Americana mainly based around

Juan Mazzola and were originally formed in Argentina back in 2001 but are now mainly based in London.
Mazzola seems to have a little bit of an obsession with John Lennon, Teenage Fanclub, Radiohead, and Britpop, in general, but that's all good as the music he produces, whilst heavily influenced by the aforementioned artists never resorts to ripping them off or trying to clone them.
Identity Theft is a nice little seven track Ep / mini album, they are great tracks to sit back and relax too, if that's what your looking for, unfortunately if not you may want to steer clear, as Baby Scream are just not rabble rousing riot makers!

All the songs are nice, short and sweet nice soft pop with subtle melodies and gentle grooves.

Recommended if you like the likes of Julian Lennon, Michael Penn, or the acoustic side of Teenage Fanclub.

website -

Rating 7/10

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exit State - Death Of A Rockstar

Exit State are a great rock band hailing from Lancashire,UK, and have been causing quite a stir on the underground scene for a little while. Death Of A Rockstar is their debut album, and what a debut it is. The band have been compared with the likes of Foo Fighters, Therapy?, and Nickleback, and where as I can see where the comparisons are coming from, Exit State kind of have a sound of their own. Death Of A Rockstar see's the band combine elements of indie / rock and in places metal, to give them a great melodic but powerful sound.

All 9 songs here are of the highest quality, they're full of meaty riff yet always seem to be melodically driven. Some of the stand out tracks (And I could list all 9 tracks here!) include,
'Lost Beyond Belief', which is to be featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming motion picture Creepsville, 'Dominates Me', title tracks, 'Death Of A Rockstar' and 'Bad Days'.
Exit State seem to have it all, and Death Of A Rockstar is a very impressive debut album.
I think the sky's the limit for this excellent hard working rock band.
This albums scheduled for release 31th May 2010 via King Prawn Records and is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

website -

rating 10/10

Order Of Voices - Order Of Voices

ORDER OF VOICES formed in 2009, with the express aim to create some of the most ambitious music produced by a British alternative rock band in the last 10 years.

Their debut album showcases the fact that they managed to pull it off!
Order of Voices is an ambitious album, bringing together soulful melody with some great rocking riffs and a surreal feel throughout.
You could say that there is a prog rock element to the bands music, but that maybe doing them a dis service, as everyone of the 8 songs on this album are so well constructed and thought out, yet the soul and heart of the songs remain intact. Opening with 'For Me', a classy track with plenty of tempo changes, the band let you know exactly what you are in for.
There is no set formula here that the band follow, just excellent songs performed by some amazingly talented musicians
Order of Voices are well worth checking out, you may find that you've discovered and new favourite band!

website -

rating - 10/10

Panic Cell - Fire It Up

Panic Cell are a Rock / Metal / Classic Rock band hailing from London, England.

Fire It Up is the bands third album, and is produced once again by long time producer Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77).
To me the band have a sound that is not too dis similar to the likes of Disturbed, and Razorwire.
The 11 tracks on this album off up a great ranges from the brutal salvo of opener, 'Burden Inside', to the bone crushing riffge of 'Splitting Skulls', to the melodic ' Down To The Next Time'.
Fire It Up is a great album, and fans of the heavier side of the rock spectrum will surely love it.
Big things await for Panic Cell I be live.
This album comes highly recon mended!

Released April 5th 2010 via Undergroove Records

website -

rating 9/10

Goldheart Assembly - Wolves and Thieves

A great six piece hailing from London playing a great blend of pop / rock / indie / alternative music.

Wolves and Thieves is 12 track album filled to the brim with thoughtful heartfelt beautifully lush melodic tracks.
Opening with 'King Of Rome' the standards are set for this 6 piece, but the tracks just keep coming, everyone as good as the last.
Unbelievably this album was recorded in a makeshift studio by the band themselves, yet the sound and the production is just brilliant.
The band are just as at ease playing a movingly gently indie ballad ala REM (such as 'Anvil' or 'So Long St Christopher') as they are rocking it up on tracks like 'King Of Rome'.
Most of the songs are acoustical led, which lends the album to being a great one for chilling out too.
You should give these guys a spin, you wont be disappointed!

The Albums out on March 15th via Fierce Panda records.

website -

Rating 9/10

Dollhouse - Rock & Roll Revival

Dollhouse are a classic rock band with heavy blues and soul influences hailing from Sweden. Rock & Roll Revival is their latest release and its a stonker!

The band have some heavy weight supporters in the likes of Michael Davis (MC5) and Nick Andersson (The Hellacopters).
All 9 tracks here just ooze class, the songwriting and musicianship is just impeccable!
Sound wise, well I can hear a bit of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry and James Brown in there!
My favourite tracks have to be 'Last Night', the best blues stomp since, well the blues was invented, and 'Let It Shine'.

This record will be released over Scandinavia the 7th of April via Electro Church Records,

Germany, Austria and Switzerland 30th of April. Unfortunately there's no UK release planned at the moment but it should be available via import and is well worth the effort

This album is very highly recommended, and I just cant say enough good things about it, a possible early contender for album of the year in my opinion.

website -

rating 10/10

We'll All Be Heroes - Everything Must Go EP.

We'll All Be Heroes are a four piece band hailing from Northeast England, bring us their very own blend of Post Hardcore Alternative rock. Everything Must Go is a 4 track Ep, with well, four very strong songs .

The songs are heavy, but they've got hooks that Ginger Wildheart would be proud of, and the music, whilst being heavy is still radio friendly, but not in cheesy overly commercial.

The stand out tracks for me are definitely the opening combination of title track,'Everything Must Go' and 'Burn Your Bridges'.

This a very strong release from a young band that are showing a lot of potential, keep an eye on these guys (and gal!) because I think they could be big!

website -

Rating 9/10

Paddy And The Rats - Rats On Board

Paddy and the Rats hail from Hungary and play a Celtic / Folk / Punk blend of music (and they play it very bloody well thank you!).

Formed in 2008 with the intention of blending the various pub music from different cultures with good old fashioned honest punk, something that they've pulled off excellently.

The band’s first full-length CD, Rats on Board, doesn’t have a bad track among the fifteen songs on it, but my personal faves have got to be,'Bully In The Alley','Hurry Home','Freedom' and 'Pub N Roll'.

This album is filled to the brim with fun, and it'd make a great soundtrack to a night out in the local (doubt you'd manage to stay sober though!).

This is a unique and genuinely brilliant album, by a band who love what they do, very highly recon mended!

website -

rating 10/10

Kenni DeNile - Dreamer

Dreamer is the latest 7 track release of melodic rock / pop from Nashville, Tennessee's very own Kenni DeNile.

To be honest opening track 'We Are The Young' sets out the stall, and lets the listener know exactly what they're in for, and that is Journey inspired AOR of a very high standard.

The sound here is very similar to that of Tyketto, and Kenni's vocals have a very Danny Vaughn quality to them, but, and unfortunately there is a but, the production does kind of let the very strong songs down here. The album in general is just a little over produced, making everything sound very clinical and robbing the songs of some of their obvious passion. Still a rather fun and enjoyable album worth checking out.

website -

rating 8/10

Cemetery Superfly - Ghost In the Radio

Cemetery Superfly began life back in 1994, in ARLINGTON, Massachusetts

United States. Over a period of time the 'experimental noise' that the guys were toying with started to sound more like songs, now fast forward 16 years and we have their latest release, Ghost In The Radio, which is a 6 track Ep. The Ep is crammed with heavy, melodic music featuring plenty of screaming vocals and three part harmonies, off-the-wall guitar solos and deep, dark brooding melodies with explosive guitar riffs that a 70's era Sabbath would be proud to call their own.

All 6 tracks (well 5 really as the opener is a 1 minute instrumental intro) are all of the highest quality. This is a great enjoyable album in the classic rock / alternative mould, with 'Mad Woman' and 'World Without End Part II' being the picks of the bunch for me.

website -

Rating 9/10

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Voodoo Six - A Little Something For You EP

London based rockers return with a new Ep, A Little Something For You, and sound like they're ready for world domination. This Ep is the first release with the new line up and follows up 2008's debut album 'First Hit For Free'.

A Little Something For You actually gives us 5 little somethings, title track 'Something For You', 'Where You Want Me', 'Take The Blame', ' Live Again' and 'Long Way'.

The guys have really delivered with this Ep, giving us there blend of classic rock with a contemporary edge. All five tracks are absolutely excellent and haven't been off of my MP3 player ever since I downloaded this Digital only release.

The new line up has really come together with new vocalist, Luke Purdie possessing a powerful voice yet he tends to sing in a lower register to his predecessor which seems to add a little more weight to all of the songs.

The Voodoo Six of 2010 are out to prove something to the world again, with veteran producer Mike Fraser, and on this evidence, they won't be taking any prisoners, not many bands get to have two chances but I swear if the full length album is up to the same quality as this Ep then Voodoo Six could be set for World Wide Domination!

Website -

Rating 10/10

Wild Faith - Shabby Road EP

Wild Faith are a classic rock band hailing from Manchester, who count Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Free amongst their influences. They began as four music students at Wigan and Leigh College in mid 2008.

Wild Faith recently recorded a six track ep (This Ep Shabby Road) at Jaraf House Studios with producer John Kettle.

The Ep manages to showcase some of the various elements to this bands music. With an average age of just 21, the maturity in the songwriting is unbelievable.

Everyone one of the songs on this Ep just ooze class, Opening with 'What Ya Doin' an uptempo rocker, with plenty of tempo changes, and to be honest the standards set.

Next up is 'Cry For Me', which has a real classic feel to it very reminiscent of Free. 'Sweet Feeling' follows, a great grooving rocker, you can really hear the Zeppelin influence here!

'Its Alright' follows, and has a slightly more commercial feel to it, again a great song. 'Don't You Leave Me' is up next and is a great blues rock ballad ala the likes of the almighty Led Zeppelin. 'Crazy Things' closes out this Ep and is another great grooving rocker. This Ep is jammed packed with great songs, and I'm really looking forward to hearing a full length album from these lads, maybe they are the new heirs to Led Zeppelins dormant crown, as they surly have the songs and the ability.

A classic rock band with a modern twist, a damn fine band with some great songs!

Very Highly recon mended!

website -

Rating 10/10

Crashdiet - Generation Wild Ep

This EP comes with Sweden Rock Magazine #69 out March 2. The tracklisting is:

'1. Generation Wild', '2. One Of A Kind', and '3. Fear Control'.

Track 1 is from the forthcoming album "Generation wild" and track's 2 and 3 are exclusive too Sweden Rock Magazine.
Crashdiet originally formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. After many falling outs and line up changes they are about to unleash their latest album Generation Wild upon later this year. About the three tracks on this Ep, well its Crashdiet at their glam / sleaziest best!
The album should be awesome with it sounding like the band are finally returning to their previous form!
Track this Ep down and grab it if you can, you'll be glad you did!

Website -

Rating 8/10

Steve Cone - Unfinished Business

Hailing from Arizona USA, Steve Cone (he plays all guitars and vocals) and his partner in crime, drummer Erik Fahrenbach, unleash Unfinished Business upon the world.

Unfinished Business has taken a few years to get completed, with the various distractions and other material that Steve Cone has put out, but here it is, 12 tracks of hard rock / traditional heavy metal.
Now don't let that put you off, think along the line of the more melodic Megadeth and Helloween tracks, maybe even mid eighties era Ozzy Osbourne, and you will be thinking along the right lines. There is nothing here that hasn't been done before, but what is here is done very well. All 12 songs are great, with 'Death From Above' possibly being my pick of the bunch closely followed by 'Not A Word Is Spoken'.

If you want a little walk down memory lane and you like your traditional heavy metal, but fancy hearing some new tracks then this could be the album for you.

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Website -

Rating 8/10

Reckless Love - Reckless Love

Reckless Love’s self-titled debut album does exactly what it says on the cover. Just like the logo, the music is loud, sparkly, very retro, well produced and it picks bits here and there from Kiss, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Def Leppard. Just like its very 80's styled cover, the music has a great 80's glam rock feel to it. reckless Love manage to pull the sound off, with out resorting to parody unlike the excellent Steel Panther, and the songs are pretty solid too. This is a great album to relive the glory days of Glam rock.

A great album, unlikely to change the world, but a great fun album non the less!

Website -

Rating 8/10

FURYON - 3 Track Promo EP

Furyon are a 5 piece Hard Rock / Alternative / Modern Rock band from Brighton. This a 3 track sampler Ep taken from their forthcoming album 'Gravitas'.

The tracks included are 'Disappear Again', 'Don't Follow' and 'Wasted On You'.

From what I am hearing here I am really looking forward to the albums release. The band bring together all the elements of 30 years of rock music and deliver a truly contemporary sound similar to the likes of Nickleback and Shinedown, yet never sounding like clones, and they have some truly amazing guitar breaks in their songs!
The songs are very strong, they have a very radio friendly edge and should bring the band the kind of success that has recently been enjoyed by the likes of Shinedown etc.
Very highly reconmended!
Website -

rating 10/10

The Display Team - Drones

Progressive punk? That's how this London six piece describe themselves, and to be honest its a great way to describe the band.

The band manage to mix in so many elements, from reggae to inspired Jazz punk! Sometimes coming across as a little like 80's legends Madness, or at times like the Beatles, all the time with a punk edge running through their core!

Musically the band are extremely talented and adept, they can mix up the tempo in heartbeat (and often they do!).

This album just oozes class, the songs, although on the surface very eclectic and erratic all come together with a strand kind of cohesion making each and every track here a really enjoyable experience!

Stand out tracks include, 'Norwegian Honey', 'Gnaw The Iron Pole', and 'Karma's Gonna Get You'.

A truly inspired album by a great band!

website -

Rating 10/10

Shylocks - Rockbuster

Rockbuster is the fifth album from this fantastically talented Germany band. The Shylocks play a bright, energetic, catchy form of melodic hard rock. From the opening track of 'Damn Good' the standards set. the songs are very strong, the playing immense and very tight and the production excellent. This album has it all for fans of melodic hard rock.

'Sunshine vs Rain' is a big ballad that could have walked straight off of a Whitesnake masterpiece, 'Rumours' is a great song with a wry look at the world. 'Just For U' a great rocker with an excellent riff! I could list every song here, they're all that good.

If your a fan of aor, melodic and hard rock then you could do a lot worse than check this album out!

Highly recommended

Website -

Rating 9/10

Pipes and Pints - Until We Die

Pipes And Pints were formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina (Highland Bagpipes/Vocals) with a dream of a band that combines punk rock with dirty folk music such as The Pogues. Soon after, he met Tomas Novotny (Guitar/Vocals, ex-Who ate my Skate) who shared the same dream, flavoured by country and rock and roll.

This album finally saw a release in late 2009 but does it work?

well if I'm honest, ever since Ginger used bagpipes on the Wildhearts song, Give The Girl A Gun, Ive waited to hear someone else have the nerve to try mixing Bagpipes into a rock track, here's a band that do it on every track. Yes it really does work!!

You have all the energy and passion of your better than average punk band with the added pipe elements. The songs are well written and the band are pretty damn tight, the productions just enough to bring out all the best quality's with out ever being too much. I absolutely love the intro track, The Gael, a great instrumental with a rolling drum beat and the bagpipes. Ive listened to this album a few times, more than I expected too to be really honest and I cant really find any faults.

A great band, a unique sound, and some pretty awesome songs. A great combination!

website -

rating 9/10

Cirkus - Bad Love

Cirkus are a two piece band hailing from Uppsala, Sweden, featuring Roux'd on vocals and Snetan on guitar. The band play a kind of hard rock that seems to fuse together a few various elements from 70's prog rock to new wave. Bad Love is the lead single taken from the forth coming (as yet) un-named album. Its an enjoyable enough track to be honest and dos mark a slight change in direction for the band, but that's pretty much where the praise ends. Whilst the track itself is enjoyable enough, its also nothing special and tends to fade into the back ground becoming mere background music, to the extent that when I had it looped on my mp3 I completely lost track of when it started and when it ended. Sorry

Cirkus may offer a great album in the near future, but Bad Love is pretty much Bog standard rock n roll.

Web site -

Rating 6/10