Monday, 25 February 2013

Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Eighties Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01. Graveyard City
02. Tears in the Rain
03. Heart of Babylon
04. Cry for Love
05. Alissa
06. The Ghost in your Heart
07. Bane of My Existence
08. More than One Way home
09. The Killer In You
10. The Saint and the Sinner
11. Victim of Love
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Shape Of Things To Come (bonus Track)
14. Castles Burn (bonus Track)

More Than One Way Home is quite possibly the best Whitesnake album that Whitesnake never made! More Than One Way Home is Voodoo Circles third album and could well be a long lost Whitesnake album from the late eighties. The song titles alone paint a picture of the era add to that the fact that vocalist David Readman sounds more like David Coverdale than David Coverdale sounds like David Coverdale these days you really do get the picture!
Opening track "Graveyard City" together with "Bane Of My Existence" have crunchy hard rockn' riffing that introduces a flavour of Dio into the mix, albeit still with that Whitesnake influence. Elsewhere, "The Ghost In Your Heart" does have a bit of Blackmore/Purple vibe to it, but once again it's the eighties incarnation circa ‘Perfect Strangers’ that springs to mind, and in fact sections of this sound dangerously close to that album's title track.
Finally, "Open Your Eyes" and one of the bonuses in this Limited Edition called "Castles Burn" rock out properly with the vibe of classic Rainbow, while the other bonus "Shape Of Things To Come" recalls Black Sabbath Tony Martin era.
The album is finely produced and expertly performed by the talented Alex Beyrodt, David Readman and all the musicians involved.

In short Voodoo Circle have delivered the kind of polished rock album that used to set the world on fire. Today, well its not going to set the world on fire but it has certainly rekindled the flames in this old rockers heart!

Very Highly Recommended.

Rating 10/10

Voodoo Circle are:
Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) - Guitar
David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) - Vocals
Mat Sinner (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR) - Bass
Markus Kullmann (DEZPERADOZ) - Drums
Zlatko Kresic (LIQUID HOME) - Keyboards

Kingcrow - In Crescendo

Genre - Prog Rock / Alternative
Label - Sensory Records

Track listing:

01. Right Before
02. This Ain’t Another Love Song
03. The Hatch
04. Morning Rain
05. The Drowning Line
06. The Glass Fortress
07. Summer ‘97
08. In Crescendo

Ok, so not exactly my words, but to be honest I couldn't agree more!

"Kingcrow's choice of progressive music is an engaging fusion of metal and more traditional prog blending the sounds of Queensryche, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Opeth and many more resulting in an album that while reminiscent of all of those bands, actually couldn't be confused for any of them.
More powerful than Riverside, with a stronger vocal attack than Porcupine, less extreme than Opeth, but with a Queensryche 'Operation Mindcrime' feel on many places, Kingcrow cover ground from heavy-symphonic, arty progressive rock and indeed prog metal.
It is a powerful mix and one hammered home through crafted arrangements, a crystal clear mix and production, stunning musical execution and, most importantly excellent songs that are both technical and extremely memorable.
Even with the majority of the eight songs on "In Crescendo" clocking in at over six minutes, it is an album that simply whizzes past through its varying atmospheres and approaches, remaining remarkably cohesive and connected throughout.
Vocally things often venture into a less emotionally charged Geoff Tate like vein, lending the more restrained passages a welcome early/mid Queesnryche feel, while the full sound packs a punch that somehow still sits just on the right side of progressive and metal, without tumbling into the standard prog-metal abyss.
Opener "Right Before" is in your face immediately after some synths welcome you aboard for the ride. The track masterfully combines bristling guitar riffs, keyboards galore, Queensryche-like vocal harmonies and a drum-led breakdown that alters the focus all the time for good effect. This is simply an awesome song in all aspects. Killer stuff.
Then they slow things down as you ease back in the chair after being thrust forward with motion and emotion. "This Ain't Another Love Song" opens slowly like another love song, with cool keys and guitar chords, but then the speed picks up to keep with the track title. The drum solo… hope there will be an even longer one someday, is simply indescribable. You have to hear it (and loud).
Hard to pick a favorite track on an album like this, where all are almost perfect. But "Morning Rain" might be the one. Complete with epic strings, launching guitar, pumping bass and those ever present magnificent drums.
"The Hatch" finds melodic Dream Theater and Riverside colliding headlong, with a Queensrychian chorus. Add to that the lengthy, but not overlong title track "In Crescendo", where everything from staccato barrages of guitar, acoustic guitar and vocal only passages as well as a stunningly technical prog-metal outro, and "In Crescendo" really has the ability to be all things to all progressive men and women.
Bombastic and atmospheric, reserved yet in your face, technical but restrained and challenging while being memorable, "In Crescendo" finds Kingcrow ready to join the progressive genres elites. Believe me, this combo is superb.
Sometimes it is to a band's detriment to release an album at the start of the new year as there is the fear that some critics and fans will tend to forget about it as the year draws to a close. I don't think Kingcrow will have any problem with this, as "In Crescendo" is that damn good and should easily be stuck in many CD & media players for ages.
Do yourself a favor, climb aboard the bandwagon and buy one of the best albums of 2013 without a doubt: the fascinating "In Crescendo".

Super Recommended."

In short, a truly outstanding album full of layers and textures but more importantly, filled with finely crafted great songs!

Check this one out guys!

Rating 10/10

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

Genre - Horror Punk?
Label - Roadrunner

Track listing:

01 – Death Arise – Intro
02 – Blood Sucker
03 – Get Your Grave On
04 – Curse The Living
05 – Too Fast For Blood
06 – Hail Ming
07 – Coming Attractions
08 – The Dixie Dead
09 – Ghost Stories
10 – Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
11 – Carol Anne… They’re Here
12 – Hands Of The Ripper
13 – Death Arise – Overture

My God I had a blast listening to this cd! I have a soft spot for songs that try to tell horror stories, hell I have been a King Diamond fan for most of my life and The Dixie Dead is an album that really is right up my street!
This is Wednesday 13's fifth studio album so we shoyuld really know what to expect shouldnt we? Well this time around the guitars have a decidedly heavier feel to them but its still the same old style at heart. Stand out tracks for me include, Hail Ming, (but then again I love most Flash Gordon theme's lol), title track, The Dixie Dead, Ghost Stories, the fun Fuck You.... and the amazing Carol Anne....They're Here! with its Poltergeist theme!
Fans of the band will love this album and anyone curious of the horrorpunk genre really couldnt do any better than starting with checking out The Dixie Dead!

Rating - 9/10

Saxon - Sacrifice

Genre - Heavy Metal / NWoBHM / Traditional Metal
Label - UDR

Track listing:

01 – Procession
02 – Sacrifice
03 – Made in belfast
04 – Warriors of the road
05 – Guardians of the tomb
06 – Stand up and fight
07 – Walking The Steel
08 – Night Of The Wolf
09 – Wheels Of Terror
10 – Standing In A Queue

Biff Byford's latest incarnation of NWoBHM stalwarts returns with their latest offering in the form of their 20th studio album, Sacrifice, and to be honest its quite possibly the best album they have released in years!
Sacrifice see's Saxon not only firing on all cylinders, but sounding re-invigerated, inspired even, god damn Saxon sound more alive on Sacrifice than they have since, say Denim and Leather!
Biff is in fine voice, and there is no shortage of great songs on offer here.
Title track, Sacrifice, is a hard hitting opener, a new anthem to add to the back catalogue with some great riffs, Warriors Of The Road races along in the same vein as Motorcycle Man and Stallions Of The Highway,
whilst Wheels Of Terror really chugs along in a way that only Saxon can.
Sacrifice, as I have already said, is in my honest opinion the best album Saxon have recorded in years and its feels really good to see the veterens hitting such fine form at this satge of their lengthy carears!

Highly reconmended!

Rating - 9/10

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The God Damn Whores - Heya-Heya-Heya-Heya-Ho!

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk /
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing -

01 - Introducing The Whores
02 - Mundane And Beautiful
03 - Media Slave
04 - Poolius Ceasar
05 - Sparkly Silver Sky
06 - The Harrowing Line
07 - Fucking Hell
08 - Macho Sapiens
09 - Dilligence
10 - Cynical Haze
11 - Trip A.M
12 - We're Going To Live For A Very Long Time

Finally Random Jon Pooles delivers the second God Damn Whores album, and about bloody time!
The former Cardiac, current Wildheart and Ginger Wildheart bassist eventually delivers the goods.
If you heard the first Whores album then expect pretty much the same kind of madness. Great quirky tracks from Jon's ever so slighty demented sense of humour. Well crafted songs excellently executed with a great sense of fun always at the fore front!

About This Album

All songs written by Jon Poole except track 12 which was written by Ware, Marsh, Gregory.
All instruments and vocals performed by Random Jon Poole except for stunt guitar solos on tracks 2, 8 and 11 which were played by Jase “The Ace” Edwards.
Additional chanting and mayhem was caused by Adam Collier-Woods under lively circumstances.
Produced and recorded by Random Jon Poole between 2008-2010.
Mastered by Jase Edwards at Majestic Splendour studios

Rating  - 10/10

Random Jon Poole - Random Jon Poole

Genre - Electronic / New Wave / Rock / Pop
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing -

01 - New Receivers
02 - Into The Sunset
03 - Bleep Bleep Bedlam
04 - Alien Interaction
05 - Dignity In Trauma
06 - We Are Just The Same
07 - Years And Years
08 - Bark Like You
09 - I Know You
10 - The Death Of Soul (Part Two)
11 - Prototypes
12 - P-S-Y-C-H-O-S-I-S Spells The End

Cardiacs, Wildhearts Bassist and God Damn Whores main man Random Jon Poole finally delivers his long awaited debut solo album, and its bloody great. More new wave electronic than rock or metal, but makes for a refreshing breath of fresh air all the same. Anyone who has ever seen Random Jon Poole either live or with one of his other day jobs will already know just how quirky and off the wall he can be, and this is all evident on this wonderful album.
If you fancy listening to something a little different then give this album a go!

Album Credits:
All songs written by Jon Poole

All instruments and low-grade vocals by Random Jon Poole
Swell vocals by Givvi Flynn
Produced and recorded by Random Jon Poole between 2005-2008.
Mastered by Jase Edwards at Majestic Splendour Studios
Cover art by Rich Jones at Turning Rebellion

Rating - 09/10

Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Red Bull Records
Track listing -

01 - Welcome Home
02 - Fire, Fire
03 - Nothing Left To Lose
04 - Lights Out In London
05 - I Am Electric
06 - The Long Goodbye
07 - Heartbreaking Son Of Bitch
08 - Be Somebody
09 - Can't Let Go
10 - The Price We Pay
11 - Jump Back
12 - Executioners Day

The UK's Heavens Basement return with their first full length album featuring new vocalist Aaron Buchanan and the follow up to last years excellent Unbreakable EP. To cut a long story short Heaven's Basement plays rough 'n ready Rock N Roll, hard and uncompromising. All songs are well written and perfectly executed, with a production that is absolutley top notch. What has suprised me the most is the energy that has been packed into each of the songs, these guys are really playing it like they mean it, as if thier lives depended upon it infact. Welcome Home is a blistering opener, Fire,Fire has its killer riffs and huge arena rock sound. They guys say that they "put every ounce of our blood and sweat into each track on the album," and it really shows. There are so many high points on this album that it really is hard to single out any particular tracks, but I have to say that I love Welcome Home, Nothing Left To Lose, I Am Electric, Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch, The Price We Pay and the reworking of thier classic Executioners Day.
In short, Filthy Empire is the sound of a band finally delivering the goods that they have been threateniung to deliver for years, the sound of an album that should bring the band the success and recognition that they so rightly deserve!

All hard rock fans, no all music fans need to check this album out!

Rating 10/10

The Loyalties - 'Til The Death Of Rock & Roll

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Pop / Rock N Roll
Label - Independant Release

Track listing -

01 - Intro (Funeral March)
02 - 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll
03 - Meat In The City
04 - The Will To Kill
05 - Death Girl
06 - I'm The Blues
07 - Whiskey Under The Bridge
08 - Killer Radio
09 - To The Flame
10 - Ashtrays Empty
11 - Pheremone Jones
12 - One Reason
13 - Whole Lotta Hate
14 - Carry Me Home
15 - Rock & Roll Over (And Die) Epilogue

The Loyalties return with their second full length album in the form of the mighty 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll, and I have to say that we may be looking at a contender for album of the year here! The songs are sublime, the musicianship perfect, and the production spot on! This album has hardly been off of my MP3 player ever since I got it, I absolutley love it! Every song is full of energy and life, ballanced perfectly with a sense of melody that is rare these days.
If you are already a fan of the band then you wont be dissappointed!
Musically The Loyalties are in a similar vein to Sorry And The Sinatras, having a certain punky garage feel, combined with some great playing and terrific songs!
This album is a kind of concept album that goes together with the book that comes along with it, a kind of Rock N Roll who done it, but dont let that put you off as each of the songs easily stand up on thier own, and as I have already said, there are here such as title track, 'Til The Death Of Rock And  Roll, Ashtrays Empty, Whiskey Under The Bridge, death Girl and Whole Lotta Hate.

You owe it to yourself to check these guys out!

Rating - 10/10

Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer

Genre - Hard Rock / Blues Rock
Label - Frontier Records

Track listing:

01. My Angel
02. Accident Prone
03. To The Rescue
04. Falling Leaves
05. A Little Rock & Roll
06. Turn Of The Screw
07. Smoking Gun
08. Stand Up
09. Guilty As Charged
10. Nothing To Lose
11. Cover Me In You
12. White Boy Blues (bonus track)

"Six of the UK’s most highly-esteemed and experienced rock musicians have joined forces to create Snakecharmer. Original Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray have teamed up with Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) and Chris Ousey (Heartland) to bring you classic twin-guitar based rock as it should be played."
I have to say that I pretty much agree!
With Moody and Murray’s Whitesnake connections, the band toured a little while ago as Monsters Of British Rock, wisely ditching that name for the much improved Snakecharmer, and were initially largely a Whitesnake tribute act, knocking out all the best tunes from the original, and best, era of Whitesnake, before Coverdale shed that classic band in favour of big hair and over production.
With all of the talent on board Snakecharmer inevitably ended recording an album (self-titled) released by Frontiers Records, (something that I wished their previous incarnation as M3 would have done with Tony Martin on vocals!), and let me just say that this is one awesome Classic Hard Rock album full of magic and personality.

Obviously you have an old Whitesnake vibe to some of the tunes here, and that's a good thing when you play bluesy Hard with this class. Sure enough you could imagine Coverdale belting out the likes of "Turn Of The Screw", "Guilty As Charged", "Nothing To Lose" and especially the impressive "Smoking Gun".
It’s not all a ‘snake fest though. Chris Ousey’s vocal style lends itself particularly well to hard AOR, Foreigner-esque tracks like "Accident Prone" and the AOR-tastic "Stand Up".
The absolutley awesome power ballad "Falling Leaves", has that early '80 mysterious atmosphere, and with "To The Rescue" the band goes for a Bad Company style bluesy boogie with charm, same in the the excellent "A Little Rock and Roll", one of the album’s real highlights.
Another great moment is heard in the opening cut "My Angel", combining some ol' Aerosmith guitars with a terrific melodic background instrumentation and jumpin' vocals.

If you are a fan of good traditional bluesey hard rock, (and I am!), then I just can't reconmend this album highly enough.

Rating - 10/10

Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell

Genre - Heavy Metal / Traditional Heavy Metal / Speed Metal
Label -

Track listing -

01. Nabataea

02. World of War
03. Live Now!
04. Far from the Stars
05. Burning Sun
06. Waiting for the Thunder
07. Hold Me in Your Arms
08. Wanna Be God
09. Straight Out of Hell
10. Asshole
11. Years
12. Make Fire Catch the Fly
13. Church Breaks Down
Premium Edition bonus tracks:
14. Another Shot Of Life
15. Burning Sun (Hammond version dedicated to Jon Lord)

The mighty Helloween return with album fourteen in the form of Straight Out Of Hell, and with it a real return to form!
Straight Out Of Hell has thirteen tracks on the standard release and two extra bonus tracks on the 'Premium Edition' including a Hammond version of "Burning Sun", which is dedicated to the much admired John Lord (Deep Purple) who of course passed away in 2012.
Singer Andi Deris keeps the guys on a melodious track yet allows them to deliver all the technical craft and metal that the band Helloween have become known for over the years.
Highlight tracks for me personally include the almost rapped, Wanna Be God and the great Asshole, but there are plenty more gems on this album such as the melodic Hold Me In Your Arms, the rocking Years, or the pianno inro'd Waiting For Thunder.

Straight Out Of Hell really is a great album, an album that see's Helloween doing what Helloween do best, and delivering their best album since the days of the mighty Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums.

Very Highly Reconmended

Rating - 9/10

Newsted - Metal EP

Genre - Heavy Metal / Thrash
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Soldierhead
02 - Godsnake
03 - KIng Of the Underdogs
04 - Skyscrapper

Former Metallica bassissted returns with his new project, Newsted and their debut release Metal.
Just a four track EP, but it really does make a big statement. Newsted play that good old fashioned Metal / Thrash that bands like Metallica used to play, and they play it very very well!
All four songs are solid, well written, full of great riffs, gripping melodies and well just cracking songs.
Soldierhead opens up the EP and sets the scene well for what is about to come, Godsnake grinds along before the Epic King Of The Underdogs is unleashed. The EP finished with Skyscrapper, Newsteds views of 9/11, a great song with a heavy message.
Judging by these four tracks big things could be coming the way of Newsted, and I personally cant wait for the full length album!

Very highly reconmended

Rating - 10/10

Shakra - Powerplay

Genre - Hrad Rock
Label -

Track listing -

01. Life Is Now

02. The Mask
03. Higher
04. Wonderful Life
05. Dear Enemy
06. Save You From Yourself
07. Don't Keep Me Hanging
08. Dream Of Mankind
09. Stevie
10. Because Of You
11. Secret Hideaway
12. Too Good To Be True

Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA,  have been together since the mid-nineties. Shakra are one of the better European Hard Rock acts, that seem to have survived the test of time. All their albums are solid and coherent with the band's roots.
"Powerplay" is plenty of meaty riff work and solos smattered throughout, crushing drums and the catchy choruses with an '80s feel typical from the band, but this time with many tracks leaning on Euro Melodic Hard Rock, as the effective opener "Life Is Now".

Second track "The Mask" is a solid rocker with an excellent tempo and superb twin guitar attack, followed by one of the highlights on the CD, the melodic hard rock blaster "Higher".
On "Wonderful Life" Shakra shows again their intention to reach a wider audience. It's a traditional power ballad in a classic way; raspy vocals, strong drums and melodious sustained guitars. Really well crafted.
In the goodie "Because Of You" I hear a vibe of Whitesnake, while "Save You From Yourself" has a sprinkle of Euro hard 'n heavy in the muscular chorus.
"Don't Keep Me Hanging" has a wonderful classic hard rock hook, and "Dream Of Mankind" is driven by groovy guitars and thumping drums.

A great solid album that may finally gain the band the recognition that they deserve here in the UK and possibly in the USA

Well worth checking out.

Rating - 9/10

Mutation (Ginger Wildheart) - II - Error 500

Genre - Hard Rock / Metal / Experimental / Extreme / Alternative
Label - Pledge Music (exclusive at moment)

Track listing:

01 - Bracken
02 - Utopia Syndrome
03 - White Leg
04 - Protein
05 - Mutations
06 - Computer, This Is Not What I...
07 - Sun Of White Leg
08 - Relentless Confliction
09 - Innocents In Morte
10 - Benzo Fury

What can I say? Pure unadulterated intensity, I think that that is the only way to truly describe this album, which is the sixth albums worth of material released by Ginger in the matter of nine months, unbelievable!
Where as Mutation I, The Frankenstien Effect was pretty much Gingers baby, with him going into the studio with the song structures melodies and ideas firmly in mind, Error 500 is much more of a coroberative effort, with the multitude of musicians involved lending their input and the resulting album has to be heard to be believed. Intense does not really describe this album, there's riffs, lots of them, great vocals, intense to say the least, and some great songs that really do make this one hell of an album. Gingers original plan was to release both The Frankenstien Effect and Error 500 to those that had pledged, and then get them to vote on which tracks should make it onto the commercially released album, but this has proved a little tricky with many, Ginger included, saying that they believed that Error 500 should be released as it is and not broken up or diluted in any way. This is one hell of an album, and probably as extreme has Ginger can get, definetly its a million miles away from his previous solo or even Wildheart releases. Error 500 even makes The Frankenstien Effect sound like a Bon Jovi record!
I really can not find the right words to describe this album, but can honestly reconmend it as possibly the most frontier challenging album since The Wiuldhearts released Endless Nameless back in 1997.

A great album well worth checking out if you are brave enough, and just check out the credits below to see just who appears on this monster of an album!

Rating 10/10

Ginger Wildheart - Mutation (II) - Error 500

Song Credits:

Produced, Engineered And Mixed By Kevin Vanbergen (Except Track 10)
Track 10 Produced by Tom Bellamy & Paul Mullen.
Executive Producer Kevin Vanbergen
Mixed By Kevin Vanbergen

Recorded @ The Chairworks Studio & FX Yourspace
Mixed @ The Attic
Mastered By Dick Beetham @ 360 Mastering
Chairworks Studios Credits:
Assistant Engineers: James Mottershead, Bob Cooper
Pro Tools Engineer: James Mottershead
Runners: Harry & Andy

1: Bracken:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Paul Astick
LV: Ginger
BV: Ginger
Rich Jones
Kevin Vanbergen
Tom Bellamy
Craig Temple
Simon Wright
Givvi Flynn
Jake Adams
Daisy Vanbergen

2: Utopia Syndrome:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Paul Astick
LV: Ginger, Craig Temple,
Dave “Catfish” Corbett (Hick vocal)
BV: Ginger
Rich Jones
Craig Temple
Harriet Bevan
Dave Kerr
Givvi Flynn
Paul Astick

3: White Leg:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger
KEYS: Jon Poole
LV: Ginger, Paul Astick, Jon Poole
BV: Ginger
Rich Jones
Harriet Bevan
Dave Kerr
Givvi Flynn
Paul Astick
Luke Dunnell
Tom Bellamy
The Boys From Black Moth!

4: Protein:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Kevin Vanbergen
LV: Ginger
BV: Paul Astick
Harriet Bevan
Rich Jones
Givvi Flynn
Jon Poole

5: Mutation:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Jon Poole, Tom Bellamy
PROGRAMMING & KEYS: Tom Bellamy & Paul Mullen
LV: Mark E Smith
BV: Tom Bellamy
Paul Mullen
Luke Dunnell
Givvi Flynn

6: Computer, This is not what i …
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Shane, Jon Poole
LV: Ginger
BV: Ginger
Givvi Flynn
Paul Astick
Rich Jones
Harriet Bevan

7: Sun of White Leg:
DRUMS: Denzil
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Jon Poole
Keys: Jon Poole
LV: Ginger, Paul Astick, John Mackenzie, Jon Poole
BV: Ginger
John Poole

8: Relentless Confliction:
DRUMS: Denzil, Ginger & Paul Astick
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Paul Astick
LV: Mark E Smith
BV: Ginger
John Poole
Chris Catalyst
Simon Wright

9: Innocentes in Mortes
DRUMS: Denzil,
BASS: Jon Poole & Shane Embury
GTR: Ginger, Rob Stephens, Paul Astick
LV: Luke Dunnell
BV: Ginger
Paul Astick
Paul Mullen
Givvi Flynn
Rich Jones
John Mackenzie
Luke Dunnell

10: Benzo Fury
Programmed and Performed By: Tom Bellamy, Paul Mullen & Denzil
GTR & BASS: Paul Mullen
LV: Paul Mullen
BV: Denzil
Paul Mullen

Mutation (Ginger Wildheart) - 1 - The Frankenstien Effect

Genre - Hard Rock / Metal / Experimental / Extreme / Alternative
Label - Pledge Music (exclusive at the moment!)

Track Listing -

01 - Powderland
02 - Rats
03 - Friday Night Drugs
04 - Schadenfreuden
05 - Compass Point
06 - Lively Boy
07 - Gruntwhore
08 - On Poking Dogs
09 - Wham City
10 - Carion Blue

The Frankenstien Project, the first of two Mutation albums, and the fifth albums worth of material released in an eight month period!. The Mutation project is about as far removed musically from the 555% and Hey! Hello! projects as you could possibly get, and this the first of the two, The Frankenstien Effect, is the mellowest of the two and the more accessable of the pair.
Imagine the more extreme, heavier, off the wall tracks that the Wildhearts have ever put out, then multiply that by a thousand and you may get an idea of what we are dealing with here.
Thats not to say that its all intensity, there are some great melodies interwoven with the imense riffs. If you like your music on the heavy side then you really should check this out, very much in the vein of Pulled Apart By Horses and Exit International (who feature, along with Random Jon Poole and Chris Catalyst to name a few), The Frankenstien Effect is an album that shows Ginger is just as cutting edge and relevent today as he has ever been.
A great album, with ten stunningly heavy tracks, and possibly only ever to be made available through this Pledge campaign as it now looks like the second album, Error 500, will be made available commercially in its entirity.

Rating - 10/10

KingBathmat - Truth Button Review (2013)

KingBathmat - Truth Button Review (2013)

(released via stereohead records)

Track listing:
01 - Behind The Wall
02 - Abintra
03 - Book Of Faces
04 - The End Of Evolution
05 - Dives and Pauper
06 - Coming To Terms With Mortality In The face Of Insurmountable Odds

KingBathmat are a 3 piece progressive / alternative rock band band hailing from Hastings England. Truth Button is their sixth album to date. Coming across as the almost perfect blend of early Black Sabbath and Jellyfish, KingBathmat really could be the natural heirs to the 70's prog rock crown. Magnificent songs, twisting and turning through a labrynth of tempo changes and atmospheric textures. Lush guitar work and some great vocals and harmonies to boot, make Truth Button possibly the best album in this genre that I have listened to in years. featuring only six tracks yet clocking in at a whopping 51 minutes long Truth Button really is an album to sink your teeth into. Despite the length of the tracks they seem to pass by in a flash, never feeling over indulgent or too long, just twisting and turning through their various soundscapes as mentioned earlier. Powerful, quirky, melodic, spacey, stunning, I just cant find enough superlatives to describe this album!

If you are a fan of progressive rock music I really cant reconmend this album enough.

Rating - 10/10