Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black Country Communion - Black Country

(Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Label - J & R Adventures)

Track listing -

01 - Black Country
02 - One Last Soul
03 - The great Divide
04 - Down Again
05 - Baggarman
06 - Song Of Yesterday
07 - No Time
08 - Medusa
09 -The Revolution In Me
10 - Stand (At The Burning Tree)
11 - Sista Jane
12 - Too Late For The Sun

Black Country is the stunning debut from Black Country Communion the Anglo/American rock super group comprising vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple Black Sabbath, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper) and blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The problem with the albums released by most supergroups is that they tend to dissapoint a little, but theres no such fear here.
Opening with a furious bass line, Black Country sets the tone for the rest of the album. A brilliant song, executed to perfection, with Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa dueling through out, a real call to arms. Glenn is in fine voice throughout this album, possibly the best he as sounded in years, and Joes guitar work is phenomenal. Jason, at times almost sounds like his late great father John Bohnam, to be honest I just cant say enough good things bout this album.
Stand out tracks include, Black Country, Great Divide, One Last Soul, the epics Song of Yesterday and Too Late For The Sun and Medusa.
A stunning album from the finest collection of musicians to grace a cd in years!
Very highly reconmended!

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Rating - 10/10

The Union - The Union

(Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Rock Label - Payola Records)

Track Listing

01 - Watch The River Flow
02 - Easy Street
03 - Saviour
04 - Step Up To The Plate
05 - Holy Roller
06 - You Know My Name
07 - Come Rain Come Shine
08 - Black Monday
09 - Amazon
10 - This Time Next Year
11 - Lillies
12 - The Space Between Us
13 - Everything You Want (Bonus)

The Union is a new project formed by former Thunder guitarist and main songwriter Luke Morley and ex-Winterville frontman Peter Shoulder.
Fans expecting a Thunder / Winterville album will be a tad disappointed Im sad to say, because whilst The Union still play that blues based rock that both aforementioned bands are famous for, they deliver it in a much more mature and laid back manner, giving The Union a distinctive sound. This is a new band with a great new sound, great songs and two excellent songwriters. Stand out tracks include, Easy Street, Saviour, Watch The River Flow, and This Time Next Year.
Very highly reconmended.

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Rating - 10/10

Robin George - Crying Diamonds / Dangerous Music Live '85 (2010 double cd Re - issue)

(Genre - Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track listing
CD1 - Crying Diamonds
01 - Learn To Dance
02 - Thanks For The Memories
03 - Face To Face
04 - Judy
05 - What Goes Around Comes Around
06 - Flying
07 - Cocoon
08 - Haunted
09 - Loving You
10 - Crying Diamonds
11 - Kings Call
12 - Things Have Got To Change
13 - Yesterdays News
14 - Roulette
15 - Cry From The Heart
16 - Chance Of A Lifetime
17 - Machine
18 - Red For Danger

CD2 - Dangerous Music Live '85
01 - Showdown
02 - Shoot On Sight
03 - Spy
04 - No News Is Good News
05 - In The Night
06 - History
07 - Hitlist
08 - Heartline
09 - Dangerous Music
10 - Go Down Fighting
11 - Shout
12 - Dont Turn Away
13 - Shoot On Sight (Bonus)
14 - Hit List (Bonus)
15 - No News Is Good News (Bonus)
16 - Go Down Fighting (Bonus)

David Byron, Magnum, Phil Lynott, Robert Plant, Diamond Head, Sean Harris, Life and Roy Wood are just some of the artists that Robin George has worked with over the years.
Angel Air have pulled together this timely 2 disc set from George's archives that features studio album Crying Diamonds and live release Dangerous Music from 1985 (where he is joined by a band that includes original Magnum drummer, the late Kex Gorin).
Crying Diamonds showcases some of Robins greatest songs including
“Learn The Dance”, which he co-wrote with Byron, a fiery “Judy”, and the reflective yet deceptively powerful pair “Yesterday’s News” and “Thanks For The Memories” along with "Crying Diamonds" a track that he Co-wrote with Phil Lynott himself!The second CD, Dangerous Music Live ‘85, sees Robin on the road, playing some of his best tracks from across his carear to that point. Not the greatest of live recording, more akin to a good quality audience recorded bootleg than a pro recorded live album but it does capture the sets atmosphere well.This double cd set is a great introduction to one of the most versatile and talented writer / performers / producers that the Uk has ever produced.

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Rating - 8/10

Bullet - The Entrance To Hell

(Genre - Classic Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track Listing -

01 - Door Opens
02 - Millionaire
03 - No Witch At All
04 - Taken Alive
05 - The Soul That I Had
06 - Entrance To Hell
07 - The Orchestrator
08 - Hell, Demonic Possession
09 - Fortunes Told
10 - Sinister Minister
11 - Jam (The Rock)
12 - Time Gambler
13 - Monster In Paradise
14 - Jay Time
15 - Mr Longevity
16 - Door Slams
17 - Jam (the Taker)

Bullet began as a sort-of super group featuring members of Quartermass and Atomic Rooster back in 1970. An album was recorded but never released under the name ‘Bullet’ due to an American band already using the name so the band promptly changed their name to Hard Stuff and re recorded some of the Bullet tracks for their first release. Now, forty years later, the original tapes have been restored and remastered and the album is seeing the light of day thanks to Angel Air Records.
This album has a typical 70's vibe going on, heavy and full of jam's ala early Sabbath etc, and to be fair these guys showed alot of promise. Theres plenty of variety on offer here, and on a hole the songs are all really strong. Stand out tracks include “Millionaire”, “NO Witch At All,” “Sinister Minister” and “Time Gambler” each showcasing riffs that in many ways were way ahead of their time!
If you love 70's era classic rock then you really should check this album out!

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rating - 8/10

Stray - Valhalla

(Genre - Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track Listing -
01 - Move A Mountain
02 - Dirty Finger
03 - 1600 Penneylvania Avenue
04 - Free At Last
05 - Harry Farr
06 - Skin
07 - Double Six
08 - Ghostwriter
09 - Sing (the Song)
10 - Rainy Day Blues
11 - 24/7
12 - You

Stray have been around for something like 40 years, and although they have never really been a house hold name they have always managed to produce good solid rock.
Vahalla is their first release of new material in years and what an album, possibly their strongest to date. Produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil) Valhalla, opens with two big guns blazing in the form of Move A Mountain and Dirty Finger. Yes I will agree that lyrically Stray veer very close to Spinal Tap at times but the music is always solid and the songs so strong that they can get away with it.
Vahalla isnt a come back album, its a reminder of just what a great band Stray are!
The line up of Del Bromham on Guitar, Stuart Uren on Bass and Karl Randall on Drums is probably the best there has ever been, aside from the original line up of course.
If you have never heard of Stray before and like real rock played loud, buy this album and enjoy, if you are already a Stray fan this is a must for your collection.
Highly reconmended

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rating - 9/10

Notorious - Radio Silence (2010 re-issue)

(Genre - rock / aor Label - Angel Air)
Track Listing,

01 - Radio Silence
02 - The S'Walk
03 - Arianne
04 - You Need More
05 - Better The Devil You Know
06 - Do Like A Man
07 - Losing You
08 - Its Energy
09 - The Games Up
10 - Eyes Of The World
11 - I Believe In You
12 - Touch
13 - Soul On Fire
14 - Love Fades
15 - Good Time

Notorious was a project put together by guitarist Robin George (Phil Lynott, David Byron, Magnum) and vocalist Sean Harris (Diamond Head) back in the late 80's and became caught up in record company politics eventually seeing the band getting droped and the album deleted a matter of weeks after its original release. The duo went into the studio to knock out a melodic rock record but the album was mixed, remixed and, with the changing of the sounds, the music lost the duos original intent. Now for the first time, thanks to the guys over at Angel Air Records we are presented with the digitally remastered and expanded edition of the albums original demo recordings, that finally allow us to hear exactly what Robin and Sean had in mind.Most of the songs have stood up well to the test of time, showcasing the songwritting quality that Notorious bought together.
There is a great mix of melodic rock styles presented here, from the riff driven Radio Silence, to the funky groove of songs like The S'walk, to the blueset comercial tracks like Arianne and You Need More. Ron Georges guitar work is amazingly versatile, providing Sean Harris with the perfect platform to let his voice really shine. Sean himself sings with a crisper cleaner style than his previous work with Diamong Head.
A Great album that could have been a massive comercial success had it not been for the politics at Geffen records back in the day. Well worth checking out, Very highly reconmended.
Now if Angel Air records could persuade Sean Harris to allow them to release the album he recorded with Diamond Head back in 2004 before leaving the band Id be a very happy bunny!

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rating - 9/10

Fughu - Absence

(Genre - Progressive / Rock Label - Independant)
Track listing -
01 - Ashes
02 - Dead End Start
03 - Storm
04 - Tilt
05 - Slow
06 - Absence
07 - Snow
08 - Solitude
09 - Sun
10 - Red V
11 - Get Me (inside)
12 - Pain

Stylistic progressive rock that brings to mind the likes of Dream Theater is how Id best describe Fughu. I have mixed feelings about this album, On one hand I thoroughly enjoyed it, masses of tempo changes, interesting instrumental breaks, some great vocal lines, (even if B├╝rgi’s grasp of the English language leaved a lot to be desired at times!), and some solid songs in the veins of Dream Theater and even Fates Warning, but on the other the songs do lack emotion, and even feel a little uncomfortable at times. I beleive Absence is an ok debut album, but doubt that it would set the world alight, but I get the feeling that Fughu are capable of delivering so much more!

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Rating - 6/10

Equal Loudness Curve - 440

(Genre - Rock Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Glad To See You
02 - Dusty Road
03 - Wicked Woman
04 - Summer moon
05 - I LIke It
06 - You Wont Catch Me
07 - try To Forget You
08 - I Know What I Said
09 - Hunter
10 - Down Here In The Sludge
11 - Common Sense
12 - Wasted

Honkey Tonk biker rock, is the immediate first impression I get upon hearing opening track So Glad To See You, and thats no bad thing, you can rock out to that kind of music every weekend down your local bikers pub. The problem is that whilst Canadian band Equal Loudness Curve have the sound nailed down, the songs aren't always that great, sometimes one track just seems to melt into the next and then the next, and thats the problem. I could honestly listen to this album over and over again, and thoroughly enjoy it, but as soon as its finished i doubt Id be able to remember anything about it, as although 440 is packed with basically solid songs, it lacks any stand out tracks which is unfortunate really.
If your in love with the biker rock you hear every weekend down at the local rock pub then check these guys out, if not, well dont.

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Rating - 6/10

Earl Grey and Croqet - From The 21st Century

(Genre - Classic Rock / Jam Band / Progressive Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Pappa Was A School Boy
02 - Lady Luck
03 - Is This Love
04 - Hard Pill
05 - The Circus
06 - Learning Line
07 - DG

Hailing from South Africa, Earl Grey and Croquet are a strange little band. They manage to mix so many genre's into the music yet maintain a mellow consistant sound. All the songs on this advance Ep are solid, but the stand out tracks for me are, Hard Pill, Learning Line and Lady Luck. The band’s mix of lightweight rock and indie pop should stand them in good stead with the general masses and maybe even help to get them some much needed radio airplay.
well Worth checking out!

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Rating - 8/10

E.Z.Riders - Long Way From Home

(Genre - Rock / Blues Label - Independant)
Track Listing
01 - Dangerous Behavior
02 - What Its Worth
03 - Long Way From Home
04 - To Save Myself
05 - Let Me Be Your Man
06 - Far Away
07 - Dust In The Wind
08 - Trying Not To Fall
09 - Long Way From Home (acoustic)

E.Z.Riders are back with their second album following their 2008 self-titled debut.
Combining blues, southern, country and blue grass rock flavours, these three guys have produced a mellow, very 70s sounding album which at the same time has a real freshness about it.Like all good Bluesey tracks theres a simplicity about the songs that works really weel. the production is just enough to maintain that grass roots feel and the songs are well structured. If you like your rock to have a bluesey 70's southern feel to it then this album is well worth checking out. stand out tracks include Dangerous Behaviour, Long Way From Home and Dust In The Wind. A good album but i feel the best is yet to come from these guys!

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Rating - 7/10

Deluded By Lesbians - The Revolution of Species

(Genre - Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock Label - NEW MODEL LABEL - PIRAMES)
Track Listing -

01 - The Origin Of Delusion
02 - She Do Wanna
03 - Ringo Starr
04 - Dont Laugh For Me Argentina
05 - Nobody Knows
06 - Pompei
07 - C'mon Get In
08 - Crystal Balls
09 - Bird Watching
10 - Love Is Blind
11 - Revolution / Primary Needs
12 - We Dont Care
13 - United States Of Dekusion

Milan (Italy) based power trio, Deluded By Lesbians, have a kind of pop punk / NWoBHM feel about them. Every song is absolutley solid, filled with great riff and killer solos, and perfect meoldies. Lyrically these guys conjure up some pretty wierd images, but hey its rock n roll!
At times the band walk the fine line between humour and bad taste, like on Love Is Blind, but always manage to stay on the right side of cheesey and never quite become as offensive as they may seem to be heading.
You get an album filled with great tunes by a band showing lots of promise, well worth checking out. Fans of early Green day should check these guys out, and fans off Offspring and NWoBHM could do far worse than giving these guys a spin!

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Rating - 8/10