Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Various Artist - Haiti Project (Round Records Charity Album)

Now I usually treat charity albums with a very wide birth, but just check out the track listing below!

Its packed to the brim with talent and quality, plus it carries an exclusive new track recorded by Ginger from The Wildhearts new project The Sonic Graffiti!

This really is a great album, a great way to introduce yourself to all of the bands that have so kindly donated their material, a great way to help a great cause, and of course a great way to just get a hold of and enjoy some great music. the albums available via download only from the following website - and all the profits are going to help the survivors of the Haiti Tradegy.

Full track listing is -
1) The Sonic Graffiti – Mystery Number (Exclusive)

Written and recorded by Ginger, Billy Morrison, Michael Butler & Scott Lipps in LA in August 2009. Produced by Mike Clink. The worldwide debut by The Sonic Graffiti.

2) Eureka Machines – Being Good Is Ok, But Being Betters Better
A fan favourite on both sides of the Atlantic, this pop rock nugget is lifted from their debut album Do or Die.

3) Electric Six – Newark Airport Boogie
One of the highlights from their new album ‘Kill’ which is out now.

4) Jackdaw 4 – Jesus Wants My Soul Back
Taken from the bands second album (Bipolar Diversions), their new album is due in the summer.

5) The Loyalties – Sofa Surfin’ UK (Acoustic)
Previously only available in Japan. Original version can be found on the bands ‘So Much For Soho’ album

6) Antiproduct – When We Find Love
Taken from the bands latest release “Please Take Your Cash”

7) The Organ Beats – Happy Birthday/Come On Home
Fronted by Noelle LeBlanc, (formerly of Boston rockers Damone) this track is lifted from their debut self release ‘Sleep When We Are Dead’

8) The Wildhearts – Unbroken
A classic Wildhearts track previously only available as a B-side in the UK on the ‘New Flesh’ Single. It was taken from the ‘White Album Sessions’ in 2007.

9) Tragedy:All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees – Nights On Broadway
An awesome new track from the New York glitter machine.

10) Radio Dead Ones – Take It On Trust
German street punk at its very best, lifted from their 2008 self titled release.

11) Ricky Warwick – Love Owes
Taken from the former Almighty frontmans ‘Love Owes’ EP.

12) Brijitte West (Feat. Jesse Malin) – How To Be Good
Taken from 'Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls', released Feb 22nd 2010 on Devils Jukebox Records.

13) Moi? – This Is All That I Wanted
New Yorks only purveyors of ‘Beauty Rock’..

14) Laika Dog – Piano Song
Former Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright spearheads this indie rock outfit. Lifted from the bands second album ‘Mercury’

15) Sorry & The Sinatras – Riverside
Turbo Charged punk rock n roll taken from ‘Highball Roller’ on Undergroove Records

16) Children of The Unicorn – Nightshark
A classic track that deserves to be in everyones collection, from the mind of Jonathan Utah

Rating 10/10

Diamond Head - The MCA Years (3 CD Boxset)

This is not just another Diamond Head compilation. Featuring remastered versions of Borrowed Time and Canterbury, unreleased demos and live performances, it provides a great summary of the band post the legendary White Album. Clearly a must for any DH fan and recommended for any fans of great songs, killer riffs and classic rock vocals. Buy it and experience a band who for too short a time could have been "the natural successors to Led Zepellin".

The 'Borrowed Time' remastered pressing in this box does sound a touch brighter than my trusty old vinyl and you get four Radio 1 sessions and the remaining three 'Four Cuts' EP tracks as a bonus, making this something of a real pleasure to rediscover on CD.

1983 and album number two, 'Canterbury', This CD is bolstered by three demo tracks, which oddly sound more like 'Borrowed Time' outtakes, (can anyone shed some light here on their origins?) and a 'Makin' Music' remix, but to finally have a copy of 'Canterbury' on CD is worth every penny of this handsome looking clam shell box set, that incidentally also comes bolstered with a very extensive booklet and mini LP sleeve reproductions (sadly no gatefold on Borrowed Time).

Disc three is made up of two Radio One In Concert live broadcasts from the 'Borrowed Time' era, and finally sees the Reading 1982 Manowar replacing headline set available once again on CD.

A Great set!

rating 10/10

Tyla - Bloody Hell Fire

If you have heard of tyla then you know what to expect if you haven't then where have you been, this man should be recognised by the people in the music business for his work and put up there with greats like, bowie, dylan and so-on. Bloody Hell Fire is a double cd filled to the brim with great tunes, all written in the typical Tyla Mould!

Songs like 'Bloody Hell Fire', 'III', 'Supreme Creator', ' Restless', ' Killing Machine', and 'Best Friend' all show that Tyla hasn't lost his touch.

Do yourself a favour, check this album out, you really wont be disappointed, you get 23 great songs for the price of a single cd, you get some great music to enjoy and you help support one of the best songwriters the UK has produced in the last 30 years!

(Website - )

Rating 10/10

Fozzy - Chasing The Grail

Fozzy is the band featuring WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich 'The Duke' Ward! "Chasing the Grail" is Fozzy's 4th Studio album and the first for Riot Entertainment. Chris Jericho's profile is at an all time high, he is one of the most prominent wrestlers of all time and his star continues to rise. Wrestler, Singer, Actor, TV Host, Best Selling Author, # 1 Twitter Trend, you name it he has done it. Fozzy is an established Metal act with a strong and loyal following. On "Chasing the Grail" Fozzy blend old and new school Metal with sizzling musicianship!

Jericho really does have a suprising good voice, and where as you may expect Fozzy to end up being a bit of a joke band they really are very very good!

The album opens with "Under Blackened Skies" which doesn't waste time getting down to business with its rapid fire riffs. "Let the Madness Begin" has a sweet Led Zeppelin homage in its guitar solo. "Broken Soul" is a ballad with a lyrical emphasis on reflection. The single, "Martyr No More" has a riff that recalls the great Dimebag Darrell and lyrics which are perfect for telling someone off. Finally, there is the thirteen minute epic, "Wormwood" which should please Prog Rock and Dream Theatre fans.

(website - )

Rating 10/10

M.A.D. - For Crown and Ring

With an album title that bring to mind Manowar, this should be interesting!

M.A.D. come from Germany and were formed in 2003. Since then they have released an EP called "Ready To Stop?!" (2006) and a full-length album called "M.A.D. (Maniacal Area Damage)" (2007). "For Crown And Ring"is their second album.

The lead vocals from Jochen S. Bach bear more than a passing resemblance to the legendary late Bon Scott (ACDC), which is great.

The album comprises of 10 songs that sound like a mix of MANOWAR, ACCEPT, HAMMERFALL and AC/DC, which is an interesting mix. All the songs are brilliant and fun, especially the title track, even if the lyrics are at times a little cliched. A great album whose hearts hark back to a time when men were men and metal was fantasy fuelled METAL!

An absolutely brilliant album!

rating 10/10

Felony - Helltown Hotel

Born in the late 80's, Felony played the kind of music synonymous with the era, think Motley Crue, Poison and early Guns n Roses, this is in part due to the fact that Tommy Lee Lords sounds identical to Vince Neil. Its great party music with attitude, a heavier, darker motley crue or poison may indeed be the best way to describe them.

Felony offered up nothing really original, but what they did they did really well. Helltown Hotel has 16 tracks showcasing most of the bands great songs, and believe me songs like 'Yank That Chain' still sound great today.

Helltown Hotel is a highly recon mended walk down nostalgia lane, go on let your hair down have a blast!

rating 8/10

Gypsy Pistoleros - Hotel de la Muerte

The Gypsy Pistoleros return with their new mini album, Hotel de la Muerte, and what a blast it is! Gypsy Pistoleros manage to blend flamenco, glam, punk, rumba and rock n roll, and they get a wonderful sound out of the mix!

The album opens with 'Welcome To The Hotel de la Muerte', a great blast of energy and tempered fury, a really great song and excellent opener!

Next up is 'Living Down With Gyspsies', which has a beautiful flamenco / spanish guiatr opening before lurching into another great blast of Pistolero fun!

This is quickly followed by 'Sangre De Las Rosas, a beautiful ballad, which allows the band to showcase their more sensitive side. Next up is 'Walk Through The Shadows', which is a great moody melodic rocker with some great sneering vocals!.

' Son of Illussiones' closes off this mini album in pretty much the same manner as it started. A great blast of Pistolero fun!

Rating 10/10

Slaves To Fashion - 4 Track Demo/EP

Slaves To Fashion are a four piece band from the west coast of Norway, playing a catchy mix of melodic / progressive/ hard rock. The songs are all to a very high standard, as is the musicianship!

Opening with the melodic Mrs Hero, things look very promising for Slaves To Fashion. .

Left Out In The Cold follows, again heavy but melodic, guitars a little to far back in the mix for me, but another strong strong song. The Garden (Remix) follows, showing a little more variety in the way the song is mixed, another great song. This demo/ep closes out with Out Of Here, a slow moody melodic track, again yet another strong song.

Slaves To Fashion do come with a little pedigree, back in 2007 they released the album ' Crossing Over' under their then name of P.O.B.

I can see foresee big things for Slaves to Fashion, this is a great introduction, I'm really looking forward to hearing the full album now...

Rating 9/10

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Haiti Project - Available to Download now.

The Haiti Project - a 16 track digital charity album - is now available to down load from this link for just £5!

Spearheaded by an exclusive track from 'The Sonic Graffiti' (a new band project from Ginger Wildheart, Billy Morrison, Michael Butler & Scott Lipps) the download also features tracks from the likes of Eureka Machines, Electric Six, Ricky Warwick, The Wildhearts, Tragedy, Antiproduct and many more.

Full track listing is in the post below.

Feel free to tweet.. facebook... myspace... email... and blog to help spread the word

Lets raise some money.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Round Records' "The Haiti Project"

Round Records' "The Haiti Project"

From Round Records' Facebook page:

Upon arriving back in the UK last week at Heathrow (and being a little too wrapped up in seemingly important things like whether the plane would land in the snow or if my train would be running) I was immediately greeted and numbed by the horrific and shocking news reports that followed after the Haiti Earthquake. As the magnitude of the disaster continues to grow by the day, I was very keen (like most people) to do 'something'.

Thus 'The Haiti Project' - a charity download album - was born. Within a few days of sending emails and calls to my nearest and dearest friends an album quite literally 'came together'.

The album is spearheaded by the anthemic debut track from 'The Sonic Graffiti', a new band from LA put together by Ginger Wildheart, Billy Morrison, Michael Butler & Scott Lipps. The track entitled 'Mystery Number' was recorded at Matt Sorums studio in August 2009 & was produced by the legendary Mike Clink.

I'd like to personally say a big thankyou to Ginger, Billy, Michael, Scott & Mike for donating this exclusive track, and allowing 'The Haiti Project' to (hopefully) raise even more money.

The tracklisting is as follows...

'The Haiti Project'

1) The Sonic Graffiti – Mystery Number (Exclusive)

2) Eureka Machines – Being Good Is Ok, But Being Betters Better

3) Electric Six – Newark Airport Boogie

4) Jackdaw 4 – Jesus Wants My Soul Back

5) The Loyalties – Sofa Surfin’ UK (Acoustic)

6) Antiproduct – When We Find Love

7) The Organ Beats – Happy Birthday/Come On Home

8) The Wildhearts – Unbroken

9) Tragedy:All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees – Nights On Broadway

10) Radio Dead Ones – Take It On Trust

11) Ricky Warwick – Love Owes

12) Brijitte West (Feat. Jesse Malin) – How To Be Good

13) Moi? – This Is All That I Wanted

14) Laika Dog – Piano Song

15) Sorry & The Sinatras – Riverside

16) Children of The Unicorn – Nightshark

The download album is going to cost just £5.

16 songs for £5!!

All of the money will be donated directly to the ongoing relief efforts and you'll end up with 16 great tracks. Good deal.

The download side of things are just being sorted out as i type (a big thank you to Musicglue for their help), and we are hoping to go live on Monday.

Links, banners and information concerning where to purchase will be sent out as soon as we get them.

As soon as we do, I would love for everyone to spread word around the internet world via their twitterings, facebookings, myspacings, bloggings and other 'ings'. Lets raise some money.

More news very soon.JasonH

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Antiproduct - Please Take Your Cash

Antiproduct have been around for what seems like an age, always threatening to break through into the big leagues but never quite making it, that my friends may be about to change!

Please Take Your Cash is the best album the guys have ever pit out. Its a bright, uplifting pop rock album with songs that are strong enough to tackle a herd of charging rhinos!

Imagine the Beach Boys playing contemporary pop rock with a slight punk edge, its perfect.

Surfing The World sets the standard, a great 3 minute blast of pure pop rock harmonising fun! Arms Around The World is a slightly dirtier, sludgier track that works just as well!

Next up is one of my old favourites, Best Day Of Your Life, "And tomorrow is gonna be even better", sentence the lyrics. Talk of positive lyrics for a song, it really makes you feel like something totally special just happened, something that changed your life and you’re going to remember. Parties All Over The World is a less chaotic, but nonetheless special pop rock gem where Alex's vocal chords really shine. Bungee Jumping People Die is yet another classic. Antiproduct pile on the Beach Boy comparisons with a cover of their classic Good Vibrations, a song that I swear sounds even better than the original!

Tell Me What You Want has an almost Cheaptrick-esque intro which is so good that the chorus is almost a bit of a let down. Another good pop punk piece anyway which keeps getting better all the way up until the end. Let’s Get It On just can’t be described in words. This song is so silly it’s simply genius! This is followed by a ballad, When We Find Love, which starts off all romantic and we’re all waiting for a kick “System of a Down” style but it’s actually an out and out ballad and it’s a bloody fine song!

I Will Not Go Quietly is the last song proper, and ends the album with a fine metallic blast.

Run Out is just that, 6 seconds of silence and Girls Talk is a minute and three quarters of girls talking, hmmm ok.

Please Take Your Cash is a great album which I highly recommend to fans of the pop rock punk genre's, I swear this is the strongest thing that AntiProduct have ever put out!

The guest musicians reads like an independent musics who's who, with the album featuring spots from, Drumming legend Robin Guy, uber-talented rock-slut Chris Catalyst… even Jamie Oliver, (although i doubt this is the Tv Chef lol)

the album is a truly in dependant release, No label, major or independent. Produced by no other than Sylvia Massy, who worked with the likes of Johnny Cash, System of a Down and Tool, “Please Take Your Cash” can be bought directly here ANTIPRODUCT.COM - PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH, or you can find Antiproduct on MySpace AntiProduct on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads or Facebook AntiProduct
Facebook and message Alex or Claire to get their Paypal account and order your copy. Apparently, half way through the first print (I think they’re now sending out the second lot) Alex had made 20% of the cash he made with Life Sex & Death when they were signed on Warner, so cutting the middle man is definitely paying off. One more reason to order this concentrate of legal amphetamine and find out more about Antiproduct.

I love Antiproduct, and I love this album!

Once again, get your copy here, it doesn’t get more independent than this: ANTIPRODUCT.COM - PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH

rating 10/10

Mikki Munday - Fire It Up Ep

Raw classic rock music with a little attitude. Songs like Money To Burn, Fire It Up and Lester Diamond really show case what these guys are all about. Probably great live in a small sweaty club. Hugely enjoyable rock n roll.

Rating 7/10

Knotfal - This Thing EP

Knotfal has been around for many years with five very well educated musicians who put meaning into every lyric and song they perform. Knotfal's influences range from MuteMath, Chevelle and Tool just to name a few. Knotfal has shared the stage with such bands as Blind Melon, Halestorm, Trust Company, The Exies and Rev Theory and have huge support from many well known bands and musicians in the industry both locally and worldwide known. The first single from their debut EP "This Thing" is titled "Coming Home". They wrote it for all those that serve, have served, had family or still have family in the Military. Current radio airplay on WQXA-FM (Under the Radar) out of Harrisburg, PA and WZZO-FM (Backyard bands) out of Allentown, PA. Knotfal are also working with the local TV show out of Allentown, PA called "The Stage" hosted by Chris Line and has their CD artwork used as an ad in the "Indie Bible".

A great mix of hard rock and alternative metal, with a pop rock thing going on in there too!

A great mix of genres helps keep the music refreshing and entertaining.


rating 8/10

Platic Tears - Nine Lives Never Dies

Plastic Tears, a rock band founded in Helsinki, Finland in the 90’s release their new album through Propaganda Records. Nine Lives Never Dies is classic rock, but its still hard to categorize. The music has influences from glam rock, pop, punk and other elements

of which the own and personal sound of the Plastic Tears is formed. Comparisions from New York Dolls to Hanoi Rocks and so on, have been thrown around and thats understandable but they still manage to sound like themselves.

The bands strenght lies in having a timeless rock’n’roll sound and good songs that differ in style. Variety is always the spice of life! This albums line up has been stable since 2006 and that stability is showing in the improved songwritting,

If you like Hanoi Rock, New York Dolls or even Dogs D A'mour then I think you'll love these guys!

rating 8/10

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sahara Rain - Sand In Your Hands

"Sand In Your Hands" is the debut album from the, Zurich based, Sahara Rain and it is a beautiful example of what can happen if you believe hard enough in something. Sahara Rain just wanted to make music and music they made! Some lyrics could be considered to be a tad over the top but I'm sure even the most miserly music critic can accept that lyrics have to be a bit more grand when you're playing anthemic, driving, cock rock that just makes you want to grow your hair out, fill your wardrobe with leather jackets and spend the rest of your life sending applications to join Whitesnake!

The album is filled with great tracks with the likes of "Higher Sky", "Centre of Pain", "Black Gold","Shadow", "The Dance" and "Blinded Eyes" all showing a huge amount of variety and talent! ("Be The Man" sounds like it should be the theme for a James Bond film!)

The band - Ricci on vocals, Dave Silhanek and Adrian Honegger on guitar, Levent Sunu on drums, Bo Rebsamen on keys, and Boet De Haason bass - play a tuneful, hard hitting music mixing atmospheric harmonizing into fanciful musicianship. The sound is forceful and laid back all at the same time. The star of the show is Ricci with his characterful vocalising. He's somewhere between Ronnie James Dio, Lemmy, Michael Bormann and Jon Bon Jovi. He has a great tone with a powerful volume of emotion bubbling beneath the surface. He has got to be one of the best singers I've heard this year who isn't signed to a label. The same goes for the rest of the band. Somebody needs to snap these guys up right away!

Do yourselves a favour, check this band out, you wont be disappointed!

rating 10/10

Avosetta - Of Our Lives

From the first opening bars of track one (Of Our Lives), Avosetta not only set the mood for latter tracks on this EP, but also set a standard for how music should sound in this current climate. They ooze worldwide potential with every wild guitar riff, spiralling through thunderous drum passages, all complimented with stunning vocal performances. 'Of Our Lives,' the debut EP from Norwich-based five piece Avosetta is one of those frustrating releases where each song has so many good points, but for some reason they just never quite come together right if you know what I mean.

Some times it can be just that the band try to through in a little too many tempo and time changes, but they just don't get the interchanging piece's quite right as on title track 'Of Our Lives'. Its a pity really as the song boast some great guitar lines, and for the most part settles in to a great heavy rock groove which is spoilt by the tempo changes and genre mixes as the band try to mix in some emo punk sections, but as i said they just don't quite pull it off.

It does get better, the last two tracks on this ep, 'Syncopated Heartbeat' and 'Warship Lanterns', are much stronger, especially the closing track 'Warship Lanterns' with its melodic meandering which is spiked with dewy falsetto vocals; the second half of the song is a swaggery, more rock-orientated section, and this time the band pull off the tempo changes perfectly!

This debut EP from the Norwich based quintet, showcases four songs that between them, boast many fine moments, from a band that just ooze potential, maybe if they could get the help of a good producer just to help them refine their ideas a little more then this ep would be getting top marks.

Check em out, they're on their way to World Wide Stardom, they're young talented and ambitious, and as Ive already said the songs are brimming with great ideas!

rating 8/10

The Solid - Arrivals and Departures

The Solid features talented vocalist Brian Hagman (Black Lamb), SF-based guitarist Justin Caucutt, multi-instrumentalist/ bass player Greg Randolph from Frisco’s late, great Greenhouse Effect, and Clementine, late of the Stoner Rock sirens Bottom.

The band really fit together well, playing a heavy yet melodic 'stoner' rock, which this five track ep showcaes really well! 'Cry', 'Hoops' and 'Hot Rocks' really do say it all about this band. Although 'stoner rock' isn't exactly in vogue at the moment the songs stay with you, they well crafted and excellently played, so credit where credit is due.

Are The Solid going to set the world on fire with their music? Probably not, but they'll entertain you for a while a surely ease the pain of what we called day to day life!

rating 9/10

Soul Doctor - Way Back To the Bone

The music of Soul Doctor is to be categorised as traditional hard rock and has (sometimes) many AC/DC-influences. The vocals of Heart remain very strong, as well as the guitar parts of Chris Lyne but at times the songs just fall a little short of the mark. The mid-tempo ‘First Man On The Moon’ is a good example of what you can expect on ‘Way Down To The Gone’: a very straightforward hard rock song which is easy to listen to but nothing more than that, which unfortunately is the case with many of the songs on offer here. By no means are they bad songs, they're easy to listen too, but also just as easy to forget when they stop playing. Its a pity really because there is a hell of a lot of talent on display here!

Sorry but for die hard fans only and fans of Tommy Heart!

rating 7/10

American Dog - Mean

American Dog was formed in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio , featuring ex-SALTY DOG (Geffen Records) and DANGEROUS TOYS ( Columbia ) bassist Michael Hannon on Vocals and Electric Bass , Steve Theado on Guitars and Vocals and Keith Pickens on Drums and Vocals. The sound is a very coarse high energy hard rock with a blues base which is often compared to 70's era Ted Nugent with the power and grit of Motorhead.. Although the band appeals to a wide demographic American Dog is especially popular with the biker set. They've played some of the biggest biker events in the world, including Sturgis and many Easyrider events in the States, the Hamburg Harley Days Event in Germany , and the Rock and Blues Custom Show in England. They are also popular in the "rust-belt" where they play to enthusiastic crowds in such cities as Columbus, Cleveland , Pittsburgh , Milwaukee , Chicago, Indianapolis , and Louisville . They have shared the stage with David Allan Coe , UFO, Rose Tattoo, Billy Idol , Nazareth, Ratt, LA Guns, .38 Special and Molly Hatchet to name a few. American Dog have Nine European tours under their belts and have enjoyed tremendous success in Germany, France, Holland, England, Switzerland , Spain and Belgium . With over 35,000 cd's sold and a dvd release slated for April of 2008, the American Dog attack shows no signs of slowing.

rating 8/10

White Wizzard - High Speed GTO

White Wizzard hails from Los Angeles CA. Tired of the same old down-tuned screamo metal that seems to be everywhere these days, Jon Leon formed White Wizzard in the summer of 2007. The goal was simple - to bring the songwriting, melody and good times back into metal and rock.

A 7 song EP was recorded in the fall of 2007 with the first line up and was well received and is about to be released worldwide. White Wizzard is currently in the studio working on it's first full length album. The release date is hopeful to be later in 2009.

With a screaming demon on vocals, a tight 2 guitar attack that can shred AND play with feel, thunderous melodic bass and drums, White Wizzard is poised to take the torch of the great metal bands of the past and look to the future with a dominating spirit and memorable melodic hooks and songwriting.

rating 8/10

Monday, 4 January 2010

Spider Rockets - Spider Rockets

Spider Rockets are not just another female fronted rock band, they have a uniqueness about them that stands them in great stead amoungst their fans.They manage to combine elements of Goth, glam, rock, punk and alternative into a great sound and with the lush melodic yet adaptable vocals of Helana Cos they really are a force to be reckonded with.
The songs twist and turn, offering up something new on each listen, To be totally honest I cant really find the words to describe this album, its just complete, it really does have everything, and I dont care what music you are into, be it, Velevt Revolver, Alanis Morissette, No doubt, Gwen Staffarni, L7, The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, or Sound Garden, Spider Rockets will have something to appeal to your tastes.
Songs like, Anti Hero, Gold, Kiss You Dea and Disease are just brilliant.

rating 10/10

Sgt.Roxx - Weapon of Miss Distraction

119 minutes of 80's Chicago Style Glam Hard Rock Undeniably one of the most enduring legends to come out of the 90 s Chicago Rock Scene, SGT ROXX took the Midwest and East Coast by storm and left them wanting more. Featuring Push N Squeeze , (including guest-songwriting by Lillian Axe s John Ster on Don t Cry ) the debut EP that sparked online bidding wars more than a decade later, this disc delivers the more with previously unreleased archived studio sessions & rare live recordings in the most comprehensive compilation of the phenomena that was SGT ROXX to date ! Featured in Metal Edge s Rock on the Rise and on the covers of several Midwestern rock mags, SGT ROXXs smooth & sexy, full-bodied Glam sound and dangerous air brought them a caravan of traveling fans on a mission to fill every prime rock haunt in the area circuit (Thirsty Whale, Stay Out West, Club Dimensions) and landing them a showcase at New York s infamous Cat Club. Stitch on your stripes, rally the troops and fall in line to experience the sensation that could only be SGT ROXX. For fans of Poison, Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue and Tigertailz!
aww the memories!

rating 9/10

I Got A Violet - Backwash

Italian psychedelic / garage / punk rockers offer up Backwash here, and the three peice really do offer up a great if starnge mix. The music seems to draw from so many influences that it just shouldn't work, but it does! There are so many different styles in the mix I just cant describe them all, the lyrics are a little off the wall at times and very abstract at all times. The band are tight, the songs very well constructed and performed. debut single Swing Swang and Glitter Hairsparya are two fine examples of what I Got A Violet are all about.
Check em out you may find their eccletic mix appeals more than you might think!
Its refreshing to hear a band that naturally sound different and unique from the mainstream crowd!

rating 9/10

Embers Flame - She Said

Debut single from the this new rock 'n' roll band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Includes a rare song a Rock'n Roll Conspiracy as the b-side both songs are of a great quality. She Said gives a similar vibe to the songs found on Michael Monroe solo album, whilst Rock N Roll Conspiracy has a familar feel which I just cant place.Musically the guys keep thing fairly simple, the backing vocals are well just there, but not over complicated and the production is just enough, not too much, and as this single is the result of the new bands firth recording session you cant be impressed. Im liking what Im hearing and am curious to hear more. Bring on the next single or even the album!

rating 8/10