Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Dogs D'Amour - A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII (2012)

Genre - Rock / Rock n Roll / Acoustic / Stripped Down
Label - King Outlaw Records

Track listing -
01. I Think It S Love Again

02. So Once Was I
03. Comfort Of The Devil
04. Saviour
05. Errol Flynn
06. Bullet Proof Poet
07. When The Dream Has Gone
08. Angel
09. Just An English Outlaw
10. Gone Are All The Angels
11. Died ' Fore She Got Young
12. Stealin' From The Devil
13. Wont You Let Go

"A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles MMXII

The press release says …‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles’, It was his concept piece at the time, an emotional journey through Life, Love and Death. The Dogs D’amour began recording in an East London studio on the 9th December 1988. With just 8 days to record and mix they got to work and it didn’t take long before she emerged from a sea of cigarette smoke and red wine. China records would only initially press 15,000 numbered 10’’ vinyls And so in 1989 she came to surpass expectations and sailed into the UK album charts anchoring a position of sweet 16.
With the 15,000 pieces of black Gold treasure hunted by the faithful she sailed into the sunset morphing into several thousand 12’’ vinyls and tens of thousands newly born Compact Discs. A sea of worthy hearts engulfed her then she sank to the bottom of the deep blue. Much talked about in the music press and on rock forums alike ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles’ became the thing of myth and legend. It was an album that not only entertained, it enthralled its listeners and encapsulated those who dared.. Like a mermaid on the rocks people would be drawn to the tales of heartache and stories of woe. In a clever twist rock minds were subtly broadened by listening to something a bit more poetic and tender than the systematic commercial rock of the day.What happens with good poetry is that it inspires others, stands the test of time…. And get better with age
Over the years fans of the Dogs D’amour have remained dedicated, growing up with Tyla they turn up at shows religiously, often bringing their offspring to experience the heartfelt performances mixed with banter and booze. Collecting every piece of art, poetry and limited albums and treasures alike. Now from the depths up she rise’s, re-recorded by Tyla with all the vitality a soul can muster up cloaked in fifty years of singing, strumming and strolling this earth has produced. We give you ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII’"
When I played this album, my girlfriend labeled Tyla the modern day Johnny Cash and who am I to disagree, he sure knows how to write a rightious tune or two!

I have a copy of the original eight track release of this on cassette for years, tracking down various copies on cd as the years went on, with all eight songs remaining staples of any playlists that I have put together, the originals simply timeless! So how do the rerecordings compare? Well the songs havent just been rerecorded, they have been completley re interpereted, adding entirely new dimensions to each song. Are they better than the originals? Well they are that different, both versions of each song are as good as each other, both versions are amazing.  On this release, the mini albums original eight tracks are supplemented by a further five, again reworked, making an album that always left you wanting more into an album that is totally fulfilling upon each and every listen!
Standout tracks, well all thirteen are brilliant, but my favorite of favorites are, Stealing From The Devil, Bulletproof Poet, To Hell, I Think Its Love Again, Gone Are All The Angels and Comfort Of The Devil.

this album is not just essential for fans of Tyla and The Dogs D'Amour, its essential for fans of good music everywhere, hell its essential for the music industry which has lost touch with artists that live and breathe their art.


Rating - 10/10

Tyla J. Pallas - Quinquaginta (2012)

Genre - Rock
Label - King Outlaw Records

Track listing -

01. Untouchable
02. Story Of Our Life
03. Just Another Love Song
04. In The Name
05. Hang 'Em High
06. Archie Leach From Bristol
07. Bess
08. Armada Of Hearts
09. Alright (I Will Always Love You)
10. To Hell
11. The Hellraisers
12. Devils Revenge
13. Untouchable (Acoustic)

This is the new album from Tyla (Dogs D'Amour).  Quinquaginta (pronounced kwin-kwa-ginta) for the uninformed is Latin for 50 which is the age Tyla has reached without the aid of a safety net! This will be his 17th solo album and the first under the name Tyla J Pallas and will bring his total number of albums released, including 5 Best Of's, to 37. The album was recorded in London, Wolverhampton and Clermont Ferrand, France with Simon Hanson (Squeeze) on drums, Mark Stanway (Magnum) on keyboards and was produced by Tyla. Limited to 300 copies.

Containing thirteen absolutley stunning songs, proving that even after all of these years Tyla still has the magic touch where song writing is concerned. There is not a bad track anywhere insight on this album, and the production is excellent, something that in my honest opinion has sometimes let Tyla's solo releases down in the past. As can be seen, the musicians assembled for this album are all talented veterens of their craft, and it really shows!
I love this album as it really does in my honest opinion see Tyla at his best, crooning out soulful ballads such as Archie Leach, Bess, Armarda Of Hearts, or autobiographical rockers like Untouchable, To Hell, to epic feeling moody tracks like The Hellraisers and Devils Revenge.
This is a great album and an absolute must for any fan of Tyla or The Dogs D'Amour, or even just any fan of good old fashioned rock n' roll to be honest!

Highlight tracks of which there are many on this release include for me, Story Of our Life, Hang 'Em High, To Hell, The Hellraisers, Devils Revenge, In The Name and Bess, to be honest just a fantastic album!
Very highly reconmended!

Rating - 10/10

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway To Hell EP (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Rock
Label -

Track listing -

01 - Devils Paradise
02 - You Make Me Sick
03 - No One Survives
04 - I'm Alright
05 - Love Ain't True!
06 - Another Beer

Remeber 'Cats In The Cradle' and 'Everything About You'? Well I'm ashamed to say that that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of Ugly kid Joes back catalogue, and well this new EP couldn't be any further removed form those too commercial hits if it tried. After a fifteen year break, Stairway To Hell see's the band return with a darker sound, that is especially evident on the opening two tracks, Devils Paradise and You make Me Sick!
No One Survives is a four minute epic, great song with once again quite dark lyrics, have these guys lost there sense of fun?
No, its here in I'm Alright, a track that seems to come across in places as Love Hate playing My Cherona, a great little fun tune though. Love Ain't True! is fun, with its disenchanted lyrics, love it, quite a shout along track, could be fun live!
Another Beer, is the closest that we get to hearing the Ugly Kid Joe of old, a great little three minute song.
On a whole this little Ep is a great release, with the band generally moving into a darker musical direction, yet showing that they are still capable of producing more of what originally bought them to the table.

A great Ep, looking forward to hearing a new album!

Rating 9/10

Spit Like This - Normalityville Horror (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze / Rockabilly / Goth / Glam
Label - Dark Lord Records

Track listing -

01 - Sick
02 - Normalityville Horror
03 - Zero To Sixty
04 - Very Very Good At Being Bad
05 - Dragged Kicking & Screaming
06 - Teen Angel
07 - The Life & Times Of The Suicide Kid
08 - Oh No! Here We Go!
09 - The Dumb Song
10 - Dead To Me Now

Lord Zion, Vicky Spit and Co return with their second album and the follow up to 2009's debut, We Wont Hurt You, But We Wont Go Away, in the form of Normalityville Horror.
Here we have more of what Spit Like This do best, a perfect blend of Hard Rock / Punk / Sleaze / Rockabilly and sixties rock 'n' roll musical influences. To be honest, the best way to describeSpit Like This is to imagine if you threw Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Early Motley Crue along with some Sixties Rock N Roll into a blender, then mixed the result with a healthy dose of Rocky Horror, then you maybe close to describing the bands sound. The songs themselves are full of life almost theatrical, cominag accross kind of like a modern day Rocky horror Picture Show!
From the opening moments of Sick to the closing riffs of dead To Me Now, this album is pure Spit Like This, pure and simple.
the only fault that I can find is that despite having the skills of one Chris Tsangarides on hand as producer, sometimes the songs just feel a little too loose for me, nit picking probably, but hey Spit Like This have never fitted into any particular genre any how so who am I to comment lol.
Stand out tracks for me include, Zero To Sixty, Very Very Good At Being Bad, Teen Angel and Dead To Me Now.
If you're a fan of the band then you are going to love this album, if you have never heard of them, well check them out, you never know you may discover a unique new band to love!

Rating 8/10

Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards The Daylight (2012)

Genre - Rock / Blues / Blues Rock
Label -

Track listing -

01 - Dislocated Boy
02 - Stones In My Passway
03 - Driving Towards The Daylight
04 - Who's Been Talkin'
05 - I Got All You Need
06 - A Place In My Heart
07 - Lonely Town Lonely Street
08 - Heavenly Soul
09 - New Coat Of Paint
10 - Somewhere Trouble Dont Go
11 - Too Much Aint Enough Love (with Jimmy Barnes)

Does this man ever stop?
Smokin' Joe Bonamassa returns with his thirteenth solo album in the form of Driving Towards The Daylight, which comes hot on the heals of last years excellent Dust Bowl and the 2nd studio release from a certain supergroup by the name of Black country Communion! Man!
Not only are there some excellent Bonamassa represented here but there are also some absolutly brilliant reworkings of some classic songs, such as the master of the blues, Robert Johnsons, Stones In My Passway, which Joe manages to give a rather Jimmy page sounding Led Zepplin feelin too!
This album once again see's Joe teaming up with versatile produce kevin Shirley, a combination that really does seem to bring the best out of Joes work!
Stand out tracks for me include, Dislocated Boy, with its sublime mix of Bonamassa blues and who style lyrics, the afore mentioned Stones In My Passway with its Zepplin feel, the excellent title track, Driving Towards The Daylight, (which in my honest opinion my just be one of the best songs Mr Bonamassa has ever written!) and Heavenly Soul, with which once again Joe proves that a white blues guitarist can write a blues riff BB King and Robert johnson would be proud of!
A truly great album!

Rating 10/10

Romeo's Daughter - Rapture (2012)

Genre - Rock / AOR / Pop
Label - RD Records

Track listing -

01 - Trippin' Out
02 - Bittersweet
03 - Cannnot Be The One
04 - Keep Walkin'
05 - Lightning
06 - Alive
07 - Fly Away
08 - Make My Dreams Come True
09 - Precious Thing
10 - Talking Love
11 - He's Mine
12 - Will Be

After a break of far too many years, Romeo's Daughter return with their third album Rapture. The follow up to 1993's Delectable, Rapture see's romeo's Daughter pretty much just pick up where they left of 19 years ago!
Leigh Matty's voice is still in fine form, and the band haven't forgotten how to write some sublime AOR during their absence!
Rapture is a collection of twelve very finely crafted songs, executed to perfection with Leighs sultry vocals topping them off like the icing on a christmas cake!
Although you could never acuse Romeos Daughter of being a heavy band, there aree a few rockin' up tempo tracks here on Rapture, Trippin' Out, Keep Walkin' and He's Mine, but its the slower tempo dare I say more emotional and moodier tracks that have always been Romeo's Daughters speciality, and Rapture is no exception, with songs like Bittersweet, Will Be, Fly Away and Alive really showcasing Leigh's vocals off to perfection.
This is one hell of a strong album, from a band that I had honestly forgotten that I liked so much.
All I can say is that Im so glad they have reunited and are releasing quality albums once again!
Its been a long time since Romeo's Daughter's story began with 1988's Heaven In The Back Seat, but here we are 24 years, 3 albums later and they are sounding stronger than ever!
Really worth checking out if you like quality AOR and female fronted bands!

Rating 10/10

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Baby Scream - Lost Balloons (2012)

Genre - Pop / Rock / Punk / Powerpop
Label - Eternal Sunday

Track listing:

01 - We Are Against The System (One More Chance) (Demo)
02 - Ball Of Fun
03 - Ive Had Enough With You
04 - Onie (Demo)  (Electric Prunes cover)
05 - Revenge Of The Nerds
06 - I Dont Wanna Wake Up From This Dream (Demo)
07 - Barry's Blues (The Groover Radio Show Jingle)
08 - Tie A Yellow Ribbon  (Tony Orlando cover)
09 - Sadly Beautiful (Home Demo recording) ( The Replacements cover)
10 - When The Angels Sing (Social Distortion cover)
11 - Judy Is A Punk (Ramones cover)
12 - Beat On The Brat (Ramones cover)
13 - A Song For A Soldier (Marc Bolan 'Lost' Demo cover)
14 - Reality (Marc Bolan 'Lost' Demo cover)
15 - High Wire (Demo) (T-Rex cover)
16 - Cosmic Dancer feat Deafboy One (T-Rex cover)
17 - Working Class Hero feat Deafboy One (John Lennon cover)

What a collection. Seventten songs that trace the history and development of the amazingly talented Baby Scream. Made up of outtakes, covers, demo's and home recordings Lost Balloons really does give us an insight into the inner soul of the band.
Whether they be chilling out on an old classic such as Tie a yellow Ribbon, or revving up the guitars for a Ball of Fun, or punking it up on Ramones and Social Distortion songs, Baby Scream always pull it off with amazing ease.
This release has been made available as a free promotional compilation, although I myself would have happily parted with my hard earned money for the quality on display here.
I was privilaged enough to have been given the chance to hear some of these songs prior to their selection for release, and was blown away by the quality especially as most of them are demos!
The web link comes with some informative liner notes from Juan himself, so you get a little of the back story to each track.
Standout tracks for me have to include, Revenge Of the Nerds, Song for A Soldier, Ball Of Fun , I Dont Wanna Wake Up From This Dream and Working Class Hero, but to be honest all seventeen tracks are great.

Check this album out, you have got nothing to loose as its bloody well free anyway!

Download here

A great stop gap release whilst we await their next studio album!
Very Very Highly reconmmended!!

Rating - 10/10

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Dynamite - My Dynamite (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Rock n Roll
Label -

Track listing:

01. Take It Or Leave It (4:08)
02. Inside Out (4:20)
03. If We’re Livin’ (3:16)
04. Dirty Game (3:17)
05. Watch Yourself Grow (4:36)
06. Raise Your Glasses (4:39)
07. Singing Stormy Weather (4:21)
08. Big Attraction (5:08)
09. All That She Brings (4:31)
10. Fork In Your Tongue (3:23)

Australian Rock n Rollers My Dynamite unleash their debut upon us. Its a great blend of classic hard rock and good old fashioned rock n roll. With their roots firmly in the seventies the band deliver a sound that is not too disimilar to bands like the Quireboys. the songs are all extremly well written, and pulled off perfectly.
Stand out tracks for me include, Take it Or Leave It, Raise Your Glasses, Fork In Your Tongue and Dirty Game.
If your fan of classic rock music performed the way that it os meant to be performed then you really should check this album out.
Rock N Roll as it should be, that all that I can say.

Rating - 10/10

Hawk Eyes - Ideas (2012)

Genre - Post-Hardcore / Alternative Rock
Label - Fierce Panda

Track listing:
01 - Witch Hunt
02 - Skyspinners
03 - Yes, Have Some
04 - Headstrung
05 - You Deserve A Medal
06 - Hollywood Sweatshop
07 - The Meeting
08 - Milk Hog
09 - Kiss This
10 - Bears By The Head
11 - Bees

"HAWK EYES are from Leeds. They consist of Paul Astick (vocals / guitar), Rob Stephens (guitar), Ryan Clark (bass) and Matt Reid (drums), and have done so in some form or another since 2005. Well, since drummer Matt joined from Whores Whores Whores anyway. One of those previous so-called forms was Chickenhawk, whose gruesomely complex Modern Bodies album of 2010 cheerily brutalised a not-so-innocent generation of grumpy grunged-up kids as they toured the known universe with Alexisonfire, We Are The Ocean and The Computers. The end of 2011 saw the renamed and reconstructed HAWK EYES foursome setting out their stall for future ever-so-slightly-mellower chaos with a nomination for Best Hard Rock Act at the Artrocker awards, touring fun with Turbowolf, The James Cleaver Quartet and Ginger Wildheart (though not all at the same time, you understand) and the release of the five-track Mindhammers EP on Brew Records, a manically precise fusion of ferocious melodies and vivacious riffs which spewed forth comparisons with Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Alice In Chains and the epically heavy monstersound of Faith No More. All extremely true, and all very indicative of a band growing up and rolling with the melodic punches. And the Mindhammers template is refined and rewired on Ideas , HAWK EYES debut album which is sleek and modern and hardcore and suitably post-post-everything, but also cosmic and mischievous and never averse to (ab)using a classic riff here or there."

This album is stunning, and you can instantly hear why so many people are raving about Hawk Eyes.
There are just so many interesting ideas on display here, from the bone crunching riffs and noise, to the subtle melodies tempo changes and experimantation.

Stand out tracks for me include Witch Hunt, Skyspinners, You deserve A Medal, Headstrung, Kiss This and Bees.

A great album by a very promising band, the future of British rock music looks good!

Rating - 9/10

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - Live At Szene Vienna (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing:


01. And The Address
02. The Painter
03. Mandrake Root
04. Emmaretta
05. Chasing Shadows
06. Lalena
07. Wring That Neck
08. Bird Has flown
09. Why Didn't Rosemary
10. Slinky
11. Roadhouse Blues
12. Kentucky Women
13. Hush

"On 8th March 2011 playing to a sold out audience at Vienna's legendary Rock Club "Szene" NICK SIMPER (founder member DEEP PURPLE) performed with NASTY HABITS (Austria's finest Classic Rock band) original tracks from Nick's period in Deep Purple (Mk 1). With Deep Purple today only having just one original member from their MK 1 days it is highly unlikely that the band will perform these now neglected classic songs in concert.

The mantle is therefore passed to Nick and Nasty Habits to bring some long forgotten classics back to life and bring them back to life they do. They performed eleven tracks from the first three Deep Purple albums plus one new track "Slinky" from the forthcoming new album.

This release is both a CD version and an actual DVD of the concert at The Scene, Vienna


Ok I have to admit something, I embarrassingly had never heard any Deep Purple MK1, and cant say that I had heard of Nick Simper. So imagine my suprise upon hearing these classic tracks performed live, and being completley blown away!
The recording captures the esscence of the songs, Nasty Habits perform the songs excellently without ever trying to mimic the original members of Deep Purple in any way. the new song featured, Slinky, indicates that these guys have a lot to offer in the way of new song ideas, and with Nicks prestigious back catalogue to draw from they have a wealth of material for future set lists.

A great cd and Dvd package, allowing the viewer / listener to feel as though they are actually their on the night!

Well worth checking out for fans of Mk1 Deep Purple and Nick Simper, or just fans of the classic rock genre full stop!

Rating - 10/10

Bedlam - In Command 1973 (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing:


01. I Believe In You
02. Hot Lips
03. Putting On the Flesh
04. Sarah
05. Drum Solo / Seven Long Years
06. Mother in Law
07. The Fool
08. The Beast
09. Set Me Free
10.Dance With The Devil



"In 1973 COZY POWELL joined up with the Ball Brothers (DAVE and DENNY) (Dave had just left PROCOL HARUM) and Frank Aiello (TRUTH) to form BEDLAM (the ultimate rock band) whose debut album was released in 1973. The world was their oyster and they performed in Europe and USA to much critical acclaim. A review in Melody Maker from 12th May 1973 said "A perfect blend of big band experience and unquestionable talent are going to make the all-star British band Bedlam, very big indeed"

A highly successful tour of USA (with BLACK SABBATH), then the band crashed and burned. Ironically it was success that lead to the band breaking up. Cozy Powell had released a drum tune called "Dance With The Devil" which was released on Mickey Most's RAK label. Bedlam were offered a deal with the RAK label to produce pop music singles with Cozy fronting the band. This is not what Bedlam were designed for.

By 1974 the band split though following on from Cozy's UK number 3 Hit single "Dance With The Devil" which features as a bonus track on this release as the only known Bedlam recording of that song recorded for USA TV Show Midnight Special (recorded on 4th February 1974)

"Bedlam In Command 1973" was recorded live in front of an audience at Command Studios, London 22nd October 1973 principally as a promo recording for the USA."

This album captures the magic of what was Bedlam in full flight, an I for one are extremely grateful to Angel Air Records for releasing this album and allowing me to hear the majesty of this band, as I wasn't even born when it was recorded!

The album captures the sound of a band that were truly alive, in a gig that must have been amazing.
Well worth checking out!

Rating 10/10

Robin George and Vix - You (2012)

Genre - Rock / Pop
Label - Angelair Records

Track listing:

01. You
02. Guilty
03. Your Loss My Gain
04. World
05. Rock And A Hard Place
06. Little Sister
07. Shall I Lie
08. Lovepower And Peace
09. Seduction Song
10. I Want
11. Take Away My Pain
12. Don't Call Me
13. Bluesong (live)
14. Cry Wolf (live)

"ROBIN GEORGE is a multi skilled and highly gifted individual who is widely admired as one of the most gifted British guitarists, respected producer and prolific songwriter. He was in the studio working with his then band NOTORIOUS and FUZZBOX where in the next room recording, so he got to know VIX their lead singer.

He teamed up in 1990 with VIX (former lead singer of FUZZBOX who in the late 80's had UK Top 20 single HITS with "International Rescue", "Pink Sunshine" and "Self"). Together they created an AOR rock album that showcases their joint skills and attributes.

Two of the tracks on this album are in fact reworkings of two Fuzzbox songs "Your Loss, My Gain" and "You"

Two live tracks have been included on this release from NIA, Birmingham, England from the mid 90's with their band The Promise."

Recorded back in 1990, its hard to see why these guys weren't a huge success. With a great commercial rock / pop sound typical of the early 1990's (think Alannah Myles) this album should be a plesent listen for anyone who are fans of that musical era. you have Robin George's pedigree as a musician and song writer, combined with Vix' pop sensibilities, as I said these guys should have been huge.

Great songs well executed, its a strong album, but its not going to change the world of music today, but thanks to Angelair Records we get to hear it and relive an era long lost.
Standout tracks include, Guilty, World, Your Loss My Gain, Lovepower and Peace and Little Sister

Rating - 8/10

Jettblack - Raining Rock single (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Spinefarm Records

Track listing:
01 - Raining Rock
02 - Feel The Love

Jettblack are back with a new single, which just happens to be the title track to their new album and well, its awesome!
Taken from the forthcomming follow up to 2010's mighty Get Your Hands Dirty album continues in a similar vein, huge riffs, sing along choruses, and finely crafted songs that bring together the best of the bands influences. The lyrics maybe a little tongue in cheek at times, but to be honest who really cares, this is Rock music as it should be!
Raining Rock is a great song and the flip side, Feel The Love, is another great song, Im not sure if this track is exclusive to this release or if its also taken from the album, but either way its a great song.
the riffs are big and raw, the chouruses are huge, and well the songs are brilliant, and ohh yeah the video's pretty damn great too!
I Can't wait to hear the album!

Check these guys out!

Rating 10/10

Supercharger - Retox EP (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Metal / Garage Rock
Label - Independant

Track listing:

01 - Retox
02 - Hold It Down
03 - Postcards From The Edge

Geordie noise merchants Supercharger return with a new three track EP in the form of Retox, a blistering work out in all that they do best!
With the pedigree of Nick Parsons (Whatever / Almighty) leading the way, the band power their way through opening track, Retox, a song that has enough riffs, tempo changes and pop sensibilities that that the mighty Ginger Wildheart would be proud. Next up is Hold It Down, which opens with a bone crushing riff, before the tempo changes kick in, another great song added to their arsenal, and a song that really does remind me of Nicks Whatever days. Closing out this EP is Postcards from the Edge, opening with a classy atmospheric begining, and proves to be the classiest song on the EP. Again the band show that they know how to write a great song, with plenty riffs, tempo changes and big choruses.

If you ever wondered just what happened to Whatever, then check out this EP to see just what they mutated into!

Rating - 9/10

Joey Ramone - Rock 'n' Roll Is The Answer single (2012)

Genre - Rock / Pop / Punk
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Rock 'n' Roll Is The Answer
02 - Theres Got To Be More To Life

Taken from Joey Ramones forthcoming second solo album which is made up of songs that Joey had recorded and demos made prior to his death, that have been completed posthumously.
Well what do they sound like, well Rock n Roll Is The answer seems like an ok song, the songwrittings good, the muician ship is great and the production is outstanding. the problem is that the two songs seem to lack the bite that usually comes with a Ramoes, or even Joey ramone track. The temo of both songs is way too laid back, something that Joey cant be blammed for, as his parts were probably only recorded as demos with the intention of recorded at a later date. The songs just seem to plod along with no urgency, and its a pity because in my opinion the songs obviously had something about them, yet theyve been robbed at the final stages. A huge pity and rather dissapointing to be honest.

For completist only.

Rating 6/10

Monday, 7 May 2012

Killing Joke - MMXII (2012)

Genre - Industrial Rock / Post Punk / Industrial Punk
Label - Spinefarm Records

Track listing -

01. Pole Shift
02. Fema Camp
03. Rapture
04. Colony Collapse
05. Corporate Elect
06. In Cythera
07. Primobile
08. Glitch
09. Trance
10. On All Hallow's Eve

Well from the opening seconds of Pole Shift you know exactly what you've got with this album! A typically harrowing vision of apocolypic futures, emotional turmoil and corperate corruption. So its buisness as usual then for Jez and co.
To be honest this is the strongest album that Ive heard from Killing Joke in years. they have always managed to blend the anger and punk intensity with atmospheric soundscapes, creating a sound that is truly unique. They have often been immitated but rarely equaled!
Pole Shift really does set the scene for this album, although I have to admit, not many bands can get away with opening an album with a track thats a touch under nine minutes long!
Fema Camp cramps up the aggression  as does Rapture, although both have very destinictively different sounds!
There is just not a bad track on this album, and although at times it can be a little hard to digest in one sitting, its well worth the perseverence, as each time you hear a track you discover something new about it!
A Awesome album from a band that just seem to get better and better as the years pass

Rating 10/10

Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Mock Rock / Comedy
Label - Columbia

Track listing -

01 - Rize Of The Fenix
02 - Low Hangin' Fruit
03 - Classical Teacher
04 - Senorita
05 - Deth Starr
06 - Roadie
07 - flutes and Trombones
08 - The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and The Rage Kage
09 - Throwdown
10 - Rock Is Dead
11 - They Fucked Our Asses
12 - To Be The Best
13 - 39

The modern day Spinal Tap, the mighty Jack Black and Kyle Rage Kage return with the follow up to The Pick Of Destiny, with more of the comedy rock, and its great to hear them with new material. A mixture of great comedy songs and extended skits makes for a fun album. Lets be serious, if you havent enjoyed previous Tenacious D releases then this is unlikely to be any different.
Yet despite the comedy element, there are some great songs on here, the title track goes through some awesome twist and turns, Senorita is just great, Roadie is sure to become the theme tune for roadies everywhere, because after all, that make the rock go..... Deth Starr is just classy and The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage is great too.

Theres enough good music on here to please the rock fans, and anyone with a sense of humour is sure to find amusement on this album.

If you've liked previous Tenacious D releases then you're gonna love this album, if you're new to the D, well check it out, what you got loose!
Jack Black back to what he does best with his partner in crime Kyle Rage Kage!

Rating 9/10

Donamorte EP (2012)

Genre - Gothic / Rock / Trance
Label - Gildrome

Track listing:

01 - Psycho End
02 - D.r.e.d.a.
03 - Cherade
04 - Can't You feel It

Donamorte are an Italian outfit consisting of Armando Ammerata (vocals), Garmo (programming and Keyboards) and Kekko (guitars) The Donamorte project came from an idea by Armando Ammerata and the fervid collaboration of Garmo (Lost Reality's lead singer) and Kekko (Lost Reality band member and guitarist).

They put together some interesting music, managing to mic Gothic Rock and Trance sesibilities together with ease and producing some great songs in the process.
Personally Id love to see them add a live drummer to the mix, but they are still well worth checking out!
D.r.e.d.a. and Cant You feel It are the two stand out tracks for me, and after hearing this EP Im looking forward to checking out the album!

Rating - 8/10

Marilyn Manson - Born Villian (2012)

Genre - Industrial Rock / Alternative / Groove Rock
Label - Cooking Vinyl

Track listing:

01. Hey Cruel World…
02. No Reflection
03. Pistol Whipped
04. Overneath The Path Of Misery
05. Slo Mo Tion
06. The Gardener
07. The Flowers Of Evil
08. Children Of Cain
09. Disengaged
10. Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
11. Murders Are Getting Prettier Every Day
12. Born Villain
13. Breaking The Same Old Ground
14 You're so Vain (feat. Johnny Depp)
15 No Reflection (Radio Edit)

So The mighty Marilyn Manson returns with his latest offering in the form of Born Villain. Now I have to be honest, I really do like Marilyns work, its just that whilst most of his albums have a few songs that were truly great, nothing has really grabbed since AntiChrist Superstar, that is until now!
Born Villain, in my opinion really does see Marilyn redisover his best form.Songs such as Hey cruel World, No reflection, Pistol Whipped, Slo Mo Tion, Overneath....The Gardener, Children Of Cain, Disengaged, Born Villain are destined to become Marilyn classics.
Born Villain is a great album, that I am thoroughly enjoying, just loving the atmospherics that Marilyn managed to create within each song.
Theres another great cover on this album, and just as he did with Sweet dreams and Tainted Love, Marilyn really makes You're So Vain his own, and it has the added bonus of a guest appearence from Johnny Depp!

This album is a must have for any Marilyn Manson fan and well worth checking out for anyone curious or interested in what Marilyn is upto these days!

Rating - 10/10

Europe - Bag Of Bones (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - earMUSIC

Track listing -

01. Riches to Rags
02. Not Supposed to Sing the Blues
03. Firebox
04. Bag of Bones
05. Requiem
06. My Woman My Friend
07. Demon Head
08. Drink and A Smile
09. Doghouse
10. Mercy You Mercy Me
11. Bring It All Home
12. Beautiful Disaster (Japan Bonus Track)

"The thing that impresses me with this band is their ability to evolve with each album they release, and give the listener something that is genuinely different to the last offering. So many bands churn out album after album using the same tired old formula, but not these guys!

With bag of bones the band enlisted the expertise of producer Kevin Shirley ( Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Black Country Communion, Journey, The Black Crowes). The Result is a much more gritty sound than on Last look at Eden, and it certainly seems to suit the distinctly more bluesy vibe on this album. it sounds as if it could have been recorded live, a big part of which is down to he big open live drum sound that was common in a lot 70's production.
The song writing on this album is excellent, the lyrics are well crafted and full of emotion and soul, as is Joey's Vocal performance, which is probably his best on any of their albums since the reunion in 2003. John Norum's guitar playing, as ever, is excellent, but he really does shine on this album in partiuclar. It's obvoius that he is most comfortable when playing blues, and some of the solo work, particularly on the opener "rags to riches", is stunning."
I couldnt have said it better to be honest!
There are so many great tracks on this album, opener Riches To Rags, Not Supposed To Sing The Blues, title track, Bag Of Bones, Demon Head, Doghouse well the list goes on!
Europe are a great band that just continue to grow and evolve, Bag Of Bones has a great bluesy rock feel to it and it suite the band so well. This album is probably one of the best albums that the band have ever and will ever record!

Rating - 10/10

Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (2012)

Genre - Gothic / Heavy Metal / Doom Metal / Hard Rock
Label - Century Media

Track listing:

01. Solitary One
02. Crucify
03. Fear Of Impending Hell
04. Honesty In Death
05. Theories From Another World
06. In This We Dwell
07. To The Darkness
08. Tragic Idol
09. Worth Fighting For
10. The Glorious End
11. Ending Through Changes (Japanese Bonus Track)
12. Never Take Me Alive (Japanese Bonus Track)
13. True Belief (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. One Second (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. Say Just Words (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)

The past few releases have seen a real return to form for the Yorkshire Gothic metal merchants, and Tragic Idol really does appear to be the icing on the cake!
Tragic Idol manages to combine the raw power, heaviness and might of the bands earl releases with the sophistication and experimental nature of the bands errr, less heavy releases, resulting in a really good album!
Everything about Tragic Idol is top notch, the production, the songwritting and the delivery, this is probably the best album that the band could deliver, and when you consider just how long these guys have been at it, its great to find that they've not lost any of their hunger!
This album is excellent from begining to end and its hard to pick out any really stand out tracks, so I'll just list a few of my favorites, these being, Fear Of Impending Hell, Honesty In Death, In This We Dwell, Tragic Idol and To The Darkness, although I have to admit I really do like the Japanese bonus track Never Take Me Alive!
This is great album for existing fans of the band who will surely love it, and a great introduction to their music for Paradise Lost virgins!

Get out there and buy it!

Rating - 10/10

Black Spiders - Kiss Tried To Kill Me Ep (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Dark Riders

Track listing:

01 - Kiss Tried To Kill Me
02 - Sons Of The North
03 - Somebodys Fault Not Mine
04 - Search And Destroy

The mighty Black Spiders return with a new EP, Kiss Tried To Kill Me, which brings an end to the Sons of The  North era, and prepares the way for the bands second album. The lead track being probably the strongest track from last years Sons of the North album, Kiss Tried To Kill Me, which is a great commercial hard rock stomp with some great tongue in cheek lyrics. I really do love this song, I have done ever since the album came out last year!
Sons of the North orignally appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese release of the album and its good to hear it, and great that it is now easily availble to fans in the UK.
Tracks 3 and 4, Somebodys Fault Not Mine and the cover of Iggy Pop's Search and destroy are new tracks, Somebodys Fault Not Mine being a great song and fits brilliantly into the catalogue of great Spiders classics. Search and Destroy is a great cover, faithful to the original, yet with the Black Spiders finger prints all over it!
A great little EP, well worth checking out, so get out there and support one of the best British bands around at the moment!
Also worth grabbing whilst you are at it is Volume, an EP that collects together all of the previous EP tracks allowing new fans to complete their colloection, great idea!

Rating 10/10