Thursday, 22 October 2009

Riot Noise - Fight The People Ep

Bristol based rockers offer up a new 4 track ep with Fight The People and these guys ain't kidding around!
The four tracks on this great EP show a band hungry to deliver, they're not here to pose and pretend to be the next big thing, they ate that for breakfast. Riot Noise could quite possibly be THE NEXT BIG THING emerging from the UK if this Ep is anything to go by!
Lead track 'Never Wrong' is a perfect rock single for the modern market, (the videos cool too!)
Its hard to describe the bands sound, they're a great modern rock band, not quite fitting into any niche's which can only be a good thing and at times they kind of sound something like a mix of classic 90's Brit Rockers 3 Colours Red mixing it up with the mighty Warrior Soul!, especially on 'Dead Behind Her Eyes'.
All four songs on offer here show plenty of promise, and I do believe Riot Noise may just deliver one of the best debut rock albums that we've seen in years! Damn I cant wait!
Catch them on tour and grab a copy of this EP!

Rating 10/10

Sparkling Bombs - Spray Paint Players

Spray Paint Players is the third album released by French Glamsters Sparkling Bombs.
They play that poppy glam rock with a strong 70's inspiration, and they play it really well!
To my ears Sparkling Bombs sound very reminiscent of fallen British 90's hopefuls, Last of The Great Dreams. They play a similar kind of music, which is refreshing. I love the deceptive opening track ' Beauty Hides The Lies' with its beautiful piano intro, other great offerings include 'Gun Metal Grey', 'Spatters Spider' the groovy 'Purple Bubble Boogie', 'Down' and 'Motown Junk'.
Sparkling Bombs are a great band, playing fun glitzy pop rock, a band you can thoroughly enjoy listening too! Nothing new really but fun just the same.

rating 8/10

Arbogast - Certainties and Doubts

Arbogast are a band, but more of a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Svante Widerström.
Certainties and Doubts is a classic rock album, with the band wearing their many influences proudly on their sleeves, influences that clearly include, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, REM, which is bad thing. The vocals are strong the music solid, the guitar solos amazing at times, but something just seems to be missing. At time many of the 11 tracks on offer here begin to feel a little samey if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that there is no variation, or that the songs are no good, its just there's no real stand outs here, not to my ears any way.
Certainties and Doubts is not without its charms, and I do like some of the softer moments, like 'Steal Me Some Luck', I just haven't fallen in love with this album yet.
Again its not a bad album, and if they develop into more of a band project, then the songs may become that little bit stronger, maybe its a grower? After all life is full of Certainties and Doubts!

Rating 7/10

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wasp - Babylon

Babylon is the new album from veteren shock rock / sleaze metal merchants Wasp. Babylon is more of the same – WASP sound like WASP, specifically like mid 80s WASP.
Babylon is a solid record, once again showing that Blackie Lawless has plenty to offer, but I must say I feel that it is missing something. Theres nothing wrong with any of the songs here, infact they're all good and could individually have appearded on any of Wasp's classic albums, but there does seem to be something missing. Maybe Blackie has lost his muse, as none of the tracks really stand out. Dont get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Babylon, its a good album, but I m used to Wasp albums being great. Blackie and co over the years have offered up some great albums from classic debut, Last Command, the the epic Headless Children, the mighty Cromson Idol to later day classic like Kill F#''k Die and Unholy Terror, unfortunatly Babylon doesnt stand up to these as an album.
Still its a good honest solid album with plenty to enjoy and the new tracks should fit in well with a live set list.

Rating 7/10
(please Blackie, find your muse again!)

Japanese Voyeurs - Sicking & Creaming EP

London based 5 peice Japanese Voyeurs offer up their Sicking & creaming EP, "a bunch of old demo's which the band were told they should release by an Yaqui Indian Shaman, who came to them in a dream....."
Sicking and Creaming’ EP is as honest and raw an introduction to a band as your likely to find today.
You’re So Cool’ and ‘X-Ray Ted’ are great rock ‘n’ roll tunes with big riffs and great groove but it’s the stand out track ‘Dumb’ that marks these guys out as ones to watch for the future,
.Fronted by the charismatic Romily Alice whom has a very unique voice, the band display have a raw energy that just blasts its way through each song.

Rating 8/10

The Hickey Underworld - The Hickey Underworld.

Belgium's The Hickey Underworld are one of those bands who are desperate to be seen as 'weirder' than they actually are, riding the Dan Brown secret symbol and conspiracy theory trail. This self-titled debut has proven a surprise hit on the Belgian underground scene, thanks largely to the band's great live reputation. The music wears its Nirvana and Dischord influences proudly on its sleeve, but they are so heavily filtered through years of alt-pop and stubborn continental eccentricity as to avoid allegations of emulation, meaning the final product sounds both original and relevant.
The Hickey Underworld are not going to set the international scene on fire, but they provide an enjoyable distraction for the duration of the album. Live as I said they are said ti be amazing, so maybe given the right supporting platform on a large tour things could take off for them.
Stand out tracks include 'Future Words', 'Blonde Fire' and 'Of Asteroids and Men...'

Rating 8/10

Julie the band - An Act Of Communication

Julie is the long term culmination of a friendship between front man Ethan Blumenfeld-James and guitarist Dustin Bath that dates back to their high school days. Originally a drummer, Blumenfeld-James stepped out in front with the addition of Mark Milan, Jon Spence and Adam Alessi. The band has never looked back!
Also all the group members of Julie also have the fact that they have all worked behind the scenes in television in common. They have some pretty famous fans too, including Kirsten Dunst, Stephen Bochco, Angela Lansbury, Jack Osbourne and rapper Obie Trice, whom has even collaborated with the band on a remix of their track 'Fogging Up A Clear View'.
An Act Of Communicationcomes across as an effervescent and artsy alt-rock album, that floats from the extremes of lush etheric choir vocals to abrupt post-punk skewered beats. A horn section adds depth and flavor to this eclectic mix. This has to be one of the best releases of the year!

Rating 10/10

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lions In The Street - Lions In The Street

This album has been a long time coming from these guys from Vancouver. After what must have seemed like a dream start to their recording career, signing with a major label and being courted by various big name producers, its taken years of law suites and lawyers to get them out of a contract and this excellent debut self titled album released to the public.

Lions In The Street play that Classic rock with a heavy dose of Rolling Stones flavour!
To be honest any song here could have made it on to any of the Stone's classic albums.
Great classic rock with a slight touch of southern flavour at times.
This album should appeal to rock fans from every generation, what with its heavy Rolling Stones influence, yet sharp contemporary sound.

Get these guys onto a major world wide tour and with the right exposure they are going to be huge!!

Rating 10/10

Lucky Bastardz - Hated For Who We Are

Lucky Bastardz are an Italian band very much in the vein of the mighty Motorhead, and this their debut album is not a bad effort. Unfortunately they lack the experience and song writing gift of Lemmy and Co! I found the vocals just a lil too shouty, and although the songs are pretty decent at times, the vocals and the everyone louder than everyone else mentality kinda spoils things.
Live these guys are sure to be pretty awesome, I just think they need to learn a little restraint in the studio, and maybe get the guidance of a great producer.
Don't get me wrong, this is bar no means a bad album, its more than decent especially for a debut release, I guess its just not my cup of tea. Sorry

Give it a spin if you like garage rock and motorhead you may love it!

rating 6/10

Staci T Rat - Year Of The Rat

Staci T. Rat is no stranger to the music scene, coming from the high pedigree that was the Red Light Rippers and more recently Chop Suicide.
This time the Canadian sleazster returns with a new Ep, which contains four excellent examples of his song writing genius.
Year of the Rat is a great dose of Punk/Rock/Pop/Glam/Sleaze, which even contains a beautiful acoustic ballad, 'Another Time' just to break up the pace a lil.
The one strange thing about this Ep is the production. It is woefully under produced, but the pure quality of the songs and musicianship really shines through, and oddly enough the lack of production tends to lend itself to these songs!
I really do think that Staci has found the right home on British independent label Trashpit Records and they will provide the right back ground for the next step up the ladder to super stardom!

Rating 9/10