Saturday, 26 July 2014

Leanids- A Wildly (2014)

Genre - Rock / Alternative / Folk
Label - Self Released / Paper Wings Media

Track listing:
01 - Wanderlust
02 - Trust
03 - Candid And Frank
04 - All I Wanted
05 - Whirr
06 - And Then
07 - Whatever
08 - Noelle
09 - Ghostlight
10 - A Wildly
11 - A Wildly (Live At Svartån)

A Wildly is the debut full length album from Leanids, a Swedish alt-folk band.
Leanids set out to create a dreamy, organic and personal sound that falls somewhere in between alternative rock and folk.
The band retired to the vast Swedish countryside, where they recorded their debut album, "A Wildly". These sessions are the sound of four friends playing music in a room; offering a direct, honest and spontaneous collection of tunes that go straight to the heart.
A Wildly is a great sounding album, really laid back and heart felt. Every song just seems to hit the spot, with a sound that falls somewhere along the lines of Ryan Adams, Wolf People, Neil Young, The Common Linnets or Alabama Shakes…simply a nice blend of alternative rock and folk.Every track is simply bliss, if you are looking for that certain album to just put on and chill out too then look no further!

Rating - 10/10

Treason Kings - Your Suit EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Alternative / Modern Rock
Label - Self released

Track listing:
01 - Your Suit
02 - Unless You'll Be

New on the scene, Treason Kings are turning heads with their alternative rock sound that manages to mix Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains with Biffy Clyro whilst putting their own stamp on things it with their own unique twist.
Hailing from Leeds, Treason Kings are a 4 piece alternative rock band who live together in a crumbling terrace house, generating riff heavy wall-of-sound chaos in their basement just bands did back in the good old days!
Title track ‘Your Suit’ is a tip of the hat to stoner rock/grunge influences, and is an example of what happens when both guitarist greet their fuzz pedals with open arms. The Sound Garden / Pearl Jam and Sabbath influences really shine through on this track, whilst it almost maintains a prog rock feel to it as the same time. 'Unless You’ll Be’ is a faster paced assault on the speakers, filled with the energy and rawness the band has become known for on the live circuit.
The band are already making waves in all the right places.  ("‘A sound that could dominate the world!") media and industry are taking note of Treason Kings, with the BBC’s Alan Raw championing the band. He first saw the band at their sold-out hometown launch show held and grabbed them for an impromptu interview straight after their set. This subsequently led to a live interview and numerous plays on his BBC Introducing radio show.
Most recently, singer/songwriter/producer Toby Jepson (Little Angels, The Virginmarys, The Answer, Saxon, Toseland, The Brew) has confirmed his involvement with the band for an upcoming new ep/mini album release:
 "Treason Kings to me represents all that's great about British music; inventive, passionate, thoughtful and with that certain quirk that sets them apart from others. Above all, the songs are killer, and that really is the most important thing. I'm delighted to be involved in the bands development, working with the lads is a joy, it's great to witness the birth of a band that really does have something to say, and who say it in such a unique fashion" - Toby Jepson

'Your Suit/Unless You'll Be' is released 25th July 2014.

Rating 9/10

Catch Treason Kings live on tour:

27th July - SHEFFIELD - Tramlines Festival (The Redhouse)
2nd August - LEEDS - Flannel Fest - Temple of Boom
24th August - GRAVESEND - Rock Fest (Leos at The Red Lion)
29th August - HULL - Sunkfest - Sunk Island
13th September - WAKEFIELD - Long Division Festival
26th September - LEEDS - Oxjam Festival - Fox & Newt

Hung Like Jack - White Powder EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Alternative / Punk
Label - Self Released

Track listing:

01 - White Powder
02 - Ripe For Grieving
03 - Four Walls

Hung like jack were formed back in Darlington.(UK), when Tim Smith (Guitars) met up with J Tutin (Vocals) and Hakim (Bass)..The band advertised for a drummer and up steps Denz, hitting the sweet spot with his hard hitting beats and versatility. Four e.p's and a live disc."Arrested By Midnight" later the band split for a short period whilst the band members went their separate ways, that was up until around six months ago when they re-formed and recorded this their latest e.p. titled "White Powder".
Considering that Denz recently claimed that this e.p. was recorded very quickly and on a very limited budget its out standing. Title track white Powder starts things off in a high octane punk / alternative rock fused fashion. You can definitely hear the punk influences, and at a little under two minutes in length the song really does fly by, but the production is quite polished and really brings out the quality of both the performance and songwriting. A great start.
Next up is Ripe For Grieving, the longest of the three tracks on offer here, with a slightly slower tempo and some great atmospheric guitar work. Another great song that at times brings Nick Parsons Supercharger (UK) and Whatever to mind. Again a really great song.
Four Walls closes things out and its another really solid song.
In short the band sound really tight all over this Ep, yet fluid and relaxed enough to really capture that live feeling. All three songs are really solid, and if their strength and quality are anything to go by then I really cant wait for the album!
Personally I'm really glad these guys chose to reform, otherwise I would have sadly missed them, now to track down their back catalogue!

Highly Recommended

Rating - 10/10

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Steel Panther - All You Can Eat (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze / Heavy Metal / Spoof
Label - Open E Music

Track listing:
01 -  Pussywhipped
02 -  Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
03 -  Gloryhole
04 -  Bukkake Tears
05 -  Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
06 -  Ten Strikes You’re Out
07 -  The Burden Of Being Wonderful
08 -  F@cking My Heart In The Ass
09 -  BVS
10 -  You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk
11 -  If I Was The King
12 -  She's On The Rag

Okay, so I know that this album has been out a little while now, but finally I get around to posting a review of it!

What can I say about All You Can Eat? Like every other Steel Panther album, it’s sex, metal.. more sex and more metal. Their parodic, sexual and comedic content only just gets more explicit, funnier and heavier on "All You Can Eat".
You have two ways with Steel Panther, nothing in between: you like it or hate it. I mean, just take a look at the song titles... it's a joke after joke.
But there's something that, apart if lyrics result too much irritating for you, makes this band great; their musicality, musicianship and production. "All You Can Eat", as very very few acts in last 25 years, captures the first class, glossy, bombastic shiny sound from the hair metal glory days.
This CD sounds immense, like any major label '87 - '91 release handled by Beau Hill, Peter Collins, Bruce Fairbairn or even Robert John "Mutt" Lange behind the production desk.
You know how every "All You Can Eat" song is gonna go down as far as lyrics go, with Michael Starr singing about 'blowing his load' at the "Gloryhole" in France or how he caught "B.V.S.". Nonetheless, he still carries a great vocal range and does it as good as a young, sober Vince Neil. 
Guitarist and controller of the eargasms, Satchel, still rolls with a great array of solos and very '80s anthemic riffs that make the icon of Steel Panther expand. Lexxi’s bass work is still as impressive as it always has been, despite the fact he spends more time looking at his hair in the mirror than actually playing bass. And Mr. Stix Zadinia’s drumming gives off that strong Eighties beat you’d hear from Ratt’s ‘Round and Round’ to name one, and always has outdone himself one album after the next.
So, put your prejudices aside and enjoy these anthemic American Hard Rock songs. Musically, all tracks in "All You Can Eat" are catchy and kickin' hymns.
Steel Panther's comedy has been approved by the likes of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith or Paul Stanley of Kiss to name a couple, so join the circus and enjoy the music. It's terrific.
A cult to the legendary LA scene, Steel Panther are the rebirth of '80s hair metal and the ones responsible for global orgasms, putting quite clear throughout "All You Can Eat" that they’re at the top of their game now.
Truth be told, the only people who won't dig this well written, composed and produced Sunset Strip quartet's 3rd album are those without sense of humour, women on their rags and possibly your grandparents. 
Steel Panther ROCKS.

Rating 8/10

Steel Panther are:
Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Satchel (Russ Parrish) – lead guitar, backing vocals
Lexxi Foxx (Travis Haley) – bass, backing vocals
Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader) – drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals

DIRE STRAITS - Brothers In Arms [Remaster SHM-CD] (2014)

Genre - Classic Rock
Label - Universal Japan

Track listing:
01 - So Far Away
02 - Money For Nothing
03 - Walk Of Life
04 - Your Latest Trick
05 - Why Worry
06 - Ride Across The River
07 - The Man's Too Strong
08 - One World
09 - Brothers In Arms

Finally one of the greatest Classic Rock albums of all time is released on high quality SHM-CD format; DIRE STRAITS "Brothers In Arms". 
"Brothers In Arms" previously appeared on a multi-channel SACD, however the mastering of that release is not to everyone’s taste, considered rather bright and compressed by some.
This new remaster by Universal Japan sounds wonderful, with a fantastic dynamic range and replicating the original LP length and artwork.
Brothers In Arms" was a number one album in almost every country, certified platinum nine times in the US and diamond in both Europe and the UK, making this the band's best-selling album worldwide and one of the most famous Classic Rock recordings of all time.
Exquisitely produced, the album generated five successful singles in "Money For Nothing", "So Far Away", "Brothers in Arms", "Walk Of Life" and "Your Latest Trick".
Many fans were demanding a proper remaster of this gem, honouring the original vinyl LP release both in sound and track length, as most of the songs on the subsequent CD / cassette editions were needlessly longer.
This SHM-CD release of the fifth studio album from Dire Straits is A Must Have.

Rating 10/10

JOHN ILLSLEY - Testing The Water (2014)

Genre - Classic Rock / melodic Rock / Blues
Label - Creek Records

Track listing:
01 - Railway Tracks
02 - Nothing To Do
03 - Testing The Water
04 - Sometimes
05 - Run For Cover
06 - Darling Heart
07 - When God Made Time
08 - This Is Your Voice

JOHN ILLSLEY is best known as one of the founders of Dire Straits, playing bass and providing backing vocals on many of the band’s most famous songs. Illsley had a major role in creating the sound and the success of Dire Straits - he and Mark Knopfler were the only original members to remain with the band from its beginnings in 1977 right through to 1995 when it folded.
But this multiple Brit & Grammy award winner never stopped writing songs, releasing own albums and touring.
Now, recovered from a serious illness and after four years since his last album, JOHN ILLSLEY returns with "Testing The Water".
"Testing The Water" it’s actually his fourth solo album, but this one comes with a high profile tour and a significant push to bring our attention to quality songs full of substance and feel.
It is no surprise that there is a Dire Straits touch to many of the song on the CD. That speaks of Illsley’s influence on his former band with its slow, bluesy, roots influenced Classic Rock. But there is much more here too.
As well as the fine bass and guitar work you would expect there are many elegant harmonies and lovely sax solos throughout the record and the often deeply personal lyrics are delivered in a velvety and emotional voice.
The first three compositions here are all very strong. The opening "Railway Tracks" sets a fast pace as the guitar melody stands out over a solid rhythm section. This could almost be a Brothers In Arms outtake, although the chorus with strong female harmonies gives a very different tone.
Acoustic guitar opens "Nothing To Do" and a saxophone melody winds through the track. Illsley’s vocals here are more expansive and he delivers them well. Next, title track is perhaps the album’s highlight.
"Testing The Water" begins with a military style drum beat as sax and guitar provide the melody. It simmers along nicely without ever quite coming to the boil, and its solid songwriting skeleton showcases Illsley's Classic Rock pedigree. 
The variety continues in several other good tracks. "Run For Cover" has political lyrics, served with a biting rocking tone that emphasises the content, and a big chorus. 
The funky "Sometimes" is a fun uptempo rocker and the guitar work has a Knopfler feel behind the smooth lead vocals, while "Darling Heart" is a tender track, keyboard filled with a cool twangy guitar sound.
Closer "This Is Your Voice" has a breezy and sentimental feel, the bass strong throughout, ending the album on an upbeat note. 
John Illsley has been an influential musician for several decades, and the combination of experience and craft he shows here makes "Testing The Water" a really good Classic Rock album. 
Illsley is a thoughtful lyricist, an emotive singer and a fine harmony arranger, and it is the latter quality that infuses the album with a magical strand of continuity.
"Testing The Water" will obviously appeal to Dire Straits fans, but anyone who likes carefully crafted, arranged, performed and produced 'real' Classic Rock music should take a listen.
Very Recommended.

Rating 10/10

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS - Big Trouble (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Mausoleum Records

Track listing:
01 -  Another Day In Grey - Pt. 1
02 -  Move On
03 -  Big Trouble
04 -  The Only Way
05 -  The Cage
06 -  The Ocean
07 -  Oh Boy!
08 -  Underground
09 -  Village Of The Damned
10 -  Song For A Fool
11 -  Fuck You All (bonus track)

Featuring some of the most renowned Classic Hard Rock artists in the lineup, HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS is the creation of French guitarist and composer Stéphane 'Steph' Honde who, after considerable success in his native country, has made California his home since 2012.
He's been busy these last two years writing music for his new project and this first album entitled "Big Trouble", just released by Mausoleum Records.
Honde has been able to garner the help of some legendary musicians including bass player Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, et al), keyboard player Don Airey (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, et al), and drummer Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, et al). Early Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno, with whom Honde also toured with, adds vocals on the bonus track "F*ck You All". 
It's all quite impressive, but what's inside?
The answer would be mostly traditional hard rock with a strong melodic foundation, with Honde's guitar work front and centre. The title cut is a good example of how the elements blend: intense riffs, good melody, catchy refrain, and a concise sweaty solo in the mix. 
Hollywood Monsters go for groove with a metallic edge within "Underground", then "Village of the Damned" (co-written by Appice, could be the heaviest song here, sounding like a cross between a Whitesnake and Black Sabbath song with Honde ripping off a nice solo at the end.
All is balanced by more melodic rock oriented numbers like the semi-ballad "The Only Way" where Honde vocals turn a bit Coverdale-esque, the really nice acoustic "The Ocean" embellished with classical strings, and the bluesy & sweet "Oh Boy!".
One of the highlights is "Song For A Fool", a slow mover and burner, especially in the drum line and Honde's six string work. Maybe you'll think that the solo is a guitar solo, but it's not! It's actually Tim Bogert playing the best bass chorus ever!
The aforementioned "F*ck You All" ends the disc in hard rockin', fun way with nasty lyrics and the tack vocals of Paul Di'Anno.
What I liked about Hollywood Monsters, apart from the solid songs, is the intention of 'Steph' Honde to avoid the rehash of the style and mannerism of the classic rock acts who inspired him.
With Airey or Appice at hand it's hard not to be tempted to write and arrange a song akin Deep Purple or Dio, but Honde and the guys sound authentic and really personal.
"Big Trouble" is an album of varied and creative classic hard & melodic rock songs that will keep your interested. In fact, it's better (and more original) than many classic acts recent efforts
Very Recommended.

Rating - 9/10

OLIVER DAWSON SAXON Blood & Thunder Live (2014)

Genre - Heavy Metal / NWoBHM
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing:
01 -  Schwermetal Fur Immer
02 -  Past The Point
03 -  Everybody Up
04 -  Crusader
05 -  Whippin’ Boy
06 -  Redline
07 -  Motorcycle Man
08 -  Denim And Leather
09 -  Dallas 1PM
10 -  Fetzen Fliegen V
11 -  Princess Of The Night
12 -  Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsy
13 -  Strong Arm Of The Law
14 -  And The Band Played On

### To Be Released 4th August 2014 ###

"OLIVER DAWSON SAXON took to the world stage in 2000 and have delivered since great music from the very guys who were the masters and originators of British NWOBHM.
Recorded on tour in Germany in 2013 “Blood & Thunder” showcases a band that over the past 14 years has been touring relentlessly, playing to audience’s small and large, clubs and festivals alike delivering hard rock music to their fans all over the world."

Blood & Thunder Live is a great live album representing the bands sound (as well as GRAHAM OLIVER and STEVE DAWSON'S illustrious back catalogue rather well..
We hear the band blasting their way through metal classics such as Everybody Up, Motorcycle Man, Strong Arm Of The Law, And The Band Played On as well as more epic tracks like Crusader.
This really is a great live album capturing a great band doing just what they do best!
Highly recommended

Rating - 10/10

Robin George - History (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic Rock / Pop / AOR
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing:
01 -  History
02 -  Too Late
03 -  Heartline
04 -  Go Down Fighting
05 -  Showdown
06 -  She Really Blew My Mind
07 -  Run In The Dark
08 -  Daylite
09 -  Get On Your Knees
10 -  Castles In The Sky
11 -  This Time
12 -  Tonight Was Meant To Be
13 -  All My Life
14 -  Charlotte Starlight

"ROBIN GEORGE’s first major release was “The History” 12inch EP in 1983. The single “Go Down Fighting” did really well. He and his band were gigging and were about to become the new TRAPEZE when DAVE HOLLAND had an offer he could not refuse and he joined JUDAS PRIEST. The label decided not to pick up its option on the album and the masters have sat in the vaults until recently when Robin remastered them for the digital age.
MALCOLM DOME back in 83 had heard the early album demos which had been recorded between 1979 and 1981 and he jumped at the opportunity to write the sleeve notes for this 2014 release.
On the track “Showdown” PHIL LYNOTT plays bass. Robin George has had a distinguished career over the past three decades, working with a succession of major names. “History” is not a nostalgia trip. It’s a lesson in music for everyone."

History is a great album showcasing just what might have been had history turned out just a little differently. Robin George really was on the edge of making a huge break through, but sadly it was not to be. this album finally gives music fans the chance to hear some real gems, songs like Too Late, Heartline,  Showdown (featuring Phil Lynott) and Go Down Fighting.
Fans of early Eighties melodic rock will absolutely love this album, hell fans of melodic rock will full stop.
Highly recommended

Rating - 9/10

Fozzy - Do You Want to Start a War (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label - Century Media Records

Track listing:
01 - Do You Wanna Start a War
02 - Bad Tattoo
03 - Lights Go Out
04 - Died With You
05 - Tonight (ft. Michael Starr)
06 - Brides of Fire
07 - One Crazed Anarchist
08 - Unstoppable (ft. Christie Cook)
09 - Scarecrow
10 - No Good Way
11 - SOS
12 - Witchery

Chris Jericho and Fozzy are back with their sixth studio album, Do You Want to Start a War!
Things have changed a little for Fozzy over the years, Chris Jericho comes in. The WWE superstar joined Fozzy when it was a cover band known as Fozzy Osbourne, taking on the persona of Mongoose McQueen. The group sold a tongue-in-cheek back story where Mongoose and Jericho were two different people and the band was the originator of the songs they covered, the victims of an ill-advised signing to a doomed Japanese record label. It's been a decade since they've dropped their Spinal Tap-esque gimmick, instead turning their attention to becoming a legitimate hard rock/metal act, and in the last ten years they've been building their audience and developing their sound. Building off the back of 2012's well-received Sin and Bones, the group is back with Do You Want to Start a War in the hopes of finding an ever-wider audience.
And that really shouldn't be a problem to be honest. Songs like Brides Of Fire and One Crazed Anarchist will help satisfy the fans of Chasing The Grail and Sin And Bones albums, whilst the more commercial Tonight and SOS (yes a cover of the ABBA classic) should help bring in new fans and spread the bands fan base even further.
A really solid album
Standout Tracks include Bad Tattoo, Lights Go Out, Died With You, One Crazed Anarchist, Brides of Fire.

Rating 9/10

BAD BOY EDDY - Over The Top [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Demon Doll Records

Track listing:
01 - Fever
02 - She Gives Me A Feeling
03 - I Don't Want You
04 - Super Sonic Freak
05 - Living Lies
06 - Funky Monkey
07 - Rad Ruby
08 - Teenage Sacrifice
09 - Fly Away
10 - Maker Of Dreams
11 - Paybacks A Bitch [bonus track]
12 - The Chosen Ones [bonus track]
#The following Review is not penned by me, but I agree with it whole heartidly. All credit to the author#
Veterans from the Californian Bay area, BAD BOY EDDY have been rocking the underground scene since the late '80s playing in every venue and opening for major acts such as Trixter, Firehouse, Saigon Kick, Y&T, Quiet Riot and many more, but a record contract was frustrated.
It's never too late, and after those years the experienced quintet finally have their official, silver pressed CD debut "Over The Top" out there.
The Bad Boy Eddy crew are like the Sunset Blvd history alive, as if the years had not passed by for them.
Guitarist Dave Saker has been on stage for 25 plus years and was signed on CBS records in 1984 with the band 'OZ'. Many of you surely have his solo-band album 'Saker' released few years ago by Retrospect Records.
The rhythm section of Tin Sanders & Larry Bernal were in countless acts as well, and with new powerhouse vocalist Eddy Vega's strong presence, in the last two years Bad Boy Eddy rapidly gained attention from the media.
A specialized label signed them and now we can enjoy "Over The Top" worldwide.
As said before, Bad Boy Eddy were able to maintain the '80s feel intact over the years, and this is reflected this record.
This is real fist-pumping, heart-thumping '80s Californian hard rock with all the energy and kickin' sounds of that era driven by catchy melodies and genuine attitude.
Essentially you're thrown into The Cathouse or the Whisky A Go-Go where the only thing surrounding you is sweaty bodies, sex, damp leather and the smell of melting hairspray.
They have the look, they have the sound, they have the feeling... Bad Boy Eddy are the complete total package for all your Eighties Hair Metal needs.
If you're a fan of this genre (and who does not?) when it's played as it supposed to do, you'll be in love with anthems such as "Fever", "She Gives Me A Feeling", "Rad Ruby", "Living Lies" and "The Chosen Ones".
They could be more aggressive with hot riffage in "I Don't Want You", "Teenage Sacrifice" and the groovy "Paybacks A Bitch", or really close to melodic hard rock on "She Gives Me A Feeling" and the catchy "Funky Monkey".
Of course they made space for a ballad in "Fly Away", but even there Bad Boy Eddy doesn't lose their grip.
We had to wait almost 25 for Bad Boy Eddy's debut, but hell, they definitely deliver what they promise. 
Let me emphasize the stupendous production: truly great for this genre with a crisp and clear sound enhancing the melodies yet not cutting the edge. 
It's hard to imagine this could be written and recorded in this era. We hear a little bit of everything here, you could throw Kix, Stryper, Dio, Dokken, Skid Row and many more in a blender and still not nail it any better than Bad Boy Eddy did. The boys aren't joking when they called this record "Over The Top". 
A real bad ass.

Rating - 9/10

Powerman 5000 - Builders Of The Future (2014)

Genre - Industrial Rock
Label - UME

Track listing:
01. Invade, Destroy, Repeat
02. We Want It All
03. How To Be A Human
04. You're Gonna Love It, If You Like It Or Not
05. Builders Of The Future
06. I Want To Kill You
07. Modern World
08. Live It Up Before You're Dead
09. I Can't Fucking Hear You
10. Evil World
11. Heads Will Roll (Bonus Track)
12. Hey, All You People (Bonus Track)

“This is a message, and a warning. There’s no escaping here, or avoiding!” are the opening lyrics of "Invade. Destroy. Repeat" from electro-metal rock band Powerman 5000’s latest album Builders of the Future from White Zombies poppier relative Powerman 5000 and no truer words have ever been expressed.
This album has so much energy and power, with hooks galour! Builders Of The Future may very well be the rock / metal album of the summer if not the year!
Fronted by singer Spider One and rounded out by current guitarists Nick Quijano (ex-American Head Charge) and Richard Jazmin, bassist Gustavo Aued, and drummer DJ Ratan, Powerman 5000 burst onto the scene in 1999 with the hits "When Worlds Collide" and "Nobody’s Real" from their debut album Tonight the Stars Revolt! Blending horror and sci-fi with an infectious metal cum pop mentality, the public responded fanatically.From the album’s first single, "How To Be A Human," to the similarly catchy and driving anthems "We Want It All," "You’re Gonna Love It, If You Like It Or Not," "Modern World," and "Live It Up Before You’re Dead," the album provides in spades the high-octane sound PM5K have delivered in years past. Surprisingly, the band members present here their first-ever ballad titled "I Want To Kill You," which not only complements its sonic brethren but also proves to be haunting, touching, and addictive. "I Can’t Fucking Hear You" further extends their sound.

As I have already said this could well be the album of the summer if not the year!

Rating 10/10

Hell Yeah - Blood For Blood

Genre - Heavy Metal / Groove Metal
Label - Eleven Seven Music

Track listing:
01. Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)
02. Demons in the Dirt
03. Soul Killer
04. Moth
05. Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones)
06. Dmf
07. Gift
08. Hush
09. Say When
10. Black December
11. Feast or Famine
12. Hush (Acoustic Version)

Blood For Blood is the forth album from Hellyeah, the post Pantera project of Vinnie Paul, and to my ears the best so far. The new Hellyeah album is much more focused and concise than the previous three records. The metallic assault of ‘Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)’, ‘Demons In The Dirt’ and ‘Say When’ really manage to bring the message home. Those songs come pretty close in intensity to Pantera songs like Strength Beyond Strength and The Great Southern Trendkill whilst having enough melody to make them commercial enough for the passing listener to get hooked on. With Moth, Hush and Black December adding even more melodic moments truly making Blood For Blood the most balanced and complete album from Hellyeah so far.

Rating - 9/10

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 3 EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Pop / Punk
Label - Self Released

Track listing:

01 - Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now
02 - Do You
03 - Petite Mort
Bonus Demos
04 - Friction In My System
05 - Patience And Gratitude

So here we are with the third installment of Gingers mighty G.A.S.S. project, and once again Ginger mixes things up a little.
Opening track, Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now, which features Kelii Compulsive on vocals, (Recorded by Tim G and mixed by Jason Sanderson), is a great up tempo rocker, with a feel very reminiscent of How I Survived the Punk Wars from last years Hey! Hello! album, in fact the vocal melody throughout the verses are of an almost identical styling, but the chorus is huge and well, very Ginger. A great song and a great start to this months ep!
Next up is Do You? (again  featuring Kelii Compulsive on backing vocals and recorded by Tim G and mixed by Jason Sanderson). A more melodic rocker, a really beautiful song that apparently was written from beginning to end in one shot according to Ginger. This song has something really special about it, some great lyrics, and well it just hits the mark if you know what I mean.
Finally closing out the three new songs is the awesome Petite Mort. A real departure for ginger style wise. This track features Yolanda Quartey on lead vocals and  Nathan Connolly on lead guitar. Yolanda's vocal performance is simply huge, a really powerful delivery that just brings the song to life. The song is a down beat ballad at heart, but grows into a real monster. A truly inspired track and proof that Ginger is still trying to challenge himself in the song writing department.

Next up with have the two bonus demos / tracks, this time taking the form of Friction In My System and Patience And Gratitude. Here's what Ginger has to say about them,

"FRICTION IN MY SYSTEM – Around 1999 I was commissioned to write three songs for Alice Cooper. As a huge fan I was eager to take up the challenge, but ultimately I’m not sure if the songs never reached him or he hated them. Either way I never heard back.
Engineered by Kev Matthews (who engineered Earth Vs The Wildhearts) these long forgotten recordings have been recently unearthed, thanks to Kev’s brother Ray Zell.
PATIENCE AND GRATITUDE – Written as an exclusive track to accompany a video I was messing with, just having developed the editing bug, it’s only fitting that we offer this as a, now, exclusive download, seeing as YouTube are pulling independent music from their site, unless it sits & rolls over and plays by its corporate rules.
Recorded by Jase Edwards, and featuring the voices of Givvi Flynn, Vix Fuzzbox and Chris Catalyst, this was a free flowing ramble through my head that we committed to the digital noticeboard. We hope you enjoy it, even without the visual bonus of seeing that dog."

Friction In My System is a great track that would have made a fine edition to any Alice Cooper album (and I am a huge Alice Cooper fan!), that sees Ginger doing his finest Alice impressions (vocally any hows!). Its great to finally hear this song, I just hope and pray that we see the other two at some point in the G.A.S.S. project.
There's not too much that I can say about Patience And Gratitude. Its a great little instrumental song that has a special place in the hearts of Ginger fans, and again showcases a different side to Gingers songwriting.

Rating 10/10