Monday, 20 December 2010

Shame18 - Dead Eyes Are Forever Gone demo

Genre - Metal / Rock
Label - Unsigned

Tracklisting -
01 - Never Sleep Again
02 - Deadly Addiction
03 - The Devil In Me
04 - Die Dear Bride
05 - Shame 18 Video Samples

Originally formed in 2007, but things really started to happen for Shame 18 in 2009 when the guys regrouped after along break.
"They started writing lots of new songs but had difficulties in finding a singer, but after a while Ricky & Adam decided to test Chris on vocals and that worked perfectly, Chris was now the band’s singer/guitarist, Ricky on drums & Adam on bass. They recorded the demo ”Dead eyes are forever gone” in Staffanstorp March 13-14th 2010 with Martin Sweet and Calle Fäldt as producers. In may, the band found a second guitarist, Simon, who seems to fit into the band really well!"
All four tracks on display here are of a very high quality, with Nightmare on Elm Street ode Never Sleep Again and Devil In Me seeming to be the best of the bunch. The band counts the likes of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, W.A.S.P., DEATHSTARS, WEDNESDAY 13, CELINE DION, MOTÖRHEAD, among their influences, which explains their dirty sleazy sound.
These guys have the potential to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and New Generation Superstars and achieve a decent amount of international success.
After hearing the quality if the four songs on display here I really can’t wait to hear the debut album!
Highly reconmended!

Website -
Rating - 9/10

Sleaze Vice - 2 track demo

Genre - Metal / Punk / Rock
Label - Independant

Tracklisting -
01 - Make You Mine
02 - Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll

Not got too much information upon these guys, but I do know that they hail from Brazil and play that classic Glam / Sleaze rock that we all love so much. There sound for some reason brings to mind fallen Uk upstarts the Rick Rags.
Of the two tracks on show here, I'd have to say that Make You Mine is the strongest, but the production on both is a little weak, but then again this is only a demo!
Worth checking out, and I'll be interesting in seeing where they go from here.

Website -
rating 7/10

Scarlet Violet - Roll The Dice EP

Genre - Metal / Punk / Rock
Label - SLIPTRICK RECORDS (Worldwide Distribution)

Tracklisting -
01 - Roll The Dice
02 - Kill Me
03 - Its Over
04 - Drunk On Elm Street

With a more melodic metal sound to them than the previous out and out glam of previous releases Scarlet Violet deliver up their new four track Ep in the form of Roll The Dice. To help achieve their slight change in direction the band have enlisted the production and mixing services of one Andy LaRocque, the ultra talented guitarist from King Diamond!
The new tracks have a much harder edge to them as can really be seen on Kill Me.
All four tracks are great and diverse from the tempo and pace of Roll The Dice, The Aggression of Kill Me, the stomping of Its Over to the pure rocking Drunk On Elm Street (I guess the bands ode to the classic Nightmare On Elm Street movies!)
A great Ep, and I’m really loving the bands new sound.
Well worth checking out!

Website -
Rating 9/10

Distorted Wonderland - Distorted Wonderland

Genre - / Metal / Rock

Tracklisting -

01. Raised On Rock N' Roll
02. Losing It
03. Slave of My Desire
04. In For a Thrill
05. Never Had Nothing
06. Behind the Scenes
07. Waving the Flag
08. Stand and Deliver
09. Guillotine Babies
10. On the Other Horizon
11. Tangerine

Distorted Wonderland started out as a side project and is the brainchild of singer Olof Lindgren and bass player Axel Karlsson, whom after playing together in Swedish band Overnight Sensation, decided that they wanted to try something a little different. With a sound that combines heavy melodies and great riffs, somewhere not to dissimilar to the likes of Hardcore Superstar and Crash Diet, the guys seem to have come up trumps.
As I said the Distorted Wonderland deliver a sound that is very similar to Hardcore Superstar, but with a vocal delivery that at times brings to mind the likes of Chris Laney, Wednesday 13 and even Randy Pipers Animal.
The production is perfect for the songs, which are all very well written and perfectly executed.
This is a great album very highly recommended to all rock fans and especially fans of the genre!
Quite possibly on of the best albums of 2010!!!

website -

Rating 10/10

Hollywood Killerz - Dead On Arrival

Genre - Glam / Punk / Rock
Label - Logic(Il)Logic

Tracklisting -
01. 700.000
02. Grey Celebrations
03. Luxury Depression
04. Girls ® Dead
05. How (Could I)
06. Going Down
07. Somewhere Out of This Mind
08. All Tomorrow's Parties
09. Over and Over
10. Through the Sand
11. Our Memories May Be Right
12. Lovecrash
13. More Than It Hurts You

Italian glam rock punksters unleash Dead On Arrival upon us, their debut album which can be best described as classic 80's influenced glam /sleaze / punk / hair metal ala the likes of Hanoi Rocks Tigertailz and Wrathchild etc. They pull it off really well, almost single handedly creating a glam scene back in their native Italy with the forming of Italy's longest running Glam festival 'Glam Attakk',
The 13 tracks on show here showcase the different sides to Hollywood Killerz, from the glam punk rage of 700.000 and Lovecrash to the hard-rock-meets-disco-beat of Over & Over. How (Could I) is a slow moody power ballad whilst Through The Sand and Our Memories Could Be Right show case the experimental side to the bands song writing.
A solid debut, I look forward to hearing more from these guys!

website -
rating - 8/10

Kidd Skruff - Angels With Dirty Faces

Genre - Metal / Hard Rock
Label - SUNCITY Records

Tracklisting -
01. Sixteen
02. Lonely Hearts
03. Blackcherry - Save Me
04. Down & Dirty
05. Shooting Star
06. Honky Tonk Woman (The Rolling Stones Cover)
07. Thank U (Bonus Track)
08. Best Friendz (Bonus Track)
09. Don't Need Your Love (Bonus Track)
10. The Flower Song (Bonus Track)
11. Save Me (Bonus Track)

Originally released back in 1995 now reissued via Suncity Records with 5 bonus tracks this album really showcases the wears of Kidd Skruff well. With a sound falling somewhere in between Bon Jovi and Skidrow, Kidd Skruff had all the right ingredients to make a huge impact, had it not been for the onslaught of the entire grunge movement.
Kidd Skruff started as a side project for then Lead Singer/Guitarist Jimmy Forest, and had he formed the band a few years earlier I truly believe that they could have been huge. Timing hey?
All the songs here show some great craftsmanship and excellent writing skills. It’s such a pity that the music world is so fickle, ohh well the world gets a second chance to hear the wonderful talents of Kidd Skruff thanks to this re-issue now.
The 5 bonus tracks are slightly more stripped down sound wise, a little heavier maybe, but still excellent all the same


website -
rating - 8/10

Monday, 6 December 2010

Illuminatus - Glasnost

(Genre - Rock / Metal / Alternative Label - Headroom Records)
Tracklisting -
01 - Glasnost
02 - Murderocracy
03 - Division
04 - Reconnect
05 - Cave In
06 - Keep Calm and Carry On
07 - You'll Never Know What This Means
08 - Red
09 - Gosling
10 - Clarity
11 - Wolves

Illuminatus are a multinational band, dealing in loud, melodic yet heavy soundscape’s, and bloody good rock tunes to boot. Every song comes complete with power, melody and most important of all, atmosphere. Illuminatus build each song up, before flooring you with the sheer power and quality of the material. The band consists of, Julio Taylor (Vocals/Guitar), Jon Martin (Guitar), Felix Rullhusen (Drums), Leo Giovazzini (Bass, but at times sound like there are hundreds of members building the sound wall that assaults (in the best possible way)your ears. Julio's vocals range from a Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) type scream, to the beautifully soft and gentle.
There is not a bad track on this album, but some of the standout tracks include, Murderocracy, Reconnect and You'll Never Know What This Means.
Given the right breaks this band could be huge, they have the perfect mix between melody and power, and write some cracking tunes!
Check 'em out.

website -
Rating - 9/10

Forever Never - I Cant Believe Its Not Metal

(Genre - Hard Rock / Metal Label - Independant)

Track Listing -
01 - You're The Voice (John Farnham)
02 - Who Is It? (Michael Jackson)
03 - Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)
04 - Boombastic (Shaggy)
05 - We Close Our Eyes (Go West)
06 - Future Love Paradise (Seal)

Essex boys, Forever Never offer up an Ep of cover versions, nothing too original there, but they do off up 6 good cover versions, which is something a little different for a covers release.
The Ep starts off with a metalized version of the John Farnham classic (?), You're The Voice, which works very well. The guys keep the song pretty true to the original version, with vocalist Renny Carroll pulling off a pretty good John Farham impression, but this version has been galvanized in metal, the guitars scream high in the mix. A great start!
Next up is a brave choice of covering a Michael Jackson track, Who Is It?, and again the guys pull it off very well, a great laugh.
Next up is Forever Never's reworking of the Whitesnake classic, Still Of the Night. Now personally I would have thought that this should have worked really well, but for some reason, it just doesn't feel right to me. Maybe it’s just that Renny just isn’t a match for the mighty David Coverdale, I don’t know, but it’s the low point of the Ep so far.
What follows is as surprisingly good as it is shocking. A metal version of Shaggy's Boombastic. Now I never thought that I'd live to see the day when I actually enjoyed listening to this song, but here I am singing along a thoroughly loving Forever Never's cover version. It’s a strange world!
The Ep closes out with a pretty standard and uninspired version of Go West's We Close Our Eyes and a brilliant version of Seals Future Love Paradise, which gives Renny a great opportunity to showcase his singing talents.
As a stop gap release to see the band and the fans through to their next full album, this collection of covers is a great little diversion. A fun Ep by a band that are not afraid to enjoy themselves, great.
Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

website -

Rating - 8/10

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Slag in Cullet - Time To Explode

(Genre - Alternative / Rock / Metal Label - Headroom Records)

Track Listing -
01 - Time To Explode
02 - Blame
03 - My Fire
04 - Rubber Heart
05 - Sick Circus Of Love
06 - Saved My Soul
07 - Those Stripes
08 -Fade Away
09 - In Memories
10 - Cotton rose

Debut full length album from Slag in Cullet, Time To Explode does just that from the opening riffs of the opening title track. There’s enough power here to keep the average metal fan happy, yet also there’s plenty of calmer quirkier moments to keep things interesting for alternative / prog fans.
To be honest after the opening track the album does tend to lose a little of its pace and power, with only Rubber Heart matching the opener's intensity.
After a little while some of the songs start to sound a little repetitive, but enjoyable none the same.
Stand out tracks include, Time To Explode, Rubber Heart, Cotton Rose and Sick Circus Of love.

Website -!/pages/slag-in-cullet/58736419320

Rating 8/10

Sworn To Oath - Dont Fuck About EP

(Genre - Metal / Rock Label - Independant)

Tracklisting -
01 - City Of lies
02 - One Split Second
03 - this Is Hell

What the hell?
How can three people make so much noise?
Damn I have only one negative thing to say about this Ep, and that’s that I simply I want MORE TRACKS!!!!!!
Hailing from the Midlands, Sworn to Oath deliver a heavy dirty metal with distorted guitars and bass lines throughout.
The Ep's name really does say it all, Sworn to Oath just Don’t Fuck About, the music is bone crunching heavy and direct with Tom and Dave’s powerhouse vocals holding it all together.
I am really looking forward to hearing the full length album because this Ep's barely been off since I first put it on!!!!!!!!!!!

website -!/sworntooath
Rating 10/10

Ritual - Ancient Tome

(Genre - Metal / Hard Rock Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. Give It To Ya Straight
02. Get Back, Stand Back
03. No Longer Feel
04. Tight
05. Let the Metal Play
06. If I Had Your Love
07. Rock & Roll Demon
08. Claw To the Top
09. Evil In Your Heart
10. Love in the Shadows
11. Friend or Foe
12. Dark Star
13. Rid of the Bitch
14. Sweet Lady
15. Overload
16. Electrified

Ancient Tome is a collection of standout tracks from Ritual, a band that at one point were considered to be New Jerseys most promising band! Unfortunately for whatever reason, Ritual failed to crack mainstream success and grab a hold of that elusive record deal. The band’s sound is definitely melodic metal / hard rock, in the vein of Motley Crue, Quite Riot etc.
The songs displayed here are all of high standards even though there’s nothing here that was ever going to set the world on fire. As an album, Ancient Tome sets itself up very well, there’s a good and varied mix of material and styles here to keep the listener interested. This album will probably find more favor amongst the fans of 80's hard rock / hair metal, although I can see Steel panther fans loving it too!
A good overview of a bands output, a short stroll down memory lane if you will.
Well worth checking out if you remember the band, or are a fan of the genre of music, or even just a fan of 80's hair metal bands.

website -
rating - 7/10

Overlord - Back in the Dragons Lair

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track listing -

01. X-Rated Man
02. Messiah Comes
03. Distant Orphan
04. (Prelude) Endless Sun
05. Walk Softly
06. Midnite Flight
07. Nice Life
08. The Storm
09. White Witch
10. Desert Door
11. Subterranean Spiral Dance
12. Mind Slide
13. Wings of Stone
14. White Lightning
15. Never Enough
16. Ran Away

Originally formed back in Canada in 1983, Overlord played that’s kind of metal that was rife back then. Galloping guitars and bass lines, like a softer Iron Maiden and generally typical of NWoBHM, with soaring vocals. This album is a re issue of the band’s debut EP and a collection of demos that followed between 1988 and 1993, when the band decided to call it a day. Due to a sudden and unexpected upsurge in interest at the turn of the millennium, mainly from Europe, the band briefly reunited in 2001 but this failed to last and the band swiftly parted once again.
This compilation, a kind of anthology over the bands works, was originally released back in 2003 independently, but this time is re-issued through those wonderful people at Heaven and Hell Records.
After listening to this album a few times I can see why it never quite happened for Overlord. Yes they started off with some great tunes, but as the years went by they seem to have lost their edge, becoming clumsy and repetitive, unfortunate really as you can clearly hear the bands potential on the opening few tracks.
A small glimpse of what might have been, maybe, on a whole a great over view of a band, but really only recommended for existing fans.

Website -

Rating - 7/10

Seventh Calling - Epidemic

(Genre - Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)

Track Listing -
01. Test of Time
02. Paid in Blood
03. Rising Against
04. Epidemic
05. Ignite the Fire
06. Death Dealer
07. Fractured
08. Tyrannical Reign
09. Beyond (the Wicked Lies)

U.S metal merchants return with their second album in the form of Epidemic, bringing us their own mix of traditional heavy metal mixed with a little speed and thrash metal for good measure.
Although Seventh Calling have managed to carve out their own sound you can hear similarities with bands like Vicious Rumors and Metal Church, yet they do always maintain their own identity. Song wise, it’s all good here, and it’s great to hear a young band that’s not afraid to play this kind of music, and play it well too. The riffs come fast and furious with a dirty swagger too, and Steve Handel's vocals soar in the same vein to those of the almighty Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and at times even King Diamond (King Diamond / Mercyiful Fate). There’s not a duff track on this album, but a few of the standouts include, 9 minute epic closing track, Beyond (the Wicked Lies), Fractured, Rising Against and Ignite The Fire.
A great album that I can see all metal fans, from Metallica to Iron Maiden, from Slayer to Judas Priest, enjoying a good old fashioned slam in the mosh pit too!

website -
Rating 9/10

Demontuary - Of The Fallen Years

(Genre - Black Metal / Death Metal / Metal Label - Heaven and Hell Records)
Track Listing -

01. From the Depths
02. Thou Art the Flame
03. Shores of the Damned
04. Days of Infernal Insanity
05. Spirits of the Dark Waters
06. Outro
07. Infinite Twilight
08. Dawn of the Blackest Sun
09. Writhe in Vengeance
10. For Those Who Died
11. Desolation and War
12. Ancient Gods of Battles Past
13. Journey’s End

Of the Fallen Years, is a collection of rare early material by the American black metal band now known as Demontuary. Unlike so many of the other bands of the same genre from this time, Demontuary skipped the clichéd trappings of overly satanic themes and stripped back productions, in favor of battle themed songs and a well polished and very aggressive sound. These recording were made between 1997 and 1999, and you can hear just how much the bands songwriting and musicianship developed during that period.
The songs are very well structured and although I’m no fan of growly shouty vocals (that come as part and parcel of this genre unfortunately),front man Crom does a pretty good job.
There are some great symphonic metal moments here too, and the keyboards really do add a dimension to the songs, adding a little atmosphere and softening the relentless battering that the band dish out.
This is album is a great collection of tracks , showcasing a band that many may have missed or overlooked, so if you’re a fan of the genre check these guys out, there’s some good stuff on here!
Standout tracks include, Infinite Twighlight and For Those Who Died.

website -
rating - 7/10

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black Country Communion - Black Country

(Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Label - J & R Adventures)

Track listing -

01 - Black Country
02 - One Last Soul
03 - The great Divide
04 - Down Again
05 - Baggarman
06 - Song Of Yesterday
07 - No Time
08 - Medusa
09 -The Revolution In Me
10 - Stand (At The Burning Tree)
11 - Sista Jane
12 - Too Late For The Sun

Black Country is the stunning debut from Black Country Communion the Anglo/American rock super group comprising vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple Black Sabbath, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper) and blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The problem with the albums released by most supergroups is that they tend to dissapoint a little, but theres no such fear here.
Opening with a furious bass line, Black Country sets the tone for the rest of the album. A brilliant song, executed to perfection, with Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa dueling through out, a real call to arms. Glenn is in fine voice throughout this album, possibly the best he as sounded in years, and Joes guitar work is phenomenal. Jason, at times almost sounds like his late great father John Bohnam, to be honest I just cant say enough good things bout this album.
Stand out tracks include, Black Country, Great Divide, One Last Soul, the epics Song of Yesterday and Too Late For The Sun and Medusa.
A stunning album from the finest collection of musicians to grace a cd in years!
Very highly reconmended!

Website -
Rating - 10/10

The Union - The Union

(Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Rock Label - Payola Records)

Track Listing

01 - Watch The River Flow
02 - Easy Street
03 - Saviour
04 - Step Up To The Plate
05 - Holy Roller
06 - You Know My Name
07 - Come Rain Come Shine
08 - Black Monday
09 - Amazon
10 - This Time Next Year
11 - Lillies
12 - The Space Between Us
13 - Everything You Want (Bonus)

The Union is a new project formed by former Thunder guitarist and main songwriter Luke Morley and ex-Winterville frontman Peter Shoulder.
Fans expecting a Thunder / Winterville album will be a tad disappointed Im sad to say, because whilst The Union still play that blues based rock that both aforementioned bands are famous for, they deliver it in a much more mature and laid back manner, giving The Union a distinctive sound. This is a new band with a great new sound, great songs and two excellent songwriters. Stand out tracks include, Easy Street, Saviour, Watch The River Flow, and This Time Next Year.
Very highly reconmended.

website -
Rating - 10/10

Robin George - Crying Diamonds / Dangerous Music Live '85 (2010 double cd Re - issue)

(Genre - Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track listing
CD1 - Crying Diamonds
01 - Learn To Dance
02 - Thanks For The Memories
03 - Face To Face
04 - Judy
05 - What Goes Around Comes Around
06 - Flying
07 - Cocoon
08 - Haunted
09 - Loving You
10 - Crying Diamonds
11 - Kings Call
12 - Things Have Got To Change
13 - Yesterdays News
14 - Roulette
15 - Cry From The Heart
16 - Chance Of A Lifetime
17 - Machine
18 - Red For Danger

CD2 - Dangerous Music Live '85
01 - Showdown
02 - Shoot On Sight
03 - Spy
04 - No News Is Good News
05 - In The Night
06 - History
07 - Hitlist
08 - Heartline
09 - Dangerous Music
10 - Go Down Fighting
11 - Shout
12 - Dont Turn Away
13 - Shoot On Sight (Bonus)
14 - Hit List (Bonus)
15 - No News Is Good News (Bonus)
16 - Go Down Fighting (Bonus)

David Byron, Magnum, Phil Lynott, Robert Plant, Diamond Head, Sean Harris, Life and Roy Wood are just some of the artists that Robin George has worked with over the years.
Angel Air have pulled together this timely 2 disc set from George's archives that features studio album Crying Diamonds and live release Dangerous Music from 1985 (where he is joined by a band that includes original Magnum drummer, the late Kex Gorin).
Crying Diamonds showcases some of Robins greatest songs including
“Learn The Dance”, which he co-wrote with Byron, a fiery “Judy”, and the reflective yet deceptively powerful pair “Yesterday’s News” and “Thanks For The Memories” along with "Crying Diamonds" a track that he Co-wrote with Phil Lynott himself!The second CD, Dangerous Music Live ‘85, sees Robin on the road, playing some of his best tracks from across his carear to that point. Not the greatest of live recording, more akin to a good quality audience recorded bootleg than a pro recorded live album but it does capture the sets atmosphere well.This double cd set is a great introduction to one of the most versatile and talented writer / performers / producers that the Uk has ever produced.

website -
Rating - 8/10

Bullet - The Entrance To Hell

(Genre - Classic Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track Listing -

01 - Door Opens
02 - Millionaire
03 - No Witch At All
04 - Taken Alive
05 - The Soul That I Had
06 - Entrance To Hell
07 - The Orchestrator
08 - Hell, Demonic Possession
09 - Fortunes Told
10 - Sinister Minister
11 - Jam (The Rock)
12 - Time Gambler
13 - Monster In Paradise
14 - Jay Time
15 - Mr Longevity
16 - Door Slams
17 - Jam (the Taker)

Bullet began as a sort-of super group featuring members of Quartermass and Atomic Rooster back in 1970. An album was recorded but never released under the name ‘Bullet’ due to an American band already using the name so the band promptly changed their name to Hard Stuff and re recorded some of the Bullet tracks for their first release. Now, forty years later, the original tapes have been restored and remastered and the album is seeing the light of day thanks to Angel Air Records.
This album has a typical 70's vibe going on, heavy and full of jam's ala early Sabbath etc, and to be fair these guys showed alot of promise. Theres plenty of variety on offer here, and on a hole the songs are all really strong. Stand out tracks include “Millionaire”, “NO Witch At All,” “Sinister Minister” and “Time Gambler” each showcasing riffs that in many ways were way ahead of their time!
If you love 70's era classic rock then you really should check this album out!

website -
rating - 8/10

Stray - Valhalla

(Genre - Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track Listing -
01 - Move A Mountain
02 - Dirty Finger
03 - 1600 Penneylvania Avenue
04 - Free At Last
05 - Harry Farr
06 - Skin
07 - Double Six
08 - Ghostwriter
09 - Sing (the Song)
10 - Rainy Day Blues
11 - 24/7
12 - You

Stray have been around for something like 40 years, and although they have never really been a house hold name they have always managed to produce good solid rock.
Vahalla is their first release of new material in years and what an album, possibly their strongest to date. Produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil) Valhalla, opens with two big guns blazing in the form of Move A Mountain and Dirty Finger. Yes I will agree that lyrically Stray veer very close to Spinal Tap at times but the music is always solid and the songs so strong that they can get away with it.
Vahalla isnt a come back album, its a reminder of just what a great band Stray are!
The line up of Del Bromham on Guitar, Stuart Uren on Bass and Karl Randall on Drums is probably the best there has ever been, aside from the original line up of course.
If you have never heard of Stray before and like real rock played loud, buy this album and enjoy, if you are already a Stray fan this is a must for your collection.
Highly reconmended

website -
rating - 9/10

Notorious - Radio Silence (2010 re-issue)

(Genre - rock / aor Label - Angel Air)
Track Listing,

01 - Radio Silence
02 - The S'Walk
03 - Arianne
04 - You Need More
05 - Better The Devil You Know
06 - Do Like A Man
07 - Losing You
08 - Its Energy
09 - The Games Up
10 - Eyes Of The World
11 - I Believe In You
12 - Touch
13 - Soul On Fire
14 - Love Fades
15 - Good Time

Notorious was a project put together by guitarist Robin George (Phil Lynott, David Byron, Magnum) and vocalist Sean Harris (Diamond Head) back in the late 80's and became caught up in record company politics eventually seeing the band getting droped and the album deleted a matter of weeks after its original release. The duo went into the studio to knock out a melodic rock record but the album was mixed, remixed and, with the changing of the sounds, the music lost the duos original intent. Now for the first time, thanks to the guys over at Angel Air Records we are presented with the digitally remastered and expanded edition of the albums original demo recordings, that finally allow us to hear exactly what Robin and Sean had in mind.Most of the songs have stood up well to the test of time, showcasing the songwritting quality that Notorious bought together.
There is a great mix of melodic rock styles presented here, from the riff driven Radio Silence, to the funky groove of songs like The S'walk, to the blueset comercial tracks like Arianne and You Need More. Ron Georges guitar work is amazingly versatile, providing Sean Harris with the perfect platform to let his voice really shine. Sean himself sings with a crisper cleaner style than his previous work with Diamong Head.
A Great album that could have been a massive comercial success had it not been for the politics at Geffen records back in the day. Well worth checking out, Very highly reconmended.
Now if Angel Air records could persuade Sean Harris to allow them to release the album he recorded with Diamond Head back in 2004 before leaving the band Id be a very happy bunny!

website -
rating - 9/10

Fughu - Absence

(Genre - Progressive / Rock Label - Independant)
Track listing -
01 - Ashes
02 - Dead End Start
03 - Storm
04 - Tilt
05 - Slow
06 - Absence
07 - Snow
08 - Solitude
09 - Sun
10 - Red V
11 - Get Me (inside)
12 - Pain

Stylistic progressive rock that brings to mind the likes of Dream Theater is how Id best describe Fughu. I have mixed feelings about this album, On one hand I thoroughly enjoyed it, masses of tempo changes, interesting instrumental breaks, some great vocal lines, (even if Bürgi’s grasp of the English language leaved a lot to be desired at times!), and some solid songs in the veins of Dream Theater and even Fates Warning, but on the other the songs do lack emotion, and even feel a little uncomfortable at times. I beleive Absence is an ok debut album, but doubt that it would set the world alight, but I get the feeling that Fughu are capable of delivering so much more!

Website -
Rating - 6/10

Equal Loudness Curve - 440

(Genre - Rock Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Glad To See You
02 - Dusty Road
03 - Wicked Woman
04 - Summer moon
05 - I LIke It
06 - You Wont Catch Me
07 - try To Forget You
08 - I Know What I Said
09 - Hunter
10 - Down Here In The Sludge
11 - Common Sense
12 - Wasted

Honkey Tonk biker rock, is the immediate first impression I get upon hearing opening track So Glad To See You, and thats no bad thing, you can rock out to that kind of music every weekend down your local bikers pub. The problem is that whilst Canadian band Equal Loudness Curve have the sound nailed down, the songs aren't always that great, sometimes one track just seems to melt into the next and then the next, and thats the problem. I could honestly listen to this album over and over again, and thoroughly enjoy it, but as soon as its finished i doubt Id be able to remember anything about it, as although 440 is packed with basically solid songs, it lacks any stand out tracks which is unfortunate really.
If your in love with the biker rock you hear every weekend down at the local rock pub then check these guys out, if not, well dont.

Website -
Rating - 6/10

Earl Grey and Croqet - From The 21st Century

(Genre - Classic Rock / Jam Band / Progressive Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Pappa Was A School Boy
02 - Lady Luck
03 - Is This Love
04 - Hard Pill
05 - The Circus
06 - Learning Line
07 - DG

Hailing from South Africa, Earl Grey and Croquet are a strange little band. They manage to mix so many genre's into the music yet maintain a mellow consistant sound. All the songs on this advance Ep are solid, but the stand out tracks for me are, Hard Pill, Learning Line and Lady Luck. The band’s mix of lightweight rock and indie pop should stand them in good stead with the general masses and maybe even help to get them some much needed radio airplay.
well Worth checking out!

website -
Rating - 8/10

E.Z.Riders - Long Way From Home

(Genre - Rock / Blues Label - Independant)
Track Listing
01 - Dangerous Behavior
02 - What Its Worth
03 - Long Way From Home
04 - To Save Myself
05 - Let Me Be Your Man
06 - Far Away
07 - Dust In The Wind
08 - Trying Not To Fall
09 - Long Way From Home (acoustic)

E.Z.Riders are back with their second album following their 2008 self-titled debut.
Combining blues, southern, country and blue grass rock flavours, these three guys have produced a mellow, very 70s sounding album which at the same time has a real freshness about it.Like all good Bluesey tracks theres a simplicity about the songs that works really weel. the production is just enough to maintain that grass roots feel and the songs are well structured. If you like your rock to have a bluesey 70's southern feel to it then this album is well worth checking out. stand out tracks include Dangerous Behaviour, Long Way From Home and Dust In The Wind. A good album but i feel the best is yet to come from these guys!

Website -
Rating - 7/10

Deluded By Lesbians - The Revolution of Species

(Genre - Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock Label - NEW MODEL LABEL - PIRAMES)
Track Listing -

01 - The Origin Of Delusion
02 - She Do Wanna
03 - Ringo Starr
04 - Dont Laugh For Me Argentina
05 - Nobody Knows
06 - Pompei
07 - C'mon Get In
08 - Crystal Balls
09 - Bird Watching
10 - Love Is Blind
11 - Revolution / Primary Needs
12 - We Dont Care
13 - United States Of Dekusion

Milan (Italy) based power trio, Deluded By Lesbians, have a kind of pop punk / NWoBHM feel about them. Every song is absolutley solid, filled with great riff and killer solos, and perfect meoldies. Lyrically these guys conjure up some pretty wierd images, but hey its rock n roll!
At times the band walk the fine line between humour and bad taste, like on Love Is Blind, but always manage to stay on the right side of cheesey and never quite become as offensive as they may seem to be heading.
You get an album filled with great tunes by a band showing lots of promise, well worth checking out. Fans of early Green day should check these guys out, and fans off Offspring and NWoBHM could do far worse than giving these guys a spin!

Website -
Rating - 8/10

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Diamond Head Winter tour 2010

It is now just one week until our Winter tour starts, kicking off at the British Steel Festival in Bologna.
See you on the road!


Date Venue Address
Sat 11th Dec, 2010 Tribute Ole Bulls Gt 12, 4306 Sandnes, Norway
Sat 4th Dec, 2010 The Athletic Club (Attic) 61 Newtown Road, Rushden, NN10 0HQ
Fri 3rd Dec, 2010 Hard Rock Hell Festival Pontins, Prestatyn, North Wales
Thu 2nd Dec, 2010 The Asylum Birmingham
Sat 27th Nov, 2010 Metal Forces Festival Lorrach, Germany
Sun 21st Nov, 2010 The Spirit Store Dundalk, Ireland
Sat 20th Nov, 2010 The Spring & Airbrake Belfast, Northern Ireland
Fri 19th Nov, 2010 Fibber McGee's Rock Bar Dublin, Ireland
Thu 18th Nov, 2010 AN Cruiscin Lan Cork, Ireland
Sun 7th Nov, 2010 British Steel Fest Estragon Bologna, Italy

Monday, 25 October 2010

Pilotlight - The Post War Musical

Track listing -

01 - All Purpose Underneath
02 - Pulling On The Doors That Say Push
03 - They Had Names
04 - Bringing Flowers To The Black Banks
05 - Health & Safety
06 - Bite Your Nails
07 - Bells
08 - Afraid Of Heights
09 - South
10 - Music To Cross The Road To
11 - Letting Balloons Go
12 - The Shortest Route To Happiness Is A Straight Line

Pilotlight are an Alternative / Indie / rock band hailing from the UK (Dublin / London). They were formed back in 2006 and have already caused a little bit of a stir, with their music being used for last summers world cup promos on RTE television, (The Irish equivalent to the BBC).
The Post War Musical is the bands debut, and what a debut! The production is incredibly polished and the songs are beautifully constructed. The band really manage to pull off that dark brooding atmospheric type of sound, and their sound has been compared to that of early Radiohead and even Cold Play.
I'm not sure how they manage to pull it off but each and every song has both a sense fragility and strength, and listening to this album is a wonderful experience as the band take you on a journey through each and every track.

Highly recommended, Just sit back and chill!!
rating 9/10

website -

Baby Scream - Baby Scream

Track listing -

01 Powerpop Crush
02 Exile
03 Jekyll & Hyde
04 Mental Case
05 The Ghost of Valerie (Feat. Eric Dover)
06 Watching the End of the World (On TV)
07 Nipone
08 Lazy
09 What About You ?
10 Twenty Seven

Argentinean singer/songwriter and Baby Scream leader Juan Pablo Mazzola has returned with his latest offering, 'Baby Scream', a brilliant combination of classic rock licks and power pop sensibilities that sits comfortably somewhere between both John and Jullian Lennon and T-Rex.
Readers of Glitzine will be no stranger to Baby Scream, as I have reviewed their previous two eps before, but this time things are slightly different.
Yes Baby Scream still deliver that laid back chilled out kind of music that they have always done, but somehow on this album things feel a little different, the guitars seem to have more bite, the vocals have just a little more urgency about them and to be honest the effect is wondrous.
All ten songs on offer here are brilliant, but a couple really do stand out as something special, The Ghost Of Valerie (feat. Eric Dover of Jellyfish,Slash’sSnakepittt, Alice Cooper), What About You, Watching The End Of The World (On TV), Mental Case and Powerpop Crush, have a certain something about them that could make them powerpop classics!
Fans of Jackdaw4, John Lennon, 90's Britpop will love this album!

Very Highly recommended

rating - 10/10

website -

Applespacebar - Songs You Might Like

Track listing -

01 - Bright Light Shine
02 - Little Box Of Secrets
03 - Let Me Down Easy
04 - To Whom It May Concern
05 - Simplify
06 - Hope
07 - Cant Make You Believe
08 - Picture This
09 - The Extra Mile
10 - Winners And Losers
11 - Let Us Live

Alternative / Rock / Powerpop band Applespacebar hail from Birmingham USA, offer up their second full length album in the form of Songs You Might Like. Lead guitarist, Ben Trexel, claims the band play guitar-driven modern rock, but they verge definitely more on the pop side of the spectrum than the rock side in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, all the songs are well written and perfectly executed, the band have a solid line up in guitarist/composer Ben Trexel, vocalist/lyricist Johnny Nine, guitarist Patrick Prantl and drummer Lake Trechsel. yet I find the music a little light weight for my liking.
'Ultimately, we want to write songs that stand on their own, stand the test of time, and get played on the radio,” claims Trexel, and they may well do, but I doubt that they will be setting the world on fire any time soon, sorry but I guess it all comes down to personal taste.

Rating 7/10

website -

Arcadia - Roy Philip Nohl

Track listing -

01. Roy Philip Nohl (intro)
02. I Sold Drugs to Little Red Riding Hood
03. Slaughterhouse, Obituary, and a Love Story
04. New Skin
05. Dead by Six O’ Clock
06. Because of You
07. Red Roses and Vermin
08. Vampire
09. Nice Pix of the End of the World
10. Ten Milligrams
11. The Morning After

ARCADIA is a three piece Italian hardcore band. They bring us very technical, interesting music, and whilst it my not always be to my personal taste, it is always very well written and executed, and always interesting and even myself, whom will admit that I'm not a large fan of the genre, can find them very listenable and altogether enjoyable!
These guys have been around for some time now, with this being their forth release, and you can see how the band have grown and progressed.
Fans of the genre will probably love this cd, and anyone interested in checking the genre out could do far worse than giving this cd a spin.!

rating 8/10

website -

arK - Wild Untamed Imanginings

Track listing -

01. Boudicca’s Chariot
02. Coats Of Red
03. Flagday
04. New Scientist
05. Hagley
06. Gaia
07. Eighth Deadly Sin
08. Change Pt2
09. So You Finally Made It
10. Kaleidoscope
11. Nowhere’s Ark

After an 18 year hiatus, arK (they spell the name that way as to not to get confused with the band Ark!), return with the album Wild Untamed Imaginings.

When listening to arK, they bring to mind bands like Praying Mantis, Genesis, Yes, Marillion, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd, they seem to have tapped into that same classic prog rock vein.
This album is very varied, so you should always expect the unexpected, one song can be driven along by the guitars, the next by a flute, the next its the vocals that keep you hooked, every track offers up something different and new.
Fans of classic prog rock will love this cd, if you dont like your prog rock then avoid arK like the plague!

A good solid prog rock album

rating 8/10

website -

Black Page Turns-2 Track Demo

Track listing -

01 - Lightning Strikes
02 - Charlottes Web

Midlands based (Leicester) rockers offer up this two track demo of rock / metal.
The band count
Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria, Korn, The Authentics, Therapy? Terrorvision, Pitchshifter, The Wildhearts, Lost Prophets, and the Prodigy amoung their influences. I can hear many of them, and Id add the likes of Iron Maiden, Tribe, Toxic Federation in their too as the bands sound is not too dissimilar.A solid outing, with Charlotte's Web proving to be the stronger of the two tracks. A little rough around the edges but that ;art of their charm,
I look forward to hearing great things from this band!

Rating 7/10

website -

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jackdaw4 - On Tour!

Jackdaw4 are about to embark on our first set of countrywide shows, supporting Electric Six, the dates are listed below, check em out you'll have a great night!!!!!!!!!!!

•29 November – Boule Noir, Paris, France
•30 November – Tivilo, Utrecht, Netherlands
•1 December – Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

•3 December – ABC, Glasgow
•6 December – O2 Academy, Liverpool
•7 December – O2 Academy, Birmingham
•8 December – Duchess, York
•9 December – Academy, Manchester
•10 December – O2 Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne
•11 December – O2 Academy, Sheffield
•13 December – Millenium Hall, Cardiff
•14 December – Concorde 2, Brighton
•15 December – O2 Academy, Bristol
•16 December – O2 Academy Islington, London
•17 December – O2 Academy, Bournemouth
•18 December – O2 Academy, Oxford
For links to ticket agencies take a look at their gigs page.

check out their latest album too

Michael Monroe - Another Night In The Sun/Live In Helsinki

Hanoi Rocks frontman and all round rock n roll legend, Michael Monroe, returns with a new live album, that features twobrand spanking new songs and a mix of solo/Hanoi Rocks and rock cover songs. The ever exuberant frontman has put together one hell of a band too, featuring non other than Ginger, Sammi Yaffa, Steve Conte and Karl Rockfist
The guys blast through an almost perfect setlist that prettymuch covers Michaels whole career with such ease that you'd think that these guys have played together for their whole lives. The classic's just keep coming, the very well chosen cover versions fit perfectly too, and what can I say about the two new songs?
The new songs - 'You're Next' and 'Motorheaded For A Fall' are brilliant, and bode well for the new studio album due to drop next spring.
This is an excellent live album, very much warts an all, yet with a very clever and clear mix / production, and quite possibly the best live album that 2010 will see!

Track Listing
1. Nothin's Alright (Demolition 23)
2. Motorvatin' (Hanoi Rocks)
3. Hammersmith Palais (Demolition 23)
4. You're Next
5. Not Fakin' It (Michael Monroe)
6. Dysfunctional (Demolition 23)
7. I Wanna Be Loved (Johnny Thunders)
8. Love Song (The Damned)
9. Machine Gun Etiquette (The Damned)
10. Motorheaded For A Fall
11. Back To Mystery City (Hanoi Rocks)
12. Malibu Beach Nightmare (Hanoi Rocks)
13. Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll (Michael Monroe)
14. Ain't Nothin' To Do (Dead Boys)
15. I Feel Alright (The Stooges)


Very highly reconmended, as is the new studio album set to follow early next year!

rating 10/10

website -

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ginger - Ten

Ginger (Wildhearts) releases Ten, a 16 track best of album. Featuring songs taken from Ginger’s last 10 years as a solo artist, including material from the SilverGinger 5 album, Black Leather Mojo, and the Valor Del Corazon, Yoni and Market Harbour albums and two shiny brand spanking new tracks!

Sadly nothing features from the quirky Clam Abuse album or the blistering Super Shit 666 Ep, and even more criminal is the overlooking of the tracks released via the ill fated singles club (later released as the album, A Break In The Weather.
Now the problems with compilations, and especially so called best of albums is that you are never going to agree 100% with the chosen track listing and this album is no different.
I dont Understand how you could overlook tracks like Smile In Denial, Shatterproof, Where Did Everyone Go, The Saga Of Me And You, Reinventing The Wheel, Dont Let Me Die Lonely, Monkey Zoo, Inside Out, Unlucky In Love, Bulb, and the amazing Awareness and Great Integrity, but hey, they selected what they selected, and to be fair, Ginger is one of the best and most prolifoc songwriters to emerge from the Uk in the past 20 years or so, so narrowing down a track list to just 14 tracks must have been a complete nightmare lol.
The two new songs have that kind of laid back feel, and follow on well from Gingers last solo album the mighty Market Harbour.
Despite my personal gripes over the track listing, Ten is still one hell of an album and a great introduction to the songwriting genious that is Ginger.

Track Listing -

1.Sonic Shake
2.Yeah Yeah Yeah
3.How Hard Can You Make It
4.Mother City
5.Any Way But Maybe
6.Black Windows
7.Church Of The Broken Hearted
8.Drinking In The Daytime
9.The Man Who Cheated Death
10.This Is Only A Problem
11.When She Comes
12.I Knew You
13.Girls Are Better Than Boys
15.No Way Out But Through (new song)
16.This Too Will Pass (new song)

Very highly reconmended!!!!!!

rating 10/10

website -

Voodoo Six - Fluke?

Voodoo Six, the British hard rock band formed by ex-DIRTY DEEDS bassist Tony Newton, release the new album, Fluke? upon us and what a stonker! On Fluke vocalist, Luke Purdie really cememts his posotion within the band banishing any thoughts of his predecessor

Fluke features 4 of the 5 tracks previously released on the A Little Something For You Ep, which is a little dissapointing as Id have loved to be hearing 11 brand spanking new tracks, but what we do get is 11 great contemproary classic rock tracks. Voodoo Six really do sound like they're ready to conquer the work and with an album as strong as this it would be no Fluke if they did!

Track Listing -

01. Take The Blame
02. Something For You
03. Take Aim
04. Like The Others Did
05. Killer
06. Underneath My Skin
07. Live Again
08. Body & Soul
09. Mountain
10. Doing Me Wrong
11. Long Way From Home

A great album, that really is worth checking out!

rating 10/10

website -

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ginger (Wildhearts) To release complilation of solo material

Ginger – 10 CD (Round Records / ROUND019-2) 11/10 5055300319135

Ginger is set to release his first compilation of solo material, entitled ‘Ten’ on 10/10/10 through Round Records. The 16 track best of album features songs taken from Ginger’s last 10 years as a solo artist and includes tracks from the critically acclaimed “Black Leather Mojo”, “Valor Del Corazon”, “Yoni” and “Market Harbour” albums. ‘Ten’ also features two brand new songs exclusive to this release - ‘No Way Out But Through’ and ‘This Too Will Pass’. Ginger is best known as vocalist/guitarist with British rock legends The Wildhearts and has a career that has spanned over two decades. The Wildhearts hits include songs such as ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’, ‘Suckerpunch’, ‘TV Tan’, ‘Sick Of Drugs’ and ‘Caffeine Bomb’. Full press campaign BY Duff Press is underway. Track listing: Sonic Shake; Yeah Yeah Yeah; How Hard Can You Make It; Mother City; Any Way But Maybe; Black Windows; Church Of The Broken Hearted; Drinking In The Daytime; The Man Who Cheated Death; Only A Problem; When She Comes; I Knew You; Girls Are Better Than Boys; Jake; No Way Out But Through; This Too Will Pass (No Way Out But Through; This Too Will Pass are both previously unreleased and exclusive to this release)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

BLACK SABBATH's 'The Eternal Idol' Expanded Reissue To Include RAY GILLEN Recordings

This is huge news for Sabbath fans!
According to a posting on the BLACK SABBATH fan site, expanded reissues of SABBATH's "Seventh Star" (1986) and "Eternal Idol" (1987) albums — which featured Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE) and Tony Martin, respectively, on vocals — will be made available in the U.K. on October 25 via Sanctuary/Universal.

After just a handful of dates on the 1986 "Seventh Star" tour, Hughes was let go, and singer Ray Gillen was brought on board. Gillen finished the tour, and work began on the next SABBATH album, and it was mostly completed. Gillen left to form BADLANDS (with now-KISS drummer Eric Singer, who also previously played with SABBATH), and this left BLACK SABBATH with a mostly completed album, and no singer. Tony Martin was brought in and re-recorded all the vocals in two weeks. The album came out with Tony Martin, and the only remaining bit of the original Ray Gillen vocals was some laughter in the track "Nightmare".
The original Ray Gillen version of "The Eternal Idol" has been traded in bootleg circles for ages now.
The additional tracks on "The Eternal Idol" expanded reissue include "Some Kind Of Woman" and "Black Moon" (demo) on Disc 1. Disc 2 will comprise the entire Ray Gillen version of "The Eternal Idol" album!

"The Eternal Idol" expanded reissue track listing is:

Disc 1:
01. The Shining
02. Ancient Warrior
03. Hard Life To Love
04. Glory Ride
05. Born To Lose
06. Nightmare
07. Scarlet Pimpernel
08. Lost Forever
09. Eternal Idol
10. Black Moon (demo)
11. Some Kind Of Woman

Disc 2 (featuring Ray Gillen on vocals):
01. Glory Ride
02. Born To Lose
03. Lost Forever
04. Eternal Idol
05. The Shining
06. Hard Life To Love
07. Nightmare
08. Ancient Warrior

The first disc of the "Seventh Star" expanded reissue will include the album as well as the remixed version of "No Stranger to Love", which appears in the music video of the same. Disc 2 is a live concert recorded on June 2, 1986 and has Ray Gillen on vocals.

"Seventh Star" expanded reissue track listing:

Disc 1:
01. In For The Kill
02. No Stranger To Love
03. Turn To Stone
04. Sphinx (The Guardian)
05. Seventh Star
06. Danger Zone
07. Heart Like A Wheel
08. Angry Heart
09. In Memory
10. No Stranger To Love
11. No Stranger To Love (remix by Jeff Glixman)

Disc 2 - Recorded Live On June 2, 1986 (featuring Ray Gillen on vocals):
01. Mob Rules
02. Danger Zone
03. War Pigs
04. Seventh Star
05. Die Young
06. Black Sabbath
07. N.I.B.
08. Neon Knights
09. Paranoid

As I said this is huge!

** This info is reposted from ***

Eureka Machines live dates

Eureka Machines live dates

Saturday 18 Sept - The Borderline, London (with our good friends Jackdaw4 - we are on at 8pm so please get down early). Tickets HERE:

Saturday 25 Sept - Central, Nottingham (part of the final ever Trashstock Festival, an all-dayer bringing you the best in rock from all over the world - other bands include Acey Slade, The Glitterati and The Pleasures, we are on at 6pm-ish)

Saturday 2 Oct - Gasworks, Bradford (with Acey Slade)

Wednesday 6 Oct - Moho Live, Manchester (with Acey Slade)

Wednesday 27 Oct - Stereo, York (acoustic gig, supporting StringerBessant from... Reef)

NG26 - Free Download

Visit and subscribe to our newsletter, and receive a link to a free download of "Lights Go Out".
Recorded at the same time as the brand new NG26 album "Open Your Mind", the song will be available to download from September 24th, and is not going to be on the album.

Read more:

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Quireboys announce UK tour!

Quireboys announce UK tour!

The Quireboys will be touring the UK in ..his will be a full electric show,with the Dan Reed Network(full electric band) appearing as special guests on selected shows..the dates are:

02 Academy,Sheffield,Dec 2
The Fleece,Bristol,Dec 5
The Musician,Leicester,Dec 10
HMV Forum,London,Dec 11
Bootleggers,Kendal,Dec 12
The Garage,Glasgow,Dec 17
The Tivoli,Buckley, Dec18
02 Academy,Newcastle,Dec 19

Read more:

WASP - Return To Baylon 2010 Tour Dates

 2010 Tourdates

Due to the huge success of the 'Babylon' album and tour....the band are returning to european shores for another trek. 'The Return To Babylon' tour is coming to decimate you all! England, Norway, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Spain...and more! No corner unturned! Tickets on sale NOW!

13.10.2010 Bergen -' Kvarteret' (Norway)
14.10.2010 Oslo - 'Sentrum Scene' (Norway)
15.10.2010 Örebro - 'Conventum Congress' Club 700 (Sweden)
16.10.2010 Stockholm - 'Stockholm Rock Out Gamla Tryckeriet' (Sweden)
17.10.2010 Malmö - 'Kulturbolaget' (Sweden)
18.10.2010 Göteborg - 'Trädgarn' (Sweden)
20.10.2010 Bremen - 'Aladin Music Hal'l (Germany)
21.10.2010 Leipzig - 'Hellraiser' (Germany)
22.10.2010 Zlin- 'Masters Of Rock Cafe' (Czech)
23.10.2010 Burglengenfeld - 'VA Zentrum' (Germany)
24.10.2010 Wörgl - 'Komma' (Austria)
25.10.2010 Köln - 'Essigfabrik' (Germany)
27.10.2010 Sofia - 'Festivalna Hall' (Bulgaria)
29.10.2010 Athens - 'Fuzz Club (Greece)
31.10.2010 Treviso - 'New Age Club' (Italy)
01.11.2010 Milan - 'Live Club' (Italy)
02.11.2010 Lyon - 'Ninkasi Kao' (France)
03.11.2010 Toulouse - 'Le Bikini' (France)
04.11.2010 Marseilles - 'Le Cabaret Aleatoire' (France)
05.11.2010 Pamplona - 'Sala Totem' (Spain)
06.11.2010 Vigo - 'Sala Rio' (Spain)
08.11.2010 Granada - 'Sala El Tren' (Spain)
09.11.2010 Madrid - 'Sala Heineken' (Spain)
10.11.2010 Barcelona - 'Razzmatazz 2' (Spain)
12.11.2010 Memmingen - 'Kaminwer'k (Germany)
13.11.2010 Uden - 'De Pul Live' (Holland)
14.11.2010 Tuttlingen - 'Stadthalle' (Germany)
15.11.2010 Zürich - 'Volkshaus' (Switzerland)
17.11.2010 Bad Arolsen - 'Outback' (Germany)
18.11.2010 Langen - 'Stadthalle' (Germany)
19.11.2010 Antwerpen - 'Trix' (Belgium)
20.11.2010 Nottingham - 'Rock City' (England,UK)
21.11.2010 Glasgow - 'Garage' (Scotland,UK)
23.11.2010 *TBA*
24.11.2010 Manchester - 'Academy 2' (England,UK)
25.11.2010 Cardiff - 'Millenium Music Hal'l (Wales,UK)
26.11.2010 Dudley - 'JBs' (England,UK)
27.11.2010 Dublin - 'The Academy' (Ireland)
28.11.2010 Belfast - 'Mandela Hall' (Ireland)
30.11.2010 Hamburg - 'Markthalle' (Germany)
01.12.2010 Stuttgart - 'LKA' Lonhghorn (Germany)
02.12.2010 Wien - 'Halle Gasometer' (Austria) (*Support Blind Petition*)
03.12.2010 Budapest - 'Diesel' (Hungary)
04.12.2010 Cracow - 'Kwadrat' (Poland)
05.12.2010 Warszaw - 'Progresja' (Poland)
07.12.2010 Vilnius - 'Forum Palace' (Lithuania)
08.12.2010 Tallinn - 'Rock Cafe' (Estonia)
09.12.2010 Helsinki - 'House Of Culture' (Finland)
10.12.2010 Tampere - 'Pakkahuone' (Finland)
11.12.2010 Oulu - 'Teatria' (Finland)
12.12.2010 Moscow - 'Milk Club' (Russia)
14.12.2010 St. Petersburg - 'Kosmonaut Club' (Russia)
Read more:

The Union Tour updates

Only 10 days Left To Get Your Tour Tickets

With anticipation prior to our second UK tour building we first wanted to remind everyone that time is running out to get your tickets! If you haven't already picked yours up click the appropriate link below:

23 September - Northampton Roadmender

24 September - Leicester O2 Academy 2

26 September - Sheffield O2 Academy 2

27 September - Manchester Ruby Lounge

28 September - Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

29 September - Glasgow Cathouse

30 September - York Fibbers

2 October - London Garage

3 October - Cardiff Barfly

Monday, 13 September 2010

Ginger & Friends will play a handful of dates in the run up to Christmas.

Following on from all the requests we’ve had after Ginger’s Birthday Bash sold out, we’re pleased to announce the following live shows to take place in the week or so before Christmas:

• Fri 17th Dec – London, Relentless Garage – SOLD OUT

• Sat 18th Dec – Sheffield, Corporation

• Sun 19th Dec – Manchester, Moho Live

• Mon 20th Dec – Glasgow, Garage

• Tue 21th Dec – Newcastle, Legends

• Wed 22th Dec – Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

• Thu 23th Dec – Southampton, Talking Heads

The shows are being billed as ‘Wildhearts Set’, and says Rich Jones: “Expect a set that leans heavily towards Wildhearts material but also may have the odd surprise or two!”

Tickets will be on sale soon from the usual outlets, and we’ll update with links as we get them.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

FuryOn - Gravitas

This album has been available for a little while now, the eagerly awaited debut release from one of the Uk's best unsigned bands, and yes after hearing this corker of an album you too will be asking yourself just why haven't these guys been snapped by a major label yet?

Matt Mitchell's vocals soar over the top a groove laden eclectic mix of Alice In Chains / Nickleback / Shinedown / Whitesnake / Iron Maiden tunes, powered along by the phenomenal lead Guitar work of Chris Green!
The ten songs on offer here are all excellent, from thumping Disappear Again, to the Pink Floyd esq Souvenirs!
Stand out Tracks include Disappear Again, Don't Follow, Fear Alone, Wasted On You and the sublime Desert Suicide.
These guys have the potential for world domination, and the songs in the arsenal to pull it off! If you would like to see Britain's answer to Shinedown and Nickleback, only with a damn site more originality, then check these guys out!

website -

rating 10/10

Baby Borderline - Misguided Youth

Baby Borderline are a sleazy rock / punk band hailing from Brighton, United Kingdom.

With their Misguided Youth ep they offer up eight rather enjoyable little gems! The band discribe themselves as ' 5 NO HOPERS WHO LIKE TO MAKE ALOT OF NOISE N' DRINK ALOT OF BEER!' and whereas some of that may be true, I really do disagree with the No Hopers part"
The bands sound well has a kind of early Guns n Roses / LA Guns feel to it and wouldnt have been out of place in the late eighties glam / sleaze scene.
If you like you rock to be down right dirty, and with a certain amount of attitude then these guys should be right up your alley!

website -

rating 8/10

Dirty Skirty - Long Live Rock N Roll

This album has all the ingredients that a legendary rock album needs, fist-pumping, high energy rock, some great songs, some great guitar work and a vocalist who really know s how to bring the best out of the tunes.

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, United States, these guys offer up a pure classic rock album filled with ten great songs. Very much in the vein of classic bands like AC/DC, Buckcherry, Motley Crue, Van Halen, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Long Live Rock N Roll is a great good time classic album, and Dirty Skirty are a great classic rock band that may have a long future ahead of them if they can maintain the high standards they've set with this album!
website -
rating 9/10

One Soul Thrust - 1st

Well this really is an eclectic mix, sure there's 'passion', and yes its 'blues influenced classic rock with a little hint of funk' just as it says in the bands bio, yes lead vocalist Salem is an 'energetic insightful female singer/songwriter' but to me something just seems to be missing.All twelve tracks are solid and executed very well, but maybe this albums just a little to eclectic for its own good, never quite finding its own groove. An interesting album for sure, and there is enough talent on display here to warrant further investigation, but maybe they just need to find their groove before embarking on the next album!

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rating 7/10

Tom Frelek - Moment of Certaintty

Guitar instrumental rock, more in the vein of Marty Friedman and Joe Satriani than say Steve Vai,Although there is no questioning Tom Frelek undoubted talent on guitar, these albums are very much destined for a specific audience, and for me they end up being nothing more than back ground music. Well constructed songs, excellently executed, not really my cup of tea, but a solid album all the same.

rating 7/10

Paddy Leitsch - Rise of the Guitar Dragon and Ed's Head

Again more guitar instrumental releases, and once again strong releases if you like that kind of thing, but some times they do just seem to drag and your left dying to hear some vocals, and vocals, hell even bloody Jedward

rating - Rise Of The Guitar Dragon 7/10
            Ed;s Head 6/10

Vince Neil - Tattoos and Tequila

The Motley Crue frontman returns with his third solo album to date, this one containing nine covers of his favourite tracks and only two new originals. As a whole this album is pretty good, personally I like the two new tracks , title track Tattoos and Tequila and Another Bad Day, even if they do sound like Motley Crue throwaways, and its interesting to hear Vince's take on tracks like Viva Las Vegas as he pays homage to them.

Stand out tracks include Hes A Whore, Tattoos and Tequila, Another Piece Of Meat, and Viva Las Vegas.
Everyone knows that Vince ain't the greatest singer in the world, but he has a hell of a lot of charisma and is one great showman and that's what shows through on this album!

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rating 8/10

Monday, 2 August 2010

Buckcherry - All Night Long

Buckcherry return with the fifth studio album and quite possibly one of their strongest to date!

All Night Long is an album that is sure of itself its unbelievable, truly LA cock rock at its finest. This album really does have it all, from lighters in the air emotional ballads, such as 'I Want You' to out and out party tracks like 'Its A Party'. You have an almost epic closer in the form of 'Dead' and even a song where Josh Todd and the guys have something serious to say in the form of 'Our World'
A great album that will please the existing fan base and quite possibly help it grow even more!

Highly recommended!!

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rating - 9/10

Suicide Tuesday - Desperation EP

The bands bio says, 'Suicide Tuesday are a 4-piece Nottingham band brought together and inspired by the sleazy sounds of the Mid-80s Sunset Strip RnR scene,' and to be honest that's a pretty accurate description!

'Desperation' and 'Dirty Little Thing' capture the sleazy club vibe perfectly, bringing to mind early LA Guns mixed with a little Velvet Revolver and Skidrow!
'No Compromise/No Regrets' could have been taken straight of LA Guns debut album, whilst closing track 'Want Some?' slows the pace a little, and proves the Eps strong point, especially in the songwriting department.

If you like your rock low down and dirty with an (un)healthy dose of sleaze, then check these guys out!

website -
rating - 8/10

Bret Michael's - Custom Built

Poison front man Bret Michael's returns with a new solo album in the form of Custom Built, and the album is exactly what you would expect from such a veteran.

Opening with 'Ride Against The Wind' which has a poison meets country rock vibe going on before moving on to 'Lie To Me' which has a more contemporary rock vibe.
'Nothing To Loose' follows, which a beautiful country esq duet with Miley Cyrus, a surprisingly good song, very reminiscent of Poison's 'Every Rose'.
Of the rest of the tracks, “Open Road” which is a kind of summer anthem and a countrified version of “Every Rose”, (featuring Brad Arnold of Three Doors Down and country artists Chris Cagle and Mark Wills) prove to be album highlights.

A solid album on a whole, not amazing, but strong all the same.

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rating - 8/10