Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chickenfoot - III

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Track listing -

01. Last Temptation

02. Alright Alright
03. Different Devil
04. Up Next
05. Lighten Up
06. Come Closer
07. Three And a Half Letters
08. Big Foot
09. Dubai Blues
10. Something Going Wrong
11. (Hidden Bonus Track)

Chickenfoot is the SUPERGROUP band, and what a band,  featuring Sammy Hagar (Van Halen), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), guitarist Joe Satriani and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith.

Now this band environment really brings out the best in Joe's guitar work, please dont get me wrong, I love most of his solo out put, but here, working within a band environment, working withing the structure of propper songs so to speak, he really shines as a guitarist and not just the flamboyant instrumentalist. All the songs on this album are very strong, very well written, and with a line up like this it goes withoput saying extremely well performed. Sammy is in great voice too, really gelling with the music, love his singing on this album. Its hard to pick out a  stand out track with the entire album being so strong, but if I was puched I would have to go with, Last Temptaion, Different Devil, Three and a Half Letters and the Hidden bonus track, all of which are just awesome!

Van Halen's new album (with dave Lee Roth returning for vocal duties) is going to have to be something really special to beat this release!

Very Highly Reconmended!

rating 10/10

LESLIE WEST - Unusual Suspects

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic rock / Blues Rock

Track listing -
01. One More Drink For The Road (ft. Steve Lukather)

02. Mudflap Mama (ft. Slash)
03. To The Moon
04. Standing On A Higher Ground (ft. Billy F. Gibbons)
05. Third Degree (ft. Joe Bonamassa)
06. Legend
07. Nothing's Changed (ft. Zakk Wylde)
08. I Feel Fine
09. Love You Forever
10. My Gravity
11. Turn Out The Lights (ft. Slash & Zakk Wylde)
12. I Don't Know 'The Beetlejuice Song' (ft. Richard Christy) [bonus track]

"Legendary guitarist and Mountain founder Leslie West is releasing a brand new solo album entitled "Unusual Suspects" this September, his first since 2006’s 'Blue Me'."
Add Slash, Billy Gibbons, Zakk Wylde and Joe Bonamassa and TOTO singer / guitarist and legendary session musician Steve Lukather to mix and dare I say we're in for something a little special!
"Each of the songs on "Unusual Suspects" has been arranged with the guest musician in mind, which gives them another dimension. West has crafted 12 songs, ranging from the hard rocking “Nothing’s Changed” with Zakk Wylde to the awesome melodic and personal “Legend”.This album also features a couple of cover versions. One of these Leslie has cut before, Willie Dixon’s "Third Degree" which guest musician Joe Bonamassa was so impressed with first time around, he asked Leslie if he’d do it again and let him play on it. Joe also adds some vocals too, and his unmistakable guitar tone, compliments Leslie’s beautifully. The other is a take on Willie Nelson’s "Turn Out The Lights" where Slash and Zakk Wylde join in both acoustically and electrically, the result is nothing short of stunning!

Unusual Suspects is a stunning album, enhanced all the more by the quality of the talent guesting upon it, well worth checking out!

Rating - 10/10

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Queen - Made In Heaven (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – It’s A Beautiful Day
02 – Made In Heaven
03 – Let Me Live
04 – Mother Love
05 – My Life Has Been Saved
06 – I Was Born To Love You
07 – Heaven For Everyone
08 – Too Much Love Will Kill You
09 – You Don’t Fool Me
10 – A Winter’s Tale
11 – It’s A Beautiful Day (reprise)
12 – (Yeah)
13 – (Dead)

Bonus CD2:
01 – Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)
02 – It’s A Beautiful Day (B-Side Version)
03 – My Life Has Been Saved (1989 B-Side Version)
04 – I Was Born To Love You (Vocal & Piano Version)
05 – Rock In Rio Blues (Live B-Side)
06 – A Winter’s Tale (Cosy Fireside Mix)

this album was put together by the surviving band members after Freddies death and released in 1995. It features a collection of songs that Freddie finished before he died, Mother Love, A Winters Tale, You Dont Fool Me, re-worked solo tracks, Made In Heaven, I Was Born To Love You, Heaven For Everyone, Too Much Love Will Kill You, and re-worked tracks that had never been released, Its A Beautiful day, Let Me Live, and a re-worked B-side in My life Has Been Saved.

It was a strange album to listen too for the first time know that Freddie was no longer with us. this album had a slightly heavier sound than the past few Queen releases which was probably down to freddie not being involoved in its production.

Again the remastering here is spot on, and you cant really expect too much from the bonus disc as its an album made from leftovers in the first place, but I would have liked to have seen the origianal version of Let Me Live included with its why dont you take another little piece of my heart refrain.

still a great release.

rating - 10/10

Queen - Innuendo (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – Innuendo

02 – I’m Going Slightly Mad
03 – Headlong
04 – I Can’t Live With You
05 – Don’t Try So Hard
06 – Ride The Willd Wind
07 – All God’s People
08 – These Are The Days Of Our Lives
09 – Delilah
10 – The Hitman
11 – Bijou
12 – The Show Must Go On

Bonus CD2:
01 – I Can’t Live With You (1997 Rocks Retake)
02 – Lost Opportunity (B-Side)
03 – Ride The Wild Wind (Early Version with Guide Vocal)
04 – I’m Going Slightly Mad (Mad Mix)
05 – Headlong (Embryo with Guide Vocal)

1991, This album suprised the hell out of the nation. Lead single and title track went straight in tio the UK charts at number 1, the album followed a week later, and by god what an album! Spawning another 5 hit singles, Innuendo, Im Going Slightly Mad, Headlong, These Are The days Of Our Lives (which was to be the last promo video Freddie would ever record, where he seems to say goodby to his fans!) and The Show Must Go On.

This was the best album Queen had made in years, pure majesty, Innuendo, epic, Dont try So Hard with freddies vocals so crystal clear and sharp, The Hitman, a pure rocking work out, if Freddie knew he only had months to live he intended to go out on a high, and that he did!

Again the remastering is spot on, and the bonus disc throws up a few nice suprises, such as Ride The Wild Wind (Early version) and the embryonic Headlong with Brian adding guide vocals.
I would have loved to have seen Face It Alone, Assassin, My Secret Fantasy, Self Made Man and Robbery make this release, but onve again I can but hope that the promoised Anthology set eventually gets released.

rating 10/10 

Queen - The Miracle (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – Party
02 – Khashoggi’s Ship
03 – The Miracle
04 – I Want It All
05 – The Invisible Man
06 – Breakthru
07 – Rain Must Fall
08 – Scandal
09 – My Baby Does Me
10 – Was It All Worth It

Bonus CD2:
01 – I Want It All (Single Version)
02 – The Invisible Man (Early Version with Guide Vocal, August 1988)
03 – Hang On in There (B-Side)
04 – Hijack My Heart (B-Side)
05 – Stealin’ (B-Side)
06 – Chinese Tortoure (Instrumental)
07 – The Invisible Man (12” Version)

1989, the decade was coming to a close everyone was looking back over the past 10 years and voting in polls about who were the best band, best single, best live act etc, Queen released The Miracle spawing 5 hit singles and pretty much made  clean sweep of all the polls!
5 hit singles, I Want It All, The Miracle, Breakthru, The Invisible Man and Scandal, not bad going for a 10 track album!
now this album was one of the first albums to be recorded digitally, and that left the sound feeling a lil over produced (Queen over produced, no never!) and flat. This remaster injects a lot of life into the over all sound, making the tracks sound a little closer to their demo's (which are ace by the way!) so splendid job there.
the bonus disc, hmmm well mixed feeling here, yes I am happy at what they've put out, but there is so much more from these sessions that couls have been put on this disc! They've included the 12" version of The Invisible Man but NOT the extended 12" versions of Breakthru or Scandal hmmm. They have also included the unrealeased demo of The Invisible Man, which is interested and great appreciated, but why not include the other demo's know to exist from these sessions (theses sessions were so productive at one stage they considered putting out another album or EP entitled The Alternative Miracle!)
I would have loved to have seen, A New Life Is Born, I Guess We're Falling Out, Stealin' (12 min Jam version), Affairs, the original version of Too Much Love Will Kill You with Freddie on vocals (which was recorded during these sessions!)or Grand Dame get an officail realease. Also where is My Life Has Been Saved (Original 1989 B-side)?

great release, appreciated remaster but seriously left wanting more!

Rating 9/10 (for what we get)

Queen - A Kind Of Magic (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – One Vision

02 – A Kind Of Magic
03 – One Year Of Love
04 – Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
05 – Friends Will Be Friends
06 – Who Wants To Live Forever
07 – Gimme The Prize
08 – Don’t Lose Your Head
09 – Princes Of The Universe

Bonus CD2:
01 – A Kind Of Magic (Highlander Version)
02 – One Vision (Single Version)
03 – Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Single Remix)
04 – Forever (Piano Version)
05 – A Kind Of Vision (Demo, August 1985)
06 – One Vision (Live at Wembley Stadium, July 11th 1986)
07 – Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends…

Hot on the heels of a blistering performance at 1985's Live Aid (a gig that pretty much saved the band from splitting up!) Queen entered the studio to record the soundtrack to one of my favourite films of all time, The Highlander. For some reason, although the music was used in the movie, the soundtrack album was scrapped and the songs re worked into what would be come A Kind Of Magic.
This was to prove to be one of Queens biggest selling albums and tours of all tiume, in fact the last tour to feature the late Freddie, those were magic years!
Featuring 4 huge singles in, One Vision, A Kind Of Magic, Who Wants To Live Forever and Friends Will Be Friends, this album was awesome. Again the remastering is perfect, ensuring the tracks now sound even better!
The bonus material on here is a mixed bag, its great to see the Highlander version of A Kind Of Magic getting an official release, but why not the awesome Highlander version of Princes Of THe Universe?
The demo of A Kind Of Magic is a welcome addition, but would have liked to see more material like this made available, such as the Queen demo of You Are The Only One, ohh well maybe we will get the Queen Anthology released one day (as promised back in 2000!)

A Great album well worth reaquainting yourself with!

Rating - 10/10

Queen - The Works (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -


01 – Radio Ga Ga
02 – Tear It Up
03 – It’s A Hard Life
04 – Man On The Prowl
05 – Machines (Back To Humans)
06 – I Want To Break Free
07 – Keep Passing The Open Windows
08 – Hammer To Fall
09 – Is This The World We Created …

01 – I Go Crazy (B-Side)
02 – I Want To Break Free (Single Remix)
03 – Hammer To Fall (Headbanger’s Mix)
04 – Is This The World We Created… (Live in Rio, January 1985)
05 – Its A Hard Life (Live in Rio, January 1985)
06 – Thank God It’s Christmas (Non-Album Single)

Queen studio albums continue to get the remastering treatment, this time its 1984's release The Works. this album need no introductions, it features some of Queens biggest know singles (and most controversial!), in Radio GaGa and I Want To Break Free, plus a couple of Queens later day rockng classics such as Tear It Up and Hammer To Fall. Again the remastering brings out the best from each song, giving them all a brand new lease of life, leaving the listener to discover things that they had never noticed in the past.

the bonus tracks on CD2 are a little dissapointing, I know for a fact that there are demo's that could have been included in place of the live tracks, such as the Michael Jackson tracks, or Back To Storm or even the demo version of Keep Passing The Open Windows that has been doing the rounds in trading circles.

Still a mighty fine release non the less!

Rating - 9/10


Genre - Rock / Classic Rock / Blues / Soul / Pop
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing -

01. Love Power And Peace   (lead vox Ruby Turner & Jaki Graham)
02. Seven Golden Daffodils    (lead vox Jacqui Williams & Robin George)
03. Cocoon                            (lead vox Sean Harris)
04. Pride                                (lead vox Ruby Turner) 
05. Bluesong                          (lead vox Charlie George)
06. World                              (lead vox Freya Copeland, Vix, Robin George & Arthur Brown)
07. King’s Call                      
08. Tired Eyes                        (lead vox David Byron)
09. Another Lonely Night       (lead vox Daniel Boone)
10. With A Little Help From My Friends  (lead vox Sean Harris, Jacqui Williams & Robin George)
11. Mona Lisa Smile              (lead vox Pete Goalby)
12. Wasted Time                   (lead vox John Wetton)
13. Alice                                (lead vox Robin George & Spike)
14. No Justice                        (lead vox Andy Pyke)
15. Heartline                          (lead vox Nick Tart)
16. Next to You/Don’t Turn Away (lead vox Robin George)
17. Angel Song                      (lead vox Robin George)

" This album involves no less than 50 artists making a contribution to this charity album under the production of project mastermind ROBIN GEORGE. The LovePower Band who are: Pete Haycock (The Climax Blues Band), Charlie Morgan (Elton John Band), Mel Collins (King Crimson), JacquieWilliams (Sister Sledge), Charley Charlesworth (Dangerous Music) and Robin George (Phil Lynott etc) Artwork is by the fabulous Andie Airfix.'

As the title suggests this is Robin’s Love Power and he has called on members of Uriah Heep, Trapeze, UFO, Mott The Hoople, Hanoi Rocks, Cry Baby's, King Crimson, Diamond Head, Asia, Quireboys to soul queen Jaki Graham to Ruby Turner to ViX to produce an album which is the desire of all artists participating to put something back by way of a charity album." "The Love Power project began with a conversation in the Andalucian mountain village in which Robin George now has his home. It started as a single, then grew to an EP and then as more artists recorded Robin’s songs they started contacting fellow artists/musicians and has now grown to a full album. As Robin recently said "It’s amazing a couple of weeks ago I recorded drummers Charlie Morgan in Nashville and Pete Thompson in Dallas where he was performing with Robin Trower. With 21st Century technology, geographical distance is no barrier"

Apart from the 50 musicians others who have freely dedicated their time and expertise include a choir of over 200 schoolchildren, an international women’s choir, a male rock choir, as well as photographers, journalists, art studios and record companies.
Uniquely for a charity album the entire profits from this release are being donated to three charities- BCAT, Haven House, and Compton Hospice."

 This is a great album, combining the talents of a whole host of musicians. Highlights for me include Cocoon and With A Little Help From My Friends, if for no other reason than they feature ex Diamond Head vocalist Sean harris on lead vocals, in quite possibly his first released work since being ousted from the band a few years back, awesome.
Another highlight is Bluesong where Charlie George just owns the lead vocal!
 Some tracks do sound a little dated, but what the hey, on the whole this is a great album and its raising money for some great charity's!

webisite - LovePower and Peace 
rating 9/10

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dirty Habit - Mental Execution

Genre - Hard Rock / Garage
Label - Dirty Records

Track listing -

01 - Hell
02 - Sick Of You
03 - Place To Be
04 - Down Below
05 - Alcohol
06 - Car Wreck
07 - Verge Of Insanity
08 - Daddy's Little Girl
09 - Gold Digger
10 - Make Things Right
11 - Dirty Little Habit
12 - Go Hard Or Go Home

UK 3 piece rocker's Dirty Habit, Scarlette Sin (Vocals and Bass), Dan (Guitars) and Toby (Drums)  deliver up Mental Execution an filled of raw edged attitude filled gems. Dans Guitar work is stunning throughout, Scarlette's vocals are a perfect match and the raw production suites the songs and dare I say the band perfectly.
Add some crowd noises and I think this album is a pretty close match to how the band sound live, which must be an experience with the band and songs displaying so much energy here!
Stand out tracks for me would have to include, Sick Of You, Verge Of Insanity and Daddy's Little Girl.
A very promising band, definetley one to watch in the future!

Website - Dirty Habit
Rating - 9/10

Visitor - The Need To Believe

Genre - Metal / Metalcore
Label - Copro Records / Casket Records

Track listing -

01 - Face Of Fear
02 - 428
03 - The Whispering
04 - We Are Not Alone
05 -World In Flames
06 - Relentless
07 - 9 Circles of Hell

Manchester four piece, Visitor, unleash The Need To Believe upon the poor unsuspectine world. Seven, yes only seven, tracks of blistering riffs, relentless drumming and 3 part vocals, yes three of the four guys handle vocal duties, switching between each other throughout each song. The songs are relentless, pounding you into submission, barely leaving you time to catch your breath. I love the vocals, constantly changing from old school metal, vocal harmonies and growling, great concept.
This album probably needed a softer track included, to add a little contrast, a little light to the shade so to speak, but on a whole its a good release, but be warned, it WILL LEAVE YOU EXHAUSTED!!

website - Visitor
Rating - 8.5/10

Sworn To Oath - Leave You for Dead EP

Genre - Metal
Label - Independant

Track listing -

01. Last Call
02. (Everything) Reminds Me of You
03. False Promise
04. Leave You for Dead

Uk three peice, Sworn To Oath return with their new Ep, Leave You For Dead, the follow up to last years Dont Fuck About Ep, and hell these guys just get better and better. Opening with current single, Last Call, which has an almost commercial edge to it, without losing any of the bands power and attitude, before steam rolling into  (Everything) Reminds Me Of You, with its intro pummling you into submission with a barrage of riffs. Next up is moody rocker False Promise with the grinding title track, Leave You for Dead closing out this great little Ep.
What I like about Sworn To Oath, and what sets them aside from many of their contemporarys is vocalist and bassist Tom Shaw. He has  (at times) a great melodic voice and doesnt resort to constant growling and shouting all the way through songs, a major plus point for me! Together these three guys are a solid force!

All four tracks are great, and with the reputation that these guys are building for themselves on the live circuit you had better check them out as soon as possible!

Sworn To Oath are quite simply one of the best UK metal bands out there at the moment, and are surly desting for greatness!

website - Sworn II Oath  
Rating - 10/10

Sebastian Bach - Kicking and Screaming

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Track listing -
01. Kicking & Screaming

02. My Own Worst Enemy
03. TunnelVision (featuring John 5)
04. Dance On Your Grave
05. Caught In A Dream
06. As Long As I Got The Music
07. I'm Alive
08. Dirty Power
09. Live The Life
10. Dream Forever
11. One Good Reason
12. Lost In The Light
13. Wishin'

Former Skidrow vocalist Seb Bach returns with his latest offering, Kicking and Screaming, an apt title for one of rocks wildest characters.
Opening with lead single and title track, Kickind And Screaming, Seb really sets out his stall. Great riff driven songs dripping in melody. Seb seems to be in fine voice here, with his vocals showcasing his range, from subtle soft melodies, to rough growl to full on metal scream.
Now here we have 13 well written, finely crafted songs, performed by a very talented band, but to me it just seems that something is missing. please dont get me wrong, I have always loved Seb Bach, ever since back in the MTV hey day with Skidrow's 18 & Life and Youth Gone Wild, through Skidrows highest point todate with Slave To The Grind, and I loved Sebs last solo effort Angel Down, but this album is more Youth Gone Mild than Kicking and Screaming. I just cant put my finger on it, the songs are great, the band sonds great, and as I have already said, Seb is in fine voice, so maybe its the production. Everything is just a little too polished for my liking, robbing the tracks of that raw edge, that energy that was so apparent of Skidrows Slave To The Grind.
Again, please dont get me wrong, this is a fine album, with stand out tracks like, My Own Worst Enemy, As Long As I Got The Music, Dirty Power and Tunnel Vision, it just lacks a little something for me.

Rating - 8/10

The Answer - Revival

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Track listing -

01. Waste Your Tears

02. Use Me
03. Trouble
04. Nowhere Freeway
05. Tornado
06. Vida (I Want You)
07. Caught On The Riverbed
08. Destroy Me
09. New Day Rising
10. Can not Remember, Can not Forget
11. One More Revival
12. Lights Are Down

Irish hard rocker's, The Answer, return with their new album, Revival. Well the good news is that if you're a fan of the band then you're gonna love this album! Hell to be honest if you are a fan of Classic / Hard Rock then you are going to love this album. You've got great classic riffs, solid songs and HUGE chorus's to boot!
The band have been around long enough now to have the confidence to stretch their songwritting tallents a little too and mix the influences within the songs too, which a possitive, with some songs having a very Zepplin feel to them and some having a distinctive southern flavour too. There are out and out rockers like New day Rising, there's moody classy songs like Destroy Me, as well as great balladesque tracks like Lights Are Down and classy tracks like Caught On The Riverbed. This album really does have it all!
Revival is a fantastic album from a great band, a record (or should that be CD?) that really delivers!
Very Highly Reconmended!
Rating - 10/10

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Genre -
Label - Glasstone Records

Track listing -
01 - Leap of Desire 1
02 - Sunday Best
03 - Mud (feat Sucker Twin)
04 - Leagacy
05 - Blinded
06 - This Is A raid
07 - Pull Out The Nails
08 - Leap Of Desire 11
09 - Nowhere To Run To
10 - Softer Cell

Brighton-based duo YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD release thier debut self titled album on Glasstone Records. YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD’s album release follows an iTunes featured 'Hot Picks' debut EP, singles, remixes & compilations on Kitsuné, EMI & Glasstone, andwith their music appearing on films (Teen Wolf) and TV Shows (Skins). So as you can see these guys have been showcasing their blend of elctro punk indie pop all over the place.
The album is a collection of 10 tracks (some re-worked and some brand new) that Elle & Jay felt made sense together and are a good representation of their collaborative creative efforts.

The album was entirely produced and mixed by YLHCSD and mastered at The Exchange in London by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk / Justice / Mr.Oizo / Björk / Underworld).
This is an interesting release, a kind of cross over album, with a punk ish element, but definetly more techno / electronica based. The songs are a miss mash of electronic beast, keyboards, guitars and Elle's distotrted vocals. Not bad at all but not really my cup of tea.
Enjoyable but for me rather throw away, so please check these guys out for yourselves.

Fans or anyone interested in these guys, can DOWNLOAD ALBUM TRACK ‘LEAP OF DESIRE FOR FREE HERE: "

Rating - 7/10 (mainly because its not to my personal taste, so please check them out for yourselves!)


Genre - rock / punk / garage / experimental / indie

Label - Black Nutria Independent Label / Cargo

Track listing -
01. Consequences 

02. Rust 
03. DIsmembered 
04. Sailing Away 
05. U.T.W.
06. The Last Man 
07. Ignorance 
08. Guilty

"This Italian trio have been a band since 2003, pursuing an essential and minimal “ice cold” approach to their music: an eclectic and unpredictable brand of post-punk that doesn't overlook the genre’s minimal approach and essence."
With a stripped down sound, and some fairly solid songs, Polar For The Masses pretty much acheive their goal with Silence. With an almost idie grunge feel  with a punk / post punk approach these guys do offer something a little different, and rather enjoyable. All the songs are pretty solid, with Sailing Away, The Last Man and Guilty really standing out to my ears. With comparisons being made to Placebo, Brian Molko, Foo Fighters and Dave Grhol the band are getting alot of relavent attention. Silence is the bands third album, and their experience shows in the tightness of the band, but I feel the production is just a little too flat for me, robbing the songs of some of their attitude and agression.
On a whole not a bad album, worth checking out, but I would love to see what the guys could come up with, by enlisting the aid of a top producer!

Website - Polar For The Masses
rating - 8/10 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Genre - Hard Rock / Shock rock / Glam Rock

Track listing -

01. I Am Made Of You

02. Caffeine
03. The Nightmare Returns
04. A Runaway Train
05. Last Man On Earth
06. The Congregation
07. I'll Bite Your Face Off
08. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
09. Ghouls Gone Wild
10. Something To Remember Me By
11. When Hell Comes Home
12. What Baby Wants
13. I Gotta Get Outta Here
14. The Underture

Recorded with longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, who produced the original multi-platinum "Welcome To My Nightmare" album in 1975, the record picks up right where they left off, with Alice trapped in his own warped mind. "This is Alice's nightmare 35 years later," explains Alice, "Bob and I created this character and we know how to write for him. I play the part but we're not writing for me, we're writing for Alice. We kept the first 'Nightmare' album very personal to us, on this one we found more humor and we were more open. This was our world and we want to present it to the fans. The original album was my first solo album after all those huge hit records with the original band and now that nightmare is exposed, this one can be a little bit more open. The music crosses all sorts of boundaries; we went where the lyrics took us."

"There is a vast array of collaborators on the new album, including original Alice Cooper members Denis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith reunited on three tracks; global pop superstar Ke$ha, who affectionately calls Alice "dad"; and legendary Alice and Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter, who is part of Alice's current touring band and featured prominently on the first "Nightmare" album.

Musically, the album ranges far and wide, from trashing disco to garage punk, pop balladry to a rocking number very much in the spirit of THE ROLLING STONES. And then there's the ballad "Something To Remember Me By", described by Alice as "the prettiest song we have ever released."
Glimpses of themes from the original album are intertwined throughout, each track representing a different aspect of Alice's nightmare."

The first thing that I did before listening to this album was to give the original 1975 Welcome To My Nightmare a spin, just so that I could honestly say as to whether Welcome 2 My Nightmare stands up to its predecessor, and not to be comparing it through the eyes of nostalgia.

Welcome 2 My Nightmare, just like its predecessor has a wide range of music styles and themes going on, from the Rolling Stones influenced lead single, I’ll Bite Your Face Off, to the Beatles / Oasis themed Last Man On Earth, to the rock n roll / Ramones groove of Ghouls Gone Wild.
One thing that I have loved when listening to this album is the way that they have interwoven themes, snippets of piano or guitar refrains from the original 1975 masterpiece. All of a sudden, you hear a piano segment from Steven, or a little theme from Only Women Bleed, and all done without it sounding tacky or forced, awesome!

I love this album and I can honestly say that Welcome 2 My Nightmare is the best album Alice has released in years, and I love most of the albums that he has released in his long career!

Well worth checking out!

Website - Alice Cooper
Rating - 10/10

The Brew - The Third Floor

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Blues
Track listing -

01 - Sirens Of War
02 - Six Dead
03 - Reached The Sky
04 - See You once Again
05 - Master and Pupeteer
06 - The Third Floor
07 - Piper Of Greed
08 - Crimson Crsyal raindrops
09 - Hard Times
10 - Imogen Molly
11 - Let It Back

"Though often named a modern blues band, The Brew have evolved far beyond the restrictions of blues to become one of Europe's most prominent rock bands. Hailing from Grimsby (UK) the band draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from the experimental psychedelic tunes of the '60s, to more contemporary artists on the rock scene.

The band's extensive European tours have resulted in a massive underground following, which is just beginning to break into the mainstream as their fan-base rapidly increases. Appearances across national television and radio stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Holland have confirmed the band as one of Britain’s better known musical exports."

Here we have eleven finely crafted and excellently executed songs. It would be unfair to label them simply as blues song, as they are so much more, crossing many musical boundaries, through classic and hard rock to psychedelic rock!
This multi generational trio's line up consists of Jason Barwick - Lead guitar, vocals (born in 1989), Tim Smith - Bass guitar, vocals. (Father of Kurtis.) and Kurtis Smith - Drums, vocals (born in 1988), and boy do they know how to put together a song, just check out the title track alone!

The Third Floor is a very solid album and well worth checking out!

website - The Brew
Rating - 10/10

Anthrax - Worship Music

Genre - Metal / Thrash

Track listing -

01. Worship
02. Earth On Hell
03. The Devil You Know
04. Fight 'Em Til You Can't
05. I'm Alive
06. Hymn 1
07. In The End
08. The Giant
09. Hymn 2
10. Judas Priest
11. Crawl
12. The Constant
13. Revolution Screams

Who would have thought that in 2011, Anthrax would release what could possibly be the best album of their 30-year career? That's exactly what happened with their latest, highly anticipated slab of metal, Worship Music. This is classic Anthrax at its best - fast, heavy and melodic!
With a lineup that includes, Joey Belladonna ( returning to lead vocals after a 20 year absence from an Anthrax album!), main stay and heart of the band, Scott Ian (rhythm guitar), Rob Caggiano (guitars), the mighty Charlie Benante (drums) and Frank Bello (bass), Anthrax fans were hoping for something special and boy have the band delivered!
Earth On Hell in vintage Anthrax, fast and furious, The Devil You know is Anthrax with an ACDC groove, Fight 'Em Til You Cant is another classic Anthrax track in the making!
In The End is a near seven-minute epic that pays tribute to the bands fallen friends, Dimebag Darrell Abbott and Ronnie James Dio. This is easily the most emotional and passionate song Anthrax has ever done, whilst Judas Priest has a nice NWOBHM feel to it
I'm Alive, The Giant, The Constant and Revolution Screams are just as solid as the other tracks, all four being straight ahead, in your face rockers with big melodic hooks.
As I said earlier, this is possibly the best album Anthrax has released in their 30 year career.
Highly Recommended!

website - Anthrax
Rating - 10/10

The Union - Sirens Song

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label -

Track listing -

01 - Siren's Song

02 - Blame It On Tupelo
03 - Orion
04 - Obsession
05 - Make Up Your Mind
06 - The Remedy
07 - Cut The Line
08 - Burning Daylight
09 - Black Gold
10 - Time
11 - If I Could Make You Mine

Ex Thunder, leader and axe man Luke Morley (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals) and ex Winterville singer Peter Shoulder (Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars) return with their second album under "The Union" banner with Sirens Song, and once again, it is the perfect marriage between experience and maturity and youth and energy. Every song on this album just screams quality, and I am still amazed by Peter Shoulders ability to co write songs of this standard at his relatively young age!

From the acoustic numbers like Sirens Song, Orion, and Make Up Your Mind, to the foot stomping rockers like The Remedy, Black Gold, and Obsession, this album has it all.
For every song on this album the guitar work, both acoustic and electric, is top notch and the vocals are out of this world.

A contender for Classic Rock album of the year, I think so!

Very highly reconmended!

website - The Union
Rating - 10/10