Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ashtones - Mainline Rockets

Imagine what would happen if you crossed Motorhead, The Almighty and The Sex Pistols, well you might just get Ashtones!

Basically its straight forward garage rock with a great punk ethos and mentality, and a great ear for a tune, hailing from France.
Songs like 'She Goes Commando', 'That Greasy Spell', 'Ace of Slut' (which I guess is a kind of ballad!), 'The Biggest Prick' and 'Shit in My Blood' are great representations of what the band are all about. This album contains two covers, 'So Bored With The USA' and an excellent version of the Demolition 23 classic 'Hammersmith Palais'.
The songs have so much energy and passion that seeing these guys live must really be an experience
If you like your rock loud, dirty and proud then I see no reasons why you shouldn't love this cd!

Highly reconmended!
Website -

rating 10/10

Feelfree Conspiracy - 3 Track EP

Hailing from Perth in Scotland Feelfree Conspiracy are a four piece classic rock band with some finely crafted tunes let me tell you. This is a three track Ep featuring the tracks 'Old Style Baby', 'Black Sheep' and 'The Architect' . The band only formed in 2009 which comes as a major shock when you consider the strength and quality of the songs, which come a kind of cross between The Black Crowes and 90's band Kashmir. Vocalist Liam Quinn has a great voice, well suited to the material and I believe we get to here big things from guitarist Jamie Cameron in the future as he sounds like a very accomplished and disciplined player. The Rhythm section of Jack Brown (Bass) and Mark MacSporran (Drums) are solid and fluid, having an almost jazz like quality to them.

My pick of the three songs is 'Old Style Baby' just because it seems to have a little more energy than the other two which are still of an extremely high and enjoyable standard.

This band is one to watch out for!

band website -

rating 9/10

(All My Friends Are) Dead - 5 Songs Ep

Formed in 2006 (All My Friends Are) Dead are an Italian punk / rock / Rockabilly 5 piece band, with some great raw energetic songs. They have a real punk quality to them, usually short and snappy tracks with a raw passionate vocal. The longest song on this Ep clocks in at just over 3 minutes and that's just perfect.

The song titles pretty much give you an idea of what your letting yourself in for, songs like, 'What Madonna You Want', Piss In A Bottle','Charles Bronson','Beware Of The Totem' and 'December of 62'.
All of the songs are very strong with the band managing to find the right balance between angst and melody. This Ep is really enjoyable, well worth checking out

Web site -

rating 8/10

Jezebel - 4Track Demo / Ep

Midlands rockers Jezebel have a raw quality about them which the four songs on this demo / Ep really do show case. Opening with 'Rock N Roll' they really set their store out with some great sleazy rock n roll. 'Too Young' quickly follows, but this borrows to heavily from other songs, for an example part of the bridge on this track borrows heavily from Skidrows Get The Fuck Out, its still fun but doesn't match the quality of its predecessor.

'Scars' is up next and I guest its Jezebels attempt at The Unforgiven, as the song has a very similar feel, good song though and again it shows off a slightly different side to the band. Final track is 'Demon Lover' which is a great mid tempo rocker.

Jezebel do show a hell of a lot of promise and they do seem to be a hard working grafting band with a lot to offer in the future. Another band to keep your eyes on over the next couple of years!

website -

rating 8/10

Kevin Lee & the Kings - Dusk Till Dawn

Kevin Lee & The Kings are a 5 piece band hailing from Chicago, USA, headed up by one Mr Kevin Lee formerly of Kevin Lee and the Lonesome City Kings. Musically they are melodic band with some great pop over tones, some really nice songs on this Ep like 'The Other Side', 'I Still Believe' and 'Time Wont Stand Still', but I have too say the @Invisible' is the best song on offer, it really does have everything, a great song!

They list Cheap Trick, Collective Soul, Billy Idol, Beatles, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Buckcherry, Badfinger amongst their influences and your really can hear them in place.

Dusk Till Dawn is a strong modern melodic rock Ep which is well worth checking out if you like the softer side of the rock spectrum.
website -
Rating 8/10

Red Letter Merchant - Leave It All Behind

Red Letter Merchant are a five piece rock / alternative band hailing from the good old Usa.

Musicially they come across as a poppier Nickleback, but they do have some great songs like ' Words Are Weapons' which has some real quality to it.

Recorded at Chicago Recording Company by Chris Steinmetz and mastered at Bob Ludwig's Gateway Mastering by Adam Ayan, "Leave It All Behind" seems like a band finding a new direction and a new lease of life so to speak.

The songs are very well written, emotionally charged and filled with passion. Red Letter Merchant have all the right ingredients to break through and become international superstars ala Nickleback and Shinedown.

A good album for those of you that like the contemporary mainstream!
website -

rating 8/10

Toyz - Carte Blanche

Toyz are a French melodic rock / AOR band originaly formed back in 1997, but after numerous breakups and line up changes they are just now releasing their second album in the form of Carte Blanche.

What we have here is a band heavily influenced and pretty much in the same vein as FM, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Dokken and Danger Danger.

There is some real quality in the songs here, tracks like 'Velvet Touch' just ooze class.'The Old Tree' and 'Pharaohs Cries' are two more fine examples of what this band are capable of.

Carte Blanche is a solid album from a very talented band which fans of the melodic rock and aor genres should really enjoy!
website -

Rating 8/10

Vince Neil -- Tattoos & Tequila (Free One track Download single)

With Motley Crue deciding to take some time out this year lead vocalist Vince Neil has found the time to record a new solo album and being the kind hearted soul that he is, he has decided to make 'Tattoos & Tequila available for free as a taster for the full albums release.

Damn this is a great song! It could easily have been a Motley Crue song, more in line with Vince's debut solo album then with his previous follow up Carved In Stone.

This is a great example of modern glam / sleaze rock and the free downloadable video is a blast too, damn I feel like a teenager all over again. If the rest of the album is as good as this then we really are in for a treat!

website -

rating 10/10

Various Artists - Saints and Sinners

Saint and Sinners is a 21 track compilation album put out by Wolverine Records showcasing the talent they have on their rosta. Artists featured include, 'The Strawberry Blondes', 'B.Mike Zero', 'Out Of Luck','Ramouns', 'Turbonegra',' Rumble Club',' Pipes and Pints', ' Francine',' Ripmen', 'Hybrid Children', 'The Sewer rats and many more.

Its a great and varied compilation with some great songs on it, but like all compilations you end up feeling why choose that track and not........

A great introduction to the bands on the Wolverine Records Rosta
Give it a blast you may discover a band that rocks your world!
website -

rating 9/10

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Jade - Seconds Away From Salvation

The Jade hail from Finland and were formed in 2004. Seconds Away From Salvation is their debut fill length album and its great. A great mix of contemporary rock mixed with all the right classic rock elements, with out its over indulgences.

Opening with ' Solitary Soul' things couldn't get off to a better start, this song has everything, its just simply great, 'Burning The Roses' quickly follows, maintaining the high standards set by the previous track. In fact this album is filled to the brim with classic in the making, there are plenty of excellent rock tracks here like 'Drowning', and well I could list the entire track list if I am to be honest. The Jade are surely a band to keep an eye on in 2010 as with having an album of this quality things surely have to happen for them!

I can honestly recommend this album, check it out you will not regret it!

website -

Rating 10/10

Starecat - Dum Dum

London based power pop / punk/ rock alternative band Starecat unleash their new two track single upon the world, Dum Dum b/w Big Nothin'.

'Dum Dum' is a great little commercial radio friendly blast of powerpop, Kim Deals vocals manage to draw you in perfectly. There's nothing here that is going to set the world on fire, but what is here is well written, excellently performed and well really rather enjoyable. I'll have to check out the album as this single does show a lot of promise, maybe after repeated listens these little hell cats are getting me hooked?

website -

Rating 8/10

Final Gravity - H20

LA based prog / Rock / Metal band give us H20, a 14 track beast of an album.

Final Gravity are basically a rootsy hard rockin band from middle America, rebelling a little and doing their bit to put the world to right. Yes they can come across a little Rush like in places, but that's probable not a bad thing, and at least these guys seem to know how to restrain themselves a little and not write the endless droning tunes that may of the genre submit us too. To be honest H20 is a solid album with songs like 'The Darkness', 'Phoenix', 'Flying Dutchmen' and 'Be Not Afraid' really showcasing the bands song writing talents.

A good solid album that fans of the genre should love and rock fans in general will probably enjoy too.

website -

Rating 8/10

Smirnov - Privetearihi

California, LA is where Smirnov hails from bringing us a bluesy classic rock similar in places to The Black Crows, Early Alice Cooper, Voodoo Johnson maybe even Terrorvision and Tenacious D only with a very quirky sense of humour in the lyrics. Tracks like 'Angel', 'Saddest Boy in The World', 'Take It To Marz' and 'Rebelz' really showcase this guys talents.

Privetearihi is a great album thoroughly enjoyable with some great songs on it, id love to see this guy live if and when he ever gets over to this side of the pond.

As I said fans of any of the bands that I mentioned above should find something to love on this album, highly recommended!

website -

Rating 9/10

Supercharger (UK) - Smashing Up The Future EP

Now this EP has been out for a while now, it was released in early December 2008 but don't let that put you off. Let me introduce the band to those of you who may not have a clue as to who they are. Supercharger are a four piece rock band based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, and were born out of the ashes of Runt (UK) who called it a day in late 2007 and are lead by Nick Parsons (Whatever / The Almighty). The band have a rock / punk / metal sound which I can best describe as the perfect blending of The Wildhearts with The Almighty!

You get 4 tracks here, ' Lawyers and Locksmiths', 'Undone', 'Different Kind Of Low', and Jekyll and Hyde'.

'Lawyers and Locksmiths' opens up this ep with just the perfect balance of tempo, aggression and melody, really getting things off to a great start, 'Undone' follows, which is slightly heavier, with some crunching guitars but this song really shows The Wildhearts influences in my opinion as Ginger himself could have written this one with its tempo changes and mid section, in fact it also brings to mind Nick's former band 'Whatever'.

Then we get 'Different Kind Of Low', which again could have been penned by the Ginger one himself, its an up tempo punk track with a great melodic chorus, a brilliant song!

'Jekyll and Hyde' rounds up this ep and is another fine track. If you liked bands like The Wildhearts, The Almighty and Whatever in the mid nineties then you're going to love this ep, you really should check these guys out!

website -

Rating 10/10

The Rocket Dolls - Frame Ep

The Rocket Dolls are a young post grunge 3 piece out fit based in Brighton (UK) whom formed late 2008. And I have to say, for a band that's been together for such a short time they have a very polished and accomplished sound. With a sound that comes across to me as Powertrippin era Almighty they offer up 4 very strong songs on the ep 'Frame'.

Opening up with title track 'Frame', they get things off to a great start, quickly following up with 'Broken', which mixes things up a little with a few tempo changes, but is yet again another very strong song. ' Bleeding The Shame' is up next, and is a little more melodic and commercial than its two predecessors, showing the band are no one trick pony's, and is yet another very strong song. 'Delirium' closes the Ep out, and is another great song, a little quicker in tempo than the other three and must be great live. The Rockets Dolls give us some great heavy, dark, moody, aggressive music without ever slipping into the out and out metal growly vocals genre which is great as I have always loved to actually hear singers sing and hated it when many great songs have been spoilt by growly vocals. They keep their sound tilted more towards heavy rock / punk as opposed to metal, and they write absolutely brilliant songs. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this band!

Check em out!

website -

Rating 9/10

Top Hat Alleycat - Top Hat Alleycat's Most Triumphant E.P

Top Hat Alleycat are a 5 piece rock band from Norwich UK, They play a kind of rock heavily infuleneced by the glam rock of the mid to late 80's, and they play it really well. Opener 'Red Light City' is a nice up tempo rocker, a great opener that is quickly followed by 'Day By Day', which is another great m,elodic rocker telling to "live your life, day by day, cuz you never know when you'll be taken away", a truer sentiment could never be said / sang!

'Friend' closes out this three track ep, its a slighty slower tempo, almost power ballad I guess. Top Hat Alleycat have some great songs on display here, with a kind of poor mans Poison / Motley Crue / Wrathchild / GnR sound production wise, hell Id love to hear what these guys could sound like with a production budget of one of the aforementioned bands!.

A great fun diversion from the horrors of day to day life, well worth checking out.

website -

Rating 8/10

The Band of the Eye - Contagious Ignorance

The Band Of The Eye are a Rock / Alternative / Grunge band based in the Bristol / Gloucester ares of the Uk. The band formed in 2007 and have enjoyed a fair amount of success on the underground music scene ever since. They are band whose sound is pretty difficult to pigeon hole as each song seems to throw something different into the mix, which can only ever be a good thing. Having managed to get themselves onto the cover mounted cds of magazines and fanzines like Bubblegum Slut and Alternative Magazine, the band have continued to draw attention and expand there fan base.

Contagious Ignorance is the bands debut full album, and its a stonker. AS i said each track offers up something different, sometimes with only the underlying current of black humour holding the hole album together. Stand out tracks include, 'Wasting', ' Why You Are So Awful', and 'King Of The Dead'.

A great album with enough variety to appeal to evryone.

website -

Rating 9/10

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Destine - Light Speed

Destine is Holland’s response to punk pop bands such as Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan and Paramore. With its distinctive American sound and appearance, it seems like only a matter of time before Destine becomes an established name in Europe. The five youngsters joined forces in 2006 and released the A Dozen Dreams EP. After this, a time of intensive touring followed: in the first year 70 shows were played in the Netherlands, England, Wales, Germany, France and Belgium. Also, the band was the support act for bands like New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy. The large amount of shows rapidly resulted in a steady fan base.

Destine have launched its own on line TV-platform where people can follow the band’s every move. Meanwhile, the band appeared on national TV and radio, including the song Last Scene Of A Plane Crash being used for a commercial on TV station Comedy Central.

The album has many strong songs on it, showcasing the band developing songwriting skills, and they keep their sound commercial enough to attract fans in their masses!

A very very good album!

Rating 10/10

Restruct - Built Back Up From Self Destruction

Powerful, lyric driven rock songs with a message that cover a wide spectrum of styles to create an album that you can play all the way through and enjoy. From high energy rock to acoustic, music for any time or mood. The name of their CD is Built Back Up From Self-Destruction, a creation of cleaver word play on the name of the band. The members of Restruct have been steadily making a name for themselves catching the ear and attention of fans while touring and by achieving airplay. It’s not hard to see them in the ranks of alternative giants such as Default, Puddle of Mudd, and Nickleback with songs like The Brim and Change. The Brim is an acoustic based song with melodic violin accents.

It is very rare that you see an album that has such a great mix of sound from rock, acoustic to metal. If you're into Three Days Grace, I would recommend this album.

Rating 9/10

Ramouns - Rockway Beach Boys

The Ramouns are a Ramones themed tribute band covering Beach Boy songs with '409', 'Little Honda', 'I Get Around', 'Shutdown', and more. This album comes with its own fictional (I believe) back story ala the likes of Fozzy and Spinal Tap.

The band manage to pull it off very well, with the image and general sound of the Ramones coming through really well, and it really does work on the Beach Boy classic, to my ears in many ways improving the songs in many places making them more enjoyable for the average rock / punk fun.
12 songs are pure fun!
Highly recommended

Rating 10/10

Babylon Rockets - Conspiracity

Spanish glam rockers offer up their debut album with Conspiracity, which is a classic rock affair with an almost glam / sleaze rock feel.

Conspiacity is a strong debut album, musically tipping its hat towards acdc in various places (such as 'Take A Ride' and 'Once Again') whilst trying to walk the glam rock / sleaze rock path.

One of the stand out tracks on this album is 'Sell My Soul' with its excellent guitar work power and melody.

Babylon Rockets basically give us a pure rock n roll album, littered with cliche's yes, but pumped full with fun and good old fashioned love for rock n roll.

Live these guys must be a blast.

Well worth checking out

Rating 8/10

Acey Slade & the Dark Party - The Dark Party

New York-based musician Acey Slade is trying to make a name for himself as a solo-artist after stints with glam rockers The Murderdolls and metallers Dope – ‘The Dark Party’ is his debut release with his band of the same name.

This is pretty much a one man project (until it comes to the live shows), and comes across as a great mix of rock and electronica music, with goth elements thrown in the mix in places.

The songs are are all pretty strong, from the commercial 'Sugarcum' to the harder edged 'Coming Down'. Other stand out tracks include 'She Brings Down The Moon', 'Spiders In A Snowglobe and 'Plastic Lego Queen'.

This is a great album and if bands like Plastic Toys float your boat then you're sure to love this album!

Rating 9/10

Everything We Left Behind - Pull Back And Go

This is the debut 7 track mini album offering from Bristol based punk rock four piece Everything We Left Behind. First thing that I have to say, is that Everything We Left Behind manage to combine the best elements of both the pop punk and punk rock genre's and filter out all the annoying bad points, like over / under production and soulless songs. The songs on offer here are sure to satisfy their already growing fan base and attract many new fans. Sometimes things get a little messy when the band try a pure punk rock track, but tracks like 'Big Thanks to the Sun' , 'Untitled' and 'Believe Me' show that this band have a lot of quality and have enough quality to draw the listener in and hold them their threatening not to let them go!
Everything We Left Behind are a rawer, more punk-orientated experience than the pop-punk bands currently in vogue. If you're an old-fashioned punk-rocker whose hankering after something a bit more melodic, then Everything We Left Behind could be right up your street.

Rating 8/10

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Brew - A Million Dead Stars

The Brew are one of the most exciting, vibrant and talked about bands of recent times. Hailing from Grimsby (UK) and influenced by the experimental music of the 60’s, the trio have transfixed audiences wherever they have performed, while also being tipped for greatness by many mainstream reviewers.

Primarily a bluesy classic rock jam band, their sound brings the likes of Hendrix, Led Zepplin and The Who to mind, but there's enough freshness and quality in the songs to ensure that you don't end up feeling like they're trying to rip off their idols.

The Brew have the songs and the potential to be absolutely massive and they are yet more more proof that there is a varied healthy and vibrant music rock music scene bubbling underground in the UK!

Rating 10/10

The Bonesmen - Deuce

Classic hard rock in the vein of Black Crows, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. This four piece really know how to craft a fine classic rock song, laden with catchy hooks and memorable solo's. There's nothing new here, The Bonemen are not trying to reinvent the Classic Blues Rock genre, they're just doing their damnedest to keep the genre alive by coming up with high quality songs and great performances. This band must be amazing live especially in a small club environment. Well worth checking out!

Rating 9/10

Edge Of Forever - Another Paradise

Edge Of Forever are a melodic hard rock band hailing from Varese, Italy. Another Paradise is their third album and see's the band hitting a new vein of energy. Opening with a tour d' force that is 'Distant Voices' this album really gets off to a good start. The Songs are very well written and the talent of the musicians just oozes from each song. Walter Caliaro comes in to replace previous guitarist Matteo Carnio, but the biggest change is that the bands highly-skilled keyboard maestro Alessandro Del Vecchio has taken on a dual role by becoming the bands lead vocalist. It is a move that seems to have paid off well for EDGE OF FOREVER because Del Vecchio’s melodic and soulful voice is perfect for this type of music. The bands overall sound hasn’t changed that much from 2005’s LET THE DEMON ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, it’s just been refined and finessed, which is aided by a great production that also owes its thanks to Del Vecchio. 'Another Paradise has a bit of a heavier edge to it, but is again a great song. The song that will really appeal to fans of the AOR genre is 'Lonely', this song really is a gem! My personal favourite track has to be 'Eye Of The Storm', again a brilliantly crafted song that has a real epic feel to it!

Fans of melodic rock and aor should love this album!

Rating 10/10

Reverse Order - Reverse Order

Reverse Order are a young pop / rock / alternative band with a slight punk edge, hailing from New Jersey , USA, and this is their debut album. Bon Jovi they do not sound like, in fact their sound is closer to Weezer and Green Day to my ears. Reverse Order's original music is influenced by Collective Soul, STP, Creed, Alice in Chains and classic rock legends. Their music has been played on college radio stations and they're getting rave reviews in the newspapers.The songs combine a familiar sound with the freshness of modern alternative rock elements. Production wise Id like to see a more meaty sound as although everything is crystal clear, it can come across as a little tinny sounding, but that's just personal taste. A solid debut from a band with the potential to go long, long way!

Rating 8/10

Secret Rivals - What Fists Are For EP Demo

Secret Rivals are a Reading based Indie / Pop / Punk band band whom have just released their debut Ep/Demo digitally. They count help she can't swim - pixies - hot hot heat - los campesinos - sonic youth - blood red shoes - you say party we say die amongst their influences. What fists are for is a three track Ep demo with middle track 'Afraid of the Dark' being the one that stands out to me. Its got a nice melodic poppy feel and the male / female vocal exchanges work really well. Generally the bands sound is a bit of a mess, pretty much sounding like a domestic argument on cd, but that's part of the appeal of these guys. You get a frantic frenzy of energy and melodies, These guys are the main reason why its fun to start a band in the first place. Interested to hear more.

Rating 7/10

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Word In The Ear Of Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines)

I recently had the opportunity to have Chris Catalyst of Eureka Machines answer a few short questions. Now the Eureka Machines are a Leeds-based rock/punk/pop band, who have played all over the UK with bands like The Wildhearts, Forward Russia and The Rascals. They have opened the BBC Introducing Stage at the Reading and Leeds Festivals 2008, released their debut album Do Or Die (Wrath Records, WRATHCD48) on September 1st 2008 to rave reviews, had the song The Story Of My Life featured on the Classic Rock cover CD in November 2009, completed various national tours including one with Electric Six, (at their request) in 2009, they've released a couple of singles and received radio airplay on BBC Radio 1, 6Music, XFM, Channel Five, MTV2, Scuzz and various local stations.

so now to the interview :

First of all let me say thank you for agreeing to this brief interview.

Glitzine - 2009 was a very busy year for both you and the Eureka Machines, with various tours with both Eureka Machines and the Sisters Of Mercy, what would you say was your personal highlight of 2009?

Chris Catalyst - My personal highlight of 2009 was taking my niece and nephew to the cinema and going to Pizza Hut. My musical highlight was probably the Electric Six/Eureka Machines tour where we had hundreds of people singing along to a song that they'd never heard before, every night. My Sisters highlight was a holiday in South America going to Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

Glitzine - The bands line up has changed since the recording of the last album, how are things working out now?

Chris Catalyst - Great. We're more of a 'band' now. I'd written pretty much all of the songs before we recorded the first album, and I played bass and most of the guitars on it, as well as most of the singing. We've got a proper line-up now and it's going to be more of a proper 'band' album. Four heads are better than one, and although everyone contributed to Do Or Die, the new album has been a lot more organic. Oh and no disrespect to Steve Morricone, our former bass player, but we always knew he wouldn't be around forever - he helped us out for a year or so and we are still top pals.

Gliztine - Eureka Machines debut album 'Do Or Die' was one of the best debuts that I've heard in years, and one of the best albums of 2008 so how is the new material shaping up in comparison?

Chris Catalyst - Thanks. We like it too. The new stuff is good, but we would say that. It's very poppy, but some of it is a bit rockier, and some is a bit weirder. It's kind of like the first album, only more so.

Glitzine - The songs on 'Do Or Die' were mainly very positive songs, was there a conscious reason behind this and are the new songs going to have similar messages?

Chris Catalyst - The words are generally supposed to be positive, with a message that you should get off your arse and just do something. Most of it was written addressed to myself, as I'd been sitting on my arse for far too long. The new album is similar, with some of the same lyrical themes, and a few songs about sitting on your arse again. Mostly they're just funny.

Glitzine - I believe that you have recently entered the studio to start working on the second album, can you give us any info like song titles / possible album name at this stage?

Chris Catalyst - Some of the songs are ones we've been playing for a while, Champion The Underdog, Zero Hero and (I'm) Wasting My Time (Yet Again), and some are tracks we've not sussed out how to play live yet. The album will probably be called Champion The Underdog.

Glitzine - Chris, over the years you have worked with many great musicians from The Sisters Of Mercy, Ginger (Wildhearts), Willie Dowling (Jackdaw4, Honeycrack, The Grip) to name but a few. Has working with any of these amazing talents influenced your song writing?

Chris Catalyst - After a long attempt at trying to get somewhere with our old band Catalyst, I spent a few years soaking up talent from people like Andrew Eldritch, Ginger, Willie and various others like Alex Kane, The Dead Pets lads and so on, learning my trade. I feel like I learned a lot in the time I was whoring myself out, and that it was time to do something for myself for a change. It's a bit like going out with girls - when you split up with someone, the last thing you want to do is fall into another relationship. You want to do a bit of shagging around and see where you get, then settle down later.
Plus songwriting is only one part of being in a band... I've learned a lot about generally being in a band over the past few years, and what to do (carry spares, practise a lot) and what not to do (get pissed all the time, take the piss out of your fans or band).

Glitzine - I managed to catch you guys live at Jbs (Dudley) late last year with El Diablo and was amazed at your energy levels, how do you manage to perform so well at such a high energy level?

Chris Catalyst - Oh man, we were knackered that night, we'd had very little sleep the night before. We practise a lot and we work hard. Plus we're generally quite energetic people. And we like our songs, they're fun to play.

Glitzine - Eureka Machines have a track featured on the new charity album put together by Round Records to help aid the victims of the recent disaster 'The Haiti Project', could you tell us how you guys became involved?

Chris Catalyst - Our friend Gav put it together, he asked us to be on it. It's a worthy cause and I wish there was more we could do for it, along with a lot of charities.

Glitzine - Last year was quite a busy year tour wise, do you have tour plans set for 2010 yet, any festivals perhaps?

Chris Catalyst - We're finishing the new album, but there's no rush to put it out. We're doing some gigs in May, and hopefully some festivals will come up too.

Glitzine - One of your previous bands, Catalyst recorded a brilliant song, 'Today' a few years ago, is there any chance of eureka machines incorporating this song into there live set, or even re recording the song, or is the song now just consingned to the past?

Chris Catalyst - No chance whatsoever I am afraid as I hate the lyrics. Plus I (unwittingly) ripped off the melody for our song Red Wine Smile.
Glitzine - You've put out two great music video's for two of your singles so far (Everybody loves You and Being Good Is Okay...) do you have any concepts in mind for future video's?
Chris Catalyst - Oh yes, I have loads of ideas for videos, including one shot in my house for the song These Are The People Who Live In My House, and a hip-hop themed one, and one on a train like a film noir thing, and... I love pop videos.

Glitzine - Briefly tell us what you hope the future holds for Eureka Machines?

Chris Catalyst - I've given up thinking about the future and started trying my best to live in the now. We will keep on going despite whatever life throws at us, anyway. We have too much in common to throw the towel in just yet.

Once again I'd like to thank Chris for consenting to this interview, after having met him at JB's last year I can honestly say that he is one of the nicest guys in Rock N Roll!

Check out the bands official website at - and you can purchase your copy of the Haiti Project Charity album from this location -

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bret Michael's - Nothing To Lose (1 track Single)

Bret Michael's is the lead singer of the popular 80's glam metal band Poison. Over the last few years, he's released solo material and toured smaller venues alone. On his personal projects, he has a much more country/blues tone than his work with Poison. This track is no different, its a typical Bret ballad, (along the line s of Every Rose and Something To Believe In) and that's not a bad thing. When Bret sings on a song like this his voice seems to connect with you on some other level, a real soul touching song.

If the rest of the songs on his new solo album are going to be of this standard then I honestly cant wait!

Rating 10/10

FM - Wildside EP (2009)

Released to coincide with Firefest VI there is an urgency and purpose on this track that typifies the best melodic rock. This Ep contains 3 studio recordings and 5 live tracks showcasing the bands many talents and diversity. The 3 studio tracks, title track Wildside, Dangerous (new Recording) and Does It Feel Like Love (Acoustic) really do showcase the bands diversity. Wildside is a little heavier than the Fm that we may be used to, but that's no bad thing, it still sounds very much like FM and really is a great song. Dangerous is made readily available in its studio format here for the first time, its a great song but can usually only be found as a live B-side. Giving Does It Feel like Love the acoustic treatment really does show off both the songs and Steve Overland's ever-expressive vocals.

The live tracks give us a little reminder of the FM live experience.

This EP really does prove that Fm are back, and in a big way, not just on an nostalgia trip. They've updated their sound a little to make it a little more contemporary yet managed to keep all the essential elements intact so that they remain true to themselves and still sound like FM.

website -

Rating 9/10

Joy Machine - To Be Rock And Not To Roll

Joy Machine are a Rock / Glam / Metal band from Warsaw Poland.

The story of Joy Machine began in April 2006, when Kamil Kondracki and Misiek Ślusarski started to meet and arrange first songs together. They were soon joined by Jan "Jachu" Nawrocki, while the place of rythm guitarist was taken by Piotr "Seru" Sadza. With few songs ready to play the band began looking for a vocalist. That's when the first problems started - the candidates were, not to be offensive, were just not the right people. Things changed, when Łukasz "Snake" Szemraj appeared on the rehearsal. It was obvious that this was the man for the place. By that time the band's name "Joy Machine" was established. Vocalist, Snake, has recently decided to depart from Joy Machine which is a great pity as this cd shows that the band were surely onto something here! (The band have opted to continue and are currently looking for a vocalist!)

Musically you get high energy up tempo blast of almost perfect Glam Rock / Metal!

The songs are very well written, and the band are as tight as any that Ive ever heard. I really do hope the new singer (when found) really can match the standards already set by snake on this cd.

Look Out The Joy Machine is coming!!!

website -

Rating 9/10

Monday, 8 February 2010

Voodoo Johnson - Into The Red Ep

I came across Voodoo Johnson through classic rock magazine, they have the song Bad Habit on the cover cd 'Ones To watch Out For 2010'.

This Ep actually came out early last year but somehow slipped under my radar, but I'm so damn happy that I got to hear it even if I'm a little late to jump on the train lol!

Simply put Voodoo Johnson are brilliant. They deliver a contemporary classic rock sound somewhere akin to Aerosmith, Led Zepplin and Whitesnake with a little Queens Of The Stone Age thrown in there.

The songs are excellent written and performed, and Kev Bayliss is a natural born rock star, his voice is great!

Rockers like The 'Longest Day Ever Wasted' and 'Bad Habit' are pure rockers, whilst 'Seven Years' has a real epic feel to it, with its acoustic opening, bursting into a real rocking grinding riff and an acoustic mid section that just screams class!

'Another White Lie' is a very socially conscious song and a slow moody rocker, (Voodoo Johnson have something to say!) and closing track 'Inhale' is another great rocker!

Together for just four years, and having already worked with producer Gavin Monaghan (Kings of Leon, Editors, Ryan Adams) on previous projects, Voodoo Johnson are now putting the final touches on their brand new album with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bullet For My Valentine, Kids In Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend) for release later this year

The group have received continued support from the likes of Bruce Dickinson (BBC Radio 6 Rock Show) on national radio as well as Myspace’s Alex Zane (Mars Planets Radio).

Lets hope 2010 really is their year, check out they are amazing!!!

Rating 10/10

Robin Brock - Monsters

Co-written by Robin Brock and John Capek-Produced by John Capek. This is the evolution and resurrection of Canadian Rock singer/songwriter Robin Brock. 10 tracks of fiery, gritty guitars, infectious melodies and singalong, addictive choruses, delivered in a playful, matter of fact, velvety edged voice.

Classic Rock with a little electronica going on in places with enough pop sensibilities to allow it fare well commercially even chart in many countries! Robin Brock could be a huge star if Monsters gets some airplay! Now I believe that most of the lyrics are written with tongue firmly in cheek as they make Steel Panther and Spinal Tap look mature, but they're fun and its great to hear a talented female singer give the lads a run for their money!

Rating 9/10

The Boys and Crash-3 Track Demo

Hailing from Utrecht (Netherlands) this four piece count NOFX, Descendents, Motorhead, Ignite, Useless I.D., Beerbong, Bad Religion,and The Bouncing Souls amongst their influences. The deliver a bluesy punk / garage sound with quick short blasts for their songs, and I mean short, the longest of the three songs here is only just over two minuets long with the other two clocking in at around a minute and a half. The songs are OK, pretty much what you'd expect from a band with the said influences. Id like to see them give the songs a better production, but that's a mute point. These guys seem to have a great sense of humour judging from their lyrics and must be a blast live!

Rating 8/10

SORA - Desire and Truth

Sora is the band name of skilled Canadian guitarist Erol Sora. Desire And Truth is the group's 2nd album and follows 2006's Demented Honour (released by the now defunct MTM Music). The line-up for this release is Erol on all vocals and guitars, Jay Solyom on drums, Brendan Mooney on bass, and Gregory MacDonald on keys.

Desire and Truth gives us ten tracks in the classic rock mould. Musically they are all great, and there is some blistering guitar work especially in the solo's. Vocally, I cant but help that this album would have benefited from a really strong vocalist, I'm not saying the the vocals are bad, they are far from it, its just they sometimes fail ti really capture you, letting a couple of the songs fall into the average area. Songs like opener 'Taste Of Rock & Roll' and 'Diamonds In The Wind' show what this band are capable of, unfortunately the remainder of the album rarely matches these heights.

Not a bad album and worth checking out, but its not going to set the world on fire!

Think Michael Schenker, Whitesnake, Rainbow Saxon, or Glenn Hughes with a cold (Vocally) and your not going to be far wrong.

Rating 7/10

Japanese Voyeurs - That love Sound / Blush (Double A-Side Single)

London based 5 piece Japanese Voyeurs offer up their latest release, a double A sided single which continues pretty much in the same vein as last years .Sicking and Creaming’ EP. We have the subtle and deceptively fragile voice of Romily Alice backed with some big crunching rocking guitars and a raw production giving the songs a unique sound.

That Love Sound doesn't really bring anything new to the table that the band ha vent offered up before, but is still a rather enjoyable song even if it is a little Japanese Voyeurs by numbers. Blush on the other hand is a great little track!

A solid release and well worth checking out!

Rating 8/10

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Roaming Soldiers - Shine Bird Shine

Texas based Rock / Americana / Southern Rock unleash this new six track ep Shine Bird Shine, and what a great Ep it is.

The Roaming soldiers describe themselves as a are a raw blues, rock, soul, jazz and jam band, and that's exactly what they are. The songs are finely crafted and excellently performed, in fact everything about this Ep really is from the very top draw. Be it David George's amazing bluesy and soulful vocals or the sublime guitar work of Jesse Anderson. As I said, the songs are brilliant, but the two that stand out the most for me have got to be 'Shotgun' and 'Last Cards'. Hopefully these guys will manage to get some dates over on this side of the pond as Id really like to check them out in a live environment.

Great old fashioned blues rock with southern flavour!

rating 10/10

Teenage Casket Company - Best Friend IS My Radio

Nottingham’s Teenage Casket Company release a brand new track called “Best Friend is My Radio”, this is the first recording since parting ways with long standing guitarist and co-vocalist, Jamie Delerict. Bassist Rob Lane commented: “This is a release that will keep us ticking over. Rob (Wylde) is going back to the US to play some dates with Sins of America and we’ve got our own things going on. Lets see how this goes and how it goes down” and to be honest it goes down really well.

The song is a perfect mix of pop rock punk sensibilities. A great song that fans of the band will love, and should help draw in new fans to given a little airplay. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long for a new album or ep because if this new track is anything to go by there plenty of life left in this band yet!

Rating 10/10

Velvet Star - Velvet Star Ep

The Yorkshire terriers unleash a new 7 track ep pretty much continuing where last years Dirty Girl Ep left off.

The band are still playing their brand of ear piercing guitar solos and three chord slabs of old school rawk. They even do it pretty well. I still get the feeling that something is missing, but the passion stakes have been raised considerably with the band now sounding like they really mean it. Musically the entire ep is a little to generic for me, even though songs like '15 minutes', 'easy' and 'Binge' certainly do have their moments.

This Ep see's Velvet Star moving in the right direction, they just still have a little way to go before they get there.

rating 8/10

Gatecrashers - Rock n' Roll Suicide

Gatecrashers are a sleaze / Glam / Rock / Punk band from Norway. They count the likes of Mötley Crüe, Hanoi Rocks, Motörhead, Ramones, New York Dolls, L.A. Guns, Dogs D'Amour, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, amoungst their influences and play a kin of high energy glam sleaze punk. The album is produced by the band themselves, which probably explains why its a little fuzzy sounding at times, maybe the guys should invest in hiring a good producers because some of the songs on here sound pretty decent. Again there's nothing here that you haven't heard a million times before, although admittedly songs like 'Get The Fuck Out', 'Out Of Here Alive' and 'Riot Kids' are really fun.

If you like your music a little lo tech full of energy and well fun then you could do a lot worse.

Unfortunately there are so many bands playing this kind of music and many of them doing it so much better, sorry.

rating 6/10