Sunday, 15 April 2012

Die Pretty - Beyond Fate (2012)

Genre - Punk / Pop / Rock
Label - Independant

Track listing -

01 - Medicated Nation
02 - Voices
03 - Let me Out
04 - Two Hearts
05 - Girls and Boys
06 - Grin and Bear It
07 - 7th Ave
08 - My Own Mind
09 - Microphone
10 - Will We Make It?
11 - Out of This Mess
12 - Hey Girl
13 - Angels
14 - Stupid Boy
15 - Can You Hear Me?
16 - Paint it Red
17 - Soaked in Sin
18 - Knife Bullet Noose
19 - Goodbye

May last year I had the pleasure of reviewing a great little 3 track Ep, Battle Over Brooklyn, (link here) by a pop / punk outfit from the USA, Die Pretty. I remember being quite impressed by what I heard and was eager to get the opertunity to review their full length album when it was released. Skip forward almost 12 months and the wait is over, here is that debut album, Beyond Fate.

The album features 19 three minute punk workouts, (all be it with a healthy pop edge to them!), during which the band really do showcase their song writing talents.
Whats amazing is that despite having 19 tracks the album maintains a fresh feel to it throughout, Sarahs vocals sitting comfortably on top of the great musical muscle of the band. The songs are all solid, with a few sure fire hits (should they get the airplay and backing that they deserve!), with a mixture of themes, tempos and atmospheres.

This is a solid debut album, and whilst not really breaking any new ground, Die Pretty do what they do really, really well.
Stand out tracks include ,
Medicated Nation,
My Own Mind,
Out Of this Mess,
Let Me Out and Boys and Girls.

These guys have the songs and talent to go a long way, maybe even break into the mainstream and be the next Green Day or Blink 182. A great album well worth checking out when its released on May 6th!

Rating 9/10

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