Saturday, 25 August 2012

LostAlone - I'm A UFO In This City (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Alternative Rock / EMO
Label - Graphite

Track listing -

01. Obey The Rules You Lose

02. Love Will Eat You Alive
03. Paradox On Earth
04. UFOria (The Dark)
05. Vesuvius
06. Creatures
07. Orchestra Of Breathing
08. Put Pain To Paper
09. Do You Get What You Pray For?
10. We Are The Archaeology Of The Futures Past
11. The Downside Of Heaven Is The Upside Of Hell
12. Sin and Sinners
13. History Romanticises Traitors
14. Escape
15. Dead Man Walking

It's really no often that a band can cite such diverse influences, and then back it up by producing an album within which are discernible notes of all of them. This album is a real treat for anyone who likes rock in any of it's forms, but especially those who like the richly layered vocals and soaring lead-guitar of Queen, or who appreciate a good, solid, ground-stomping riff played on guitar and bass in tandem. "Love Will Eat You Alive" is a finehold honed, highly melodic and masterfully delivered wall-of-sound experience, "Vesusius" is the kind of slow-starting epic that promises much with it's long, suspenseful intro and then bang!
Lostalone have been cited in some quarters as a 21st century Queen, which is a little unfair, as after listening to this cd a couple of times, (and it takes a few listens as there is so much here to sink in!), I think that it would be fairer to say that LostAlone are a 21st century LostAlone, unique in all the good ways! LostAlone's style is very much centred on melody and tight harmonies between the group, and this sets them apart from their peers; no-one else sounds like these guys.
I cant really pick out any standout tracks as all fifteen are really great songs, but some of my favorites are Orchestra of Breathing, We Are The Archaeology Of The Futures Past, The Downside of Heaven..... Dead Man Walking and Love Will Eat You Alive, truly stunning tracks.
These guys are threatening to become massive, so check em out and fall in love with them now before the  rest of the world crashes the party. I can honestly say that I havent been this excited by a band since I first heard the Wildhearts way back in 1992!

You must check this album out!

Rating - 10/10

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