Friday, 14 September 2012

Romantic Rebel - Romantic Rebel EP (2012)

Genre - Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
Label - Independant

Track listing:

01 - Waste My Mind

02 - Dirty Love Song
03 - On My Own
04 - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Rainbow cover)

"ROMANTIC REBEL is a new Chicago based Hard Rock band presenting their self titled debut EP recently recorded.

The trio is fronted by pinup model Cherri Bomb, whom apart from wearing sexy black fishnets and furious red lipstick, owns a killer voice to boot.

At first glance I was expecting some kind of modern rock in these four tracks, but Romantic Rebel surprises us with late '80s sounding female fronted styled Hard Rock.
Cherri Bomb's vocals spreads tons of personality and solid pipes over the meaty and sustained guitars delivered by Alex Vincent. This guy has a thunderous sound reminding me of Billy Duffy's work on The Cult's albums at the tail end of the eighties.
Romantic Rebel could recall more recent acts such a Halestorm as well, but their musical approach is much more classic metal / hard rock in style.
First track "Waste My Mind" is driven by a melting six-string riff and a contagious refrain, followed by "Dirty Love Song", which is the most modern oriented track in the EP and is the bands chosen single / video.
"On My Own" adds some acoustics and nice tempo changes but the song has a heavy electric riff too, including wah wah and a mix sounding quite vintage.
For the end, Romantic Rebel blows a stronghold take on Rainbow's "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll". I can't remember any other female fronted act covering this tune, but the band does justice to this classic tune with an incendiary version.

Romantic Rebel is a more than promising Female Fronted Hard Rock trio in a genre where doesn't abound bands playing this style with a sound firmly planted in the late '80s.
Cherri Bomb certainly can sing (and she's got the looks) while Alex Vincent fills the music with hot chops and a solid-rock sound. Production is really good - recorded & mixed by Steve Weeder (Michael Thompson's 'Future Past', Styx) - with a vintage feel in places, balanced with an updated vibe.
Late eighties / early nineties Female Fronted Hard Rock fans will embrace this EP with open arms.
Let's wait for a full length release to see if Romantic Rebel is able to jump into the major league. They have the potential."

Promising stuff.

Rating - 7/10

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