Friday, 14 September 2012

Lovebite - Lock 'N' Load (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze / Metal
Label - Independant

Track listing -

01 - No Turning Back
02 - Sin City
03 - Breakin' The Rules
04 - Love/Hate
05 - Hey Baby
06 - Gonna Love You Anyway
07 - Lock 'N' Load
08 - Queen Of Hearts
09 - Can't Fight Your Love
10 - Striptease
11 - Mr. Lonely
12 - Too Much Is Never Enough

Where do I start?
Lovebite, (love the name by the way!), are a Birmingham (Midlands, UK) band that claim they are destined to be one of the hottest glam-metal bands to arrive on the UK scene, and to be fair I have to disagree. I feel that that particular statement sells the band short, as there is so much to these guys than being just a glam band. Sure, Lovebite's music is '80s Melodic Hard Rock influenced, not only in style / songwriting, but also in the way that they pull it off sonically. The guitars are loud and we have gang vocals all over, all wrapped with an intense and dynamic rhythm section, complete with cowbell and all.Yes there you can hear the influence of the genre legends such as Motley Crue, Skid Row or L.A Guns all over the place, but the songs are also more melodic and polished with infleneces such as Firehouse and Danger Danger clearly there to be heard.
A perfect example being Breakin' The Rules, a song that could quite easily be coming right off of Firehouse's debut in the way its composed and arranged.
With vocalist Johnny Sparks coming across as a blend of a young Vince Neil and Mike Tramp and the riffs coming loud and fast this album really does take me back, yet despite the clear 80's influence on the bands sound, the production brings that same said sound band upto date, leaving us with a great contempory sounding album.
For a band that have only been together for a relativly short time these guys show a helluva lot of promise.

Great debut, very highly reconmended!

Rating - 10/10
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