Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tony Wright - Walnut Dash (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Pledge Music / Self Released

Track listing:
01 - Music Is The Food Of Love
02 - One Size Fits All
03 - Lost Property
04 - A & E
05 - Life's Too Short
06 - Rise Up
07 - Delete Repeat
08 - Spoons And Knives
09 - The Blues
10 - Where Would I Be
11- Opposites Attract

Terrorvision front man, Tony Wright, returns with his second solo album, Walnut Dash,  the follow up to 2015's mainly acoustic affair, Thoughts and All. This time around we get a full blown electric album, and what a great album it is too!
The album opens with "Music Is The Food Of Love", which really sets the tone for the album. A great melodic anthemic rock song, as catchy as hell, and well just a bloody great song! "One Size Fits All" follows, another great melodic rock track. "Lost Property" is up next, with its great acoustic Bluesy intro that leads into another great rocker! "A&E" follows with its spaghetti western feel intro, another great song, one of my personal favourites on the album. It also has a blistering guitar solo! "Life's Too Short" is up next, with its gentle beginning, and bluesey undertones. Another great song. Next we have "Rise Up",  a song that bursts onto the scene before dropping back to an acoustic driven rocker. One of the heaviest tracks on the album despite its great tempo changes and acoustic sections. "Delete Repeat" follows, now this really is my favourite song on the album, just simply perfect. Acoustic driven with some great tempo changes and heavy sections. A follow on to "Do You Love Me" from last years Thoughts And All. Next we have "Spoons and Knives", that once again begins as an acoustic driven track, with loads of atmosphere before exploding into a great rock track! "The Blues" follows, a great song with a southern blues feel to it.. The albums penultimate song is "Where Would I Be" which is again a moody acoustic driven song. Another great song. The album closes out with "Opposites Attract", which just happens to be another of my favourite songs on the album, A great fun song.

This album is a bloody great album that should appeal to anyone who is familiar with Tony Wrights previous releases, either solo or with Terrorvision.

Very Very Highly recommended!

Rating - 10/10

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