Thursday, 9 June 2016

MASSIVE WAGONS - Welcome To The World (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Track listing:
01 - Nails
02 - Tokyo
03 - Welcome To The World
04 - Ratio
05 - Shit, Sweat Death,
06 - The Day We Fell
07 - Fighting Jack
08 - Jodie
09 - Aeroplane
10 - Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

Ok so this one has been out a little while now, but hey better late than never hey? British rockers Massive Wagons return with their third album in the form of Welcome to the World, and what an album it is!
The album opens with the blistering  'Nails', which throws the listener straight into the deep end of full steam ahead fast-paced Rock ‘n’ Roll, sometimes bringing to mind Rob Zombie (vocally at least!). It’s an awesome track which doesn’t wait around for you to get comfortable, and instead demonstrates pure unadulterated attitude. Next up is the albums lead single, 'Tokyo', which has a more commercial edge to it, yet still rocks like a mutha fucker.Title track 'Welcome To The World 'is a really intriguing song, and really well-written,  with a mix of up-beat verses alongside bludgeoning riffs and mixed signal lyrics. Next up is 'Ratio', which sounds very similar to the intro to Primal Scream by Motley Crue, with its echoing drum beat and bass line opening. We then have 'Shit, Sweat, Death', which is laced with different stylings, from the Bluesy slide guitar intro that stride's into what I’d describe an adrenalin fuelled fast-paced hard rocker!
'The Day We Fell' was a really unexpected addition to the album, simply based on its incorporation of Pirate Metal (not too heavy, mind you) into their already unique style. A really great song, especially after the acoustic intro fools you into thinking that you have stumbled upon a ballad!
'Fighting Jack' follows with its squealing guitar intro, progressive guitar sequences, and finally the vocals, which follow the same arrangement as Still Of The Night by Whitesnake,
'Jodie' is up next, a great melodic rocker / ballad that really slows the albums tempo down a little allowing the listener to catch their breath a little. 'Aeroplane' follows, which really is the albums big ballad, with its great singalong chorus, a great song. the album closes out with 'Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum' which is a great fun rocking track!

Welcome to the World is a great rock album from a very promising British rock band

Very, very Highly Recommended!!!

Rating: 10/10

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