Thursday, 26 May 2011

Def Leppard - Mirror Ball Live and More

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop Rock / Glam
Label -

Track listing -

01. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
02. Rocket
03. Animal
04. C’Mon C’Mon
05. Make Love Like A Man
06. Too Late For Love
07. Foolin’
08. Nine Lives
09. Love Bites
10. Rock On

01. Two Steps Behind
02. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
03. Switch 625
04. Hysteria
05. Armageddon It
06. Photograph
07. Pour Some Sugar On Me
08. Rock Of Ages
09. Let’s Get Rocked
10. Action
11. Bad Actress
12. Undefeated
13. Kings Of The World
14. It’s All About Believin’

'Mirror ball' was recorded across the world over the course of many of the band's sold-out dates and features all of the classic songs that have made Def Leppard one of the most respected and beloved power rock bands in the world. Attempting to capture the group's legendary concert experience, this double disc set bring together many of the bands classic tracks such as 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', 'Rock Of Ages','Foolin'', 'Hysteria', 'Photograph' and 'Bringing On The Heartbreak', a great set list, I just wish that they were all from the same show!

The thing that is of real interest to me are the last three tracks on disc two, new studio recordings, current single Undefeated, Kings Of The World and It's All About Believin', each a future Leppard classic in their own right, but Undefeated is definitely one of the strongest songs that the guys have come up with in years, as is Kings Of The World with its very Queen - esque sound, awesome

A great introduction for new fans, and a pleasant addition to us older fans

Website - Def Leppard
Rating - 9/10

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