Thursday, 26 May 2011

Who Cares? - Out Of My Mind (2 Track Charity Single)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy metal / Classic Rock
Label - earMusic

Track listing -

01 - Out Of My Mind
02 - Holy Water

Who Cares? A new project / super group featuring the talents of Tony Iommi - Guitars (Black Sabbath), Ian Gillan - Vocals (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), Jason Newsted - Bass (Metallica, Voivoid, Flotsam & Jetsam), Niko McBrain - Drums (Iron Maiden), Jon Lord - Keyboards (Deep Purple), Linde Linstrom - Guitars (HIM, a Finnish band) amongst others.

The all-star line-up has recorded two new songs. They are to benefit a music school in Gyumri, Armenia. The review below tells you all you need to know about these tracks, awesome!

"This two track charity single by Who Cares has been released to support the rebuilding of a music school in Gyumri, Armenia. Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi and various other hard rock and metal stars, have combined to record two original songs and it was that fact alone that tempted me to make a purchase.

The first track Out of my mind, is a classic sinister hard rock track, all heavy guitars and growling Hammond (courtesy of Jon Lord), with a couple of killer slow burning guitar solos. My favourite track however, is Holy Water which has the feel of classic Ian Gillan solo material. It rocks a bit harder than the recent One Eye to Morocco album, but with a haunting duduk intro opening the track and Ian Gillan's alternately mystical/anecdotal lyrics, the song is very much in that vein.

The music feels as gelled as any touring band, and deserves to make it into your record collection on its own merits. Rather toning down their excesses and hoping for a radio friendly effort, Who Cares have produced the sort of material their fans rightly love them for and donated the proceeds to charity." ( testedonpencils 2011)

I tend to disagree, in that Out Of My Mind is my favourite of the two songs, but both are future classics!

Support this cause, and keep your fingers crossed that these guys choose to record more material together, the line up on the first track is absolutely awesome, differs slightly on Holy Water, with the line up being
•Vocals: Ian Gillan
•Guitars: Tony Iommi , Steve Morris, Michael Lee Jackson
•Drums: Randy Clarke
•Bass: Rodney Appleby
•Hammond organ: Jesse O'Brien
•Duduk solo: Arshak Sahakyan
•Underlying duduk intro music & keys: Ara Gevorgyan

very Highly recommended!

website - Who Cares
Rating - 10/10

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