Thursday, 26 May 2011

Black Country Communion - 2

Genre - Hard rock / Classic rock / Blues Rock
Label - Mascot

Track listing -

01. The Outsider
02. Man In The Middle
03. The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
04. Save Me
05. Smokestack Woman
06. Faithless
07. An Ordinary Son
08. I Can See Your Spirit
09. Little Secret
10. Crossfire
11. Cold

New rock super group, Black Country Communion, follow up last year’s awesome debut album with "2". Pretty much continuing where the debut left off, with their bluesy soulful, Deep Purple meets Led Zepplin sound. With the pedigree within this band you expect the songs to amazing, and they don’t let you down!
The album opens with two powerhouse tracks, The Outsider and Man In The Middle, before the band slow things down a little with The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall, an epic bluesy track that could of easily have been a part of guitarist's Joe Bonamassa's album Dust Bowl. Save Me follows, a song with a very heavy Zepplin feel to it, which isn’t surprising considering drummer Jason Bonham claims that it has its roots in a jam that took place between himself and Zepplin Messer’s Jimmy Page and John Paul after the famous 02 reformation gig! Awesome song! Everyone pulls through with this with some great work from Joe and Glenn!
And it just doesn’t stop, with song after song of supreme high quality classic bluesy rock!

I truly hope that these guys can keep the egos in check, because so far they’ve delivered two fantastic albums, if they can stay together they will become a legendary band in their own right!

True pedigree shines through once again, very highly recommended!

Website - Black Country Communion

Rating 10/10

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