Sunday, 8 July 2012

Future Shock - Future Shock EP (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label -

Track listing -

01 - Not Defeated
02 - Beside Me
03 - Life Goes On
04 - Hard Times
05 - Someday
06 - When Reality Strikes

FUTURE SHOCK is a new UK hard rock band founded in early 2011 by vocalist Luka 'Twitch' Ravase and guitar player Andy Basiola.
Their debut EP aims to re-introduce the power and the vitality of '80s and '90s rock music together with a personal touch.
Future Shock's debut EP showcases truly good musicianship delivering some entertaining hard rock. According to their bio, Future Shock is influenced by the likes of Whitesnake, Mr. Big, Bad Company and Ozzy, and indeed the root of the band's music can be found there; big riffs, strong sense of melody, nice hooks and, notably, a strong hard rock groove.
"Not Defeated" and "Hard Times", both very catchy rockers. "Beside Me" is darker and a bit more nineties oriented. The slower tracks "Life Goes On" and "When Reality Strikes" have a melancholy hard rock groove yet never sound too down and morose.
Guitarist Andy Basiola churns out riff-after-riff and if that's not enough, throws in a good few groovy solos, whilst vocalist 'Twitch' Ravase rounds things off perfectly with a fantastic Paul Rodgers kind of vibe.
this is a great debut Ep from a very promising band that are already creating a stir on the London rock scene and are well worth checking out.

Rating 9/10

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