Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lizhard - Lizhard Review

Lizhard were originally formed as a “covers” band back in 1995, it didn’t take long for this Italy-based foursome to realize their true calling in creating their own original music. Now composed of drummer Ricky Lecchini, bassist Luca “Ze” Moroni, guitarist Paul Mainetti and lead vocalist Luke Marsilio, LIZHARD are poised to take their place in the European hard-rock scene. Theyve crafted their art on the road touring with the likes of Eric Martin (ex Mr Big) and Twin dragons, recievng rave reviews along the way and tuning up their songs for this their debut release. Despite some pretty unoriginal song titles like “Angel,” “Bad To The Bone,” and “I Cry For You” Lizhard managed to deliver some great cool classic rock blended with a great Bluesy groove, and some great riffs, but it’s lead vocalist Luke Marsilio who really steals the spot light here… almost sounding like a cross between Joey Tempest with a little Don Dokken thrown in for good measure. Nowhere is this more apparent than on hard rockers like “Let The Good Times Roll,” “My Wild Side” and “Devil’s Highway.”Although Lizgard excel at the great harder edged driven tracks it was when though show their subtle side on the acoustic numbers like “Diamond,” “Angel” (another stand-out ballad with a nice, soothing arrangement complimented by a powerful chorus and some harmonica accents) and my absolute favorite track on the CD “I Cry For You” which will find you having flashbacks of all those great, late-80’s power ballads ala bands like EUROPE, FIREHOUSE or POISON.If you like your rock with a bluesy, classic but contempory sound then Lizhard are for you!Highly reconmended

rating 10/10

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