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Savage - Sons Of Malice (2012)

Genre - NWoBHM / Hard Rock / Heavy metal
Label -

Track listing -

01 - The Rage Within
02 - Black N Blue
03 - Sons Of Malice
04 - The Hanging Tree
05 - Monkey On My Back
06 - Junkyard Dogs
07 - Blow
08 - Waking The Dead
09 - Choose Revolution
10 - NOW
11 - Look At Yourself
12 - Master Of War
13 - Fallen Idols

History lesson, Savage will always be remembered for 'Let It Loose' hit song that was originally included in the British band's 'Loose ‘N’ Lethal' (1983) debut. In their heyday Savage were right up there with the best of them, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head to name a few, spearheading the NWOBHM movement as it took the world by storm. Their early works receiving great acclaim and well deserved media coverage.
The band folded in 1986, resurrecting themselves in 1995 for a further 3 albums before disbanding again in the early 2000's.
Now after a ten year break Savage is back with this, their new studio release "Sons Of Malice".
Their NWOBHM origins are still present in their music but in minor quantities, as instead of balls to the wall metal, Savage now basically plays British Classic Hard Rock. With a more early Whitesnake, meets Thin Lizzy meets Rainbow meets Judas Priest sound the band give us a new album in the form of Sons Of Malice, which sounds remarkably contemporary given the aforementioned influences!
The line-up for this album has the two original members Chris Bradley (vocals and bass) and Andy Dawson (guitars), plus Kristian Bradley (Chris' son) and long time friend Mark Nelson on drums.
"Sons Of Malice" is a fine set of thirteen songs that have their roots set firmly in what many of us remember as a golden era of Brit Classic Hard Rock.
This is no messing, meaty classic stuff and the delivery is just spot on. Following the instructions of UFO, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and some of the ‘just rocking’ side of the NOWBHM days (e.g. early Saxon), "Sons Of Malice" is ideal for those who adore the past and praise those times’ magic, although I have to admit occassionally the songs can come across as a little pedestrian, lacking that little spring in their step that a slightly faster tempo would bring.
 A solid if not ground breaking album well worth checking out if you get the chance.

Rating 8/10

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