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Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 7 EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk / Alternative
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Mr T & Me
02 - Location, Location, Location
03 - One Way Down
Bonus Demos
04 - Its Only Natural (You're the One, You're the One, Yeah I Know You're the One, You're the One [Yeah I Know You're the One] Demo)
05 - The Thin Line (Between Love and Insanity)

Here we are with month 7's instalment of Ginger Waldheim's mighty and ambitious G.A.S.S project.
This month all three songs were once again mixed by Kevin Vanbergen and mastered by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge Studio's.
This month's instalment opens up with Mr T & Me, a touching and rather personal track about Ginger's love for his young son. This track is a truly solo effort very much in the vein of Hey! Hello!and features no guest musicians. Its a great mid tempo rocker (with a sound similar to Hey! Hello!), a really nice song with some great sentiments lyrically.
Next up we have Location, Location, Location, this time featuring the talents of Random Jon Poole (Cardiacs, The Wildhearts, Goddamn Whores, Ginger Wildheart Band, The Dowling Poole) on bass, Denzel (Ginger Wildheart Band, Mutation), on drums, and Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines, The Scaramanga Six, Sisters Of Mercy, Ginger Wildheart Band), on guitars and vocals. A great song, with some great if a little heartfelt lyrics, these guys really do know how to produce magic together!
One Way Down close's out this months new songs, this time once  again featuring the talents of Random Jon Poole, Chris Catalyst and Denzel, plus this time around adding the talents of Taylor Graley on vocals. This track is a softer track, similar in style to Melanchoholic, again with some deep and heartfelt lyrics, and more importantly once again showcasing Gingers versitality as a song writer.
Once again another great track although I do have to admit that One Way Down is my least favourite of this months new tracks.
And now for this months two bonus tracks.

The Bonus Demo's in Gingers words:

"It’s Only Natural – Early demo of the track that ended up on 555%,You're the One, You're the One, Yeah I Know You're the One, You're the One (Yeah I Know You're the One), and a far less poppy approach too. I like both versions. In fact I think I only changed it around later because I get bored like that.
Recorded by Jase Edwards about 2 days before I went to LA to audition for Michael Monroe, so my head was a bag of confused ideas that was desperately shitting out stuff while simultaneously trying to cram info in.
It’s a sweet tune, nice recording, and I’m proud that we used the flanger effect on the drum fill before the final chorus. Only Jase would ever let me get away with that.

 The Thin Line (Between Love and Insanity) – I’m not even sure where this is from, although it’s definitely me singing, it seems like my lyrics and it sounds like that intended LA supergroup that I mentioned the other month.
Actually this isn’t too bad. Obviously the band didn’t think so as I didn’t get the job, but honestly can’t you imagine me fronting a band like this? As much fun as it would have been, as pairings go it would have been as appropriate as a porn tape featuring Woody Allen and Katie Price.
Still, I don’t mind this one too much. What do you think?"

What can I say?

Firstly Its Only Natural is a great song, with this here demo version being every bit as good, if not better in many ways than the finished article. the demo has a slightly slower tempo, and a more serious feel, making this demo a great track in its own right.

The Thin Line (Between Love and Insanity), is quite simply a great song, and although I can see what Ginger is saying about him not really fitting the role of big rock lead singer, he does a fantastic job here, good enough for me to be left hoping that there are a few more of these gems to come! Just like Shine, I would love this song to be given a great big production polish, and hey personally I believe that they both deserve a proper commercial release, maybe all the guys involved should consider getting back together for a one off studio album project?

So there we have it, yet another awesome instalment from the mighty G.A.S.S. project, you really should be checking this out folks, great music, great features, G.A.S.S. simply equals awesome!

Rating - 10/10

G.A.S.S. the story so far:

Month One:
01 - Everything
02 - That's a Nasty Habit That You've Got There
03 - Bloody Knees
Bonus Demos
01 - Ice
02 - The Jackson Whites (Original Home Demo)

Month Two:
01 - El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)
02 - Hellbound
03 - King Rat
Bonus Demos
01 - You Are The LIght
02 - How I Survived The Punk Wars (Demo)

Month Three:
01 - Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now
02 - Do You
03 - Petite Mort
Bonus Demos
01 - Friction In My System (Written For Alice Cooper)
02 - Patience And Gratitude

Month Four:
01 - Honour (feat Courtney Love)
02 - Down The Dip
03 - If You Find Yourself In London Town
Bonus Demos
01 - Melanchoholic
02 - Begin from Within (Original Demo)

Month Five:
01 - The Pendine Incident
02 - Carriageway Roses
03 - Brand New Original Sin
Bonus Demos
01 - Shine
02 - Superpowered Superfly (Original Demo)

Month Six:

01 - Don't Stop Loving The Music
02 - The Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton / Tim McGraw Cover)
03 - Ostracide 
Bonus Demos
01 - Bloodlust (Venom Cover)
02 - Molly O Mindy (Written For Alice Cooper)

Month Seven:
01 - Mr T & Me
02 - Location, Location, Location
03 - One Way Down

Bonus Demos
01 - Its Only Natural (You're the One, You're the One, Yeah I Know You're the One, You're the One [Yeah I Know You're the One] Demo)
02 - The Thin Line (Between Love and Insanity)


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