Sunday, 7 October 2012

Danko Jones - Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label -

Track listing:

01. Terrified
02. Get Up
03. Legs
04. Just A Beautiful Day
05. I Don’t Care
06. You Wear Me Down
07. Type Of Girl
08. Always Away
09. Conceited
10. Don’t Do This
11. The Masochist
12. I Believed In God
13. I Believed In God (Reprise)
14. In Your Arms (Bonus Track)

Danko Jones return with the follow up to 2010's excellent album, Below The Belt, (which in my opinion was their best all around album of their carear til that point!) with Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue. Forteen tracks of debauchery, rebellion, angst and well, Dank Jones doing what this Canadian trio do best! Opening up with Terrified, before blasting into Get Up and Legs (which is thankfully not a cover of the ZZ Top song!) all with no let up in tempo. Lead single, Just a Beautiful Day is up next, slowing things down a little, before hurtling into the best track on the album, I Dony Care. You Wear Me Down and Type Of Girl follow, again in the all too familar Danko Jones groove. We're not really likely to see the guys wander too far from their familar lyrical themes, but thats all the better as I love these guys, partly for their cliched lyrics lol.
Always Away has a kind of ACDC opening riff, before launching into rather a commercial little number thats laden with vocal harmonies throughout the chorus, a great song. Conceited is a typical Danko blast, where as Dont Do This is more of a typical Danko Stomp. The Masochist is an uptempo blast that could have quite easily fitted onto any of the bands previous releases. I Believed In God is a bit of a curve ball, with  vocal refrain somewhat akin to Danzig in places, yet still a great song, would make for a brave single and an awesome video! In Your Arms, again to me has a Danzig feel to it, slower and doomier than the usual Danko track, but still a bloody great song.

This entire album is fantastic, and a contender for album of the year for me, but if I had to pick out a few highlights then I Believed In God, I Dont Care, Legs, Just A Beautiful day and Always Away would have to be included.

A great fun rock n roll album that deserves the worlds attention.

Rating - 10/10

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