Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Infinite Tone - Imposi-bull review

With their debut release of "Impossi-bull," rock band Infinite Tone has compiled a collection of powerhouse rock songs. Very reminiscent of '80's metal, Infinite Tone centers their sound around big guitars and melodic vocals. The lyrics are well-written and are sung with confident and crisp vocals. The keyboards also play a huge part in this group's sound. Take note of the Hammond organ sound on the solo of "Burn!" or the chord stabs on the title track "Impossi-bull" for example.Like all good metal bands from back in the day theres plenty of tempo changes on offer here, and even a couple of slow ballads thrown in for good measure. A gresat album from a promising band, not really offering anything that hasn't been done before, but offering it as a great well done package, and i dont see anything wrong with that!Fan's of Guns N' Roses or AC/DC shouldl thoroughly enjoy listening to the edgy hard rock tunes on the Infinite Tones' album "Impossi-bull."

Sit back turn up loud and enjoy!

rating 8/10

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