Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Baby Scream - Greatest Failures (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Powerpop
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Slut
02 - Mars
03 - Away
04 - Every Day (I Die A Little Bit)
05 - Ups And Downs
06 - The Riots
07 - Morning Light
08 - Nicole
09 - Ojos Orientales
10 - Exile
11 - Jekyll & Hyde
12 - The Ghosts Of Valerie (feat. Eric Dover)
13 - Hit & Run
14 - Secret Place
15 - Aching Eye's

Baby Scream, (well Juan Pablo Mazzola anyway) return with Greatest Failures, a best of collection that spans Baby Screams entire recorded out put with the added bonus of including a brand new track too in the form of album closer, Aching Eye's.

Well what can I say? Greatest Failures is a briliant place to start for those who have never heard the band before, as it truly does include some of the bands finest songs such as, Mars, Ghosts Of Valerie, Morning Light, Hit & Run and the brilliant heart felt Aching Eye's. Existing fans will appreciate having this the fine collection of songs all together on one disc too. Baby Scream offer up a certain haunting melodic charm, so laid back and relaxed, yet tight and passionate at the same time, an unbelievable acheivement in my humble opinion. As with all best of collections, personal choice would have seen one or two additional tracks, but I honestly can not say which tracks I would have replaced as all 15 are fine selections! That is also another fine point to point out, Greatest Failures offers up no less than 15 gems of songs and all in delivered through your speakers to your appreciative ears in less than 44 minutes.

As I said earlier, if you have never heard Baby Scream before then Greatest Failures is a wonderful place to start, and if you already own a couple of their discs, well grab this one too for the great track listing and brand new song, Aching Eye's, which is surely destined to be added to the ever growing arsenal of Baby Scream classics.

Very Highly Reconmended

Rating - 10/10

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