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SIXX:A.M. - Modern Vintage [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Modern Rock
Label -

Track listing:
01 - Stars
02 - Gotta Get It Right
03 - Relief
04 - Get Ya Some
05 - Let's Go
06 - Drive
07 - Give Me a Love
08 - Hyperventilate
09 - High On the Music
10 - Miracle
11 - Before It's Over
12 - Before It's Over (Piano Ballad) [bonus track]
13 - Stars (Cinematic) [bonus track]
14 - Gotta Get It Right (Acoustic) [bonus track]
15 - Let It Haunt You (So Beautiful) [bonus track]

#### The following review is someone elses, but as I agree with it in its entirety I reproduce it here. All credit to the original author. ####

"Modern Vintage", the long-awaited third release from SIXX:A.M., the band comprised of Motley Crue's founder Nikki Sixx, James Michael (vocals) and DJ Ashba (guitar), will be released next October 7th.
If you liked the previous albums from the band, you will fall on your knees with this new offering, as it's even better.
 "Modern Vintage" is the third chapter in the dark sordid tale that is ‘The Heroin Diaries’; a white knuckle ride through the demon days of notorious L.A. bad boy, the personification of a wrecking ball, Motley Crue's bass player Nikki Sixx.
From the opening track (and one of my favorites) "Stars", the music comes fast, heavy, providing the perfect soundtrack to subject matter that includes abuse, addiction, life, death, and paranoia.
The songs are all varied in style, genre, and tempo, but compliment the powerful and emotionality moving lyrics exceptionally well.
Other stand out tracks include "Relief", "Let’s Go", the melting hard rocker "Give Me a Love" and "Hyperventilate". There’s even a great cover of The Cars' classic "Drive", reworked in trashy, broken and sick version.
The bonus tracks on this Deluxe Edition of the album are a handful of stripped down versions of various main album tracks, which really serve to prove, how different, yet intense songs can sound stripped bare.
"Modern Vintage" is nothing short than impressive.
As the previous Sixx:A.M. albums, offers an eclectic mix of songs. It's intense, dramatic, combining as the title says, modern sounds with timeless vintage rock.
Guitarist DJ Ashba style is unique, with an extensive use of effect pedals and sonic textures. James Michael, besides being a fantastic songwriter, has a distinctive voice. Both deserves lots of credit for their important contribution to this material, which definitely gives the album extra layers.
This new Sixx:A.M. album successfully paints vivid pictures of the struggles and realizations of Nikki Sixx, a talented cat that never stops to surprise with fresh music and ideas.

Rating -  9/10

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