Friday, 13 May 2016

Multiverzal - Multiverzal EP (2016)

Genre - Pop / Rock / Powerpop
Label -

Track listing:

01 - Spoiled By Happy
02 - En el fondo del Mar
03 - You Lost The Keys Again
04 - Triste in Berlin

Juan Pablo Mazzola has been a busy bee as of late, not only has he been working on the forthcoming new album from his band, Baby Scream, he has also been working on other projects such as Lunchbox Bullies and this, Multiverzal, a new project that he has put together with Mariano Azcurra (another pretty good Argentinian songwriter). For this project the Juan gives his interpretation of Marinano's songs and Mariano provides the same for Juan's, singing his in Spanish.
So first up we have Juan's rendition of Spoiled But Happy. Now I cant say that I have ever heard the original, but I can say that this is a wonderful song, which Juan gives his usual Baby Scream type treatment. A great start to the Ep. Next up we have Mariano's take on Baby Scream's A Human Being On Mars (En el fondo del Mar) originally from Baby Scream's Fan, Fan, Fan album. Now this sounds absolutely awesome, especially with the Spanish vocals (which I shamefully have to admit to not understanding a word of!). The feel of the original is captured wonderfully and the Spanish vocals add an air of mystery to the already great song! Love it!
Juan's take on Mariano's You Lost The Keys Again is up next. This song has a darker atmosphere to it than we maybe used to with Juan's usual Baby Scream releases, but is all the better for it. This is a great song!
 Triste In Berlin closes out the EP and is Mariano's take on Baby Scream's Blue In Berlin, again taken from Baby Scream's Fan, Fan, Fan album. Here Mariano provides a pretty faithful to the original rendition of the song with only the vocals being in sang Spanish being the main difference.

This is a great debut EP from a very promising project that combines the talents of not one but two excellent songwriters

Well worth checking out

Rating - 10/10

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