Sunday, 26 February 2017

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons EP (2017)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Motörhead Music

Track listing:
01 - Big Mouth
02 - Spiders
03 - Take Aim
04 - No Turning Back
05 - Life In Space

Legendary Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell returns with a brand new project,
PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS (formerly PHIL CAMPBELL'S ALL STARR BAND), the band featuring MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell alongside his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus vocalist Neil Starr, and a brand spanking new debut EP!
Delivering a raw riff driven hard rock, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons play just the kind of music that you would expect from a project that features the Motorhead riffmeister Phil Campbell.
Whether it's the speedy biker-charged refrain of "No Turning Back", the crunchy catchy jump of "Big Mouth" or the beautiful-yet-bombastic balladry of "Life In Space", "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons" brings uniquely organic life and verve to every last riff and stomp.

Great fun Ep, kind of reminds you of what good old fashioned rock n roll used to be all about!

Check it out!

Rating: - 9/10

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