Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Scaramanga Six - As We Take The Stage (Single) (2017)

Genre - Rock / Alternative
Label - Self Released / Bandcamp

Track listing:
01 - As We Take The Stage (Parts 1 and 2)
02 - Owned

The mighty Scaramanga Six return with a taster for their forth coming new studio album (Pledge campaign to be launched soon), in the form of a two track digital single available through the bands bandcamp page.

The first track, 'As We Take The Stage' is driven along by some thunderous drums, some very tribal and organic rhythm patterns, with slight detours into a western feel. Love it!
The second track, 'Owned' has a darker more sci-fi feel to it as it begins, before blossoming into a great moody monster of a track.

If these are signs of what to expect from the bands new album then personally I simply can not wait to hear it!

Rating: - 10/10

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