Monday, 16 January 2012

Hate Gallery - Viva La Resistance (2012)

Genre - Hard Rock / Metal / Punk

Track listing -

01 - Viva La Resistance
02 - The Warning
03 - Satellite
04 - The Becoming
05 - Security Forces (Dead Jimmy)
06 - Rats
07 - Frequency
08 - Domination Soul
09 - 2 Minute Hate
10 - Love Shine On
11 - Salvation

Man have I been waiting for this album!
Hate Gallery grabbed my attention with their debut 'Compassion Fatigue', with its great anthems, The Idiots, New God, Good Things Come To those Who Hate, Slave New World and Exit Wounds, a stunning debut brimming with attitude and great tunes. They following that up with their EP, Dead Celebritie, which again was packed with six stunning tracks showcasing the bands versitality and songwritting talent. So as you can imagine, I have been praying for this album, but does it live up to the same standards as its predecessors? Well all I can say is HELL YEAH!
Opening with a call to arms in the form of Viva La Resistance, angst and attitude, uptempo, in your face, it has it all, a great title track, excellent opener!
The Warning drops the tempo a little, a little more melodic than its predecessor, whilst Satellite is a great rocker, filled with attitude, go light the fuse I dare you!
The Becoming is the first of the more mellow tracks, a great trippy and moody track, again displaying the bands versitality, love it! Security Forces and Rats return to the angst and anger of the opener, again a great track, and I imagine a real crowd pleaser when played live!
Frequency is another great rock track with a few nice suprises along its way, Domination Soul, slows things down once again, but dont misunderstand, this song still rocks like a mother!
2 Minute Hate has a punk feel to it that really helps get things going again, before the albums second slow mellow number kicks in in the form of Love Shine On, once again a great song!
The album closes out with Salvation, which is kind of an epic builder of a track, again a great song to close out a great album.

Its only January and Hate Gallery have delivered a contender for album of the year!

rating 10/10

You simply have to check these guys out!

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