Monday, 16 January 2012

Wolfsbane - Did It For The Money EP (2011)

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk / Garage

Track listing -

01 - Did It For The Money
02 - Limo (Special Version)
03 - GSB
04 - Killing Machine
05 - Dance My Tune

I dont believe that I missed this release. Originally made available back in April 2011, and still available via the bands website, this was the bands comeback release, well 5 track EP.
Featuring one new song, Did It For The Money, which also features on the bands new album, Wolfsbane Saves The World, and four re-recorded versions of Wolfsbane classics, which include Limo and Killing Machine, two massive fan favourites.
Well the new song sounds like classic Wolfsbane, and the re-recorded classics all sound excellent, re-recording them really adding a new lease of life to the songs. I really love GSB and Killing Machine, although Dance My Tune is also a contender for track of the EP.

A Great release, welcome back lads!

Rating 10/10

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