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DONNIE VIE (Enuff Z'Nuff) - The White Album (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
Label - Cargo Records
Track listing:
Disc One:
01. I Wanna Do It To You
02. Handy Dandy
03. For Your Pleasure
04. Happy Days
05. Crash And Burn
06. Light Shine On
07. Better Love Next Time
08. My Love
09. When Will You Love Me Again
10. Haunted
11. Unforsaken

Disc Two:
01. 25 Or 6 To 4
02. You're My Favourite Thing To Do
03. Almost Home
04. Imagine
05. Angel Eyes
06. Without You
07. Big Brother
08. Freaky Deaky
Enuff Z'Nuff singer/songwriter DONNIE VIE is releasing his brand new solo album "The White Album" via Cargo Records UK. The double CD album contains seventeen all new classic Vie cuts as well as covers of the Chicago classic "25 Or 6 To 4" and John Lennon's "Imagine".
At the present time Enuff Z'Nuff tour still and get out to their audiences playing shows but without Vie at the helm. He's been replaced most admirably by another fine talent in the form of Johnny Monaco. This situation only applies to live responsibilities as Vie remains firm favourite for studio-related activities.
On this weighty double album we find Vie in his comfortable studio surroundings showcasing the various well-trodden musical paths he has travelled in the past.
The Enuff Z'Nuff vibe is still here, as for me, this is an Enuff Z'Nuff record... maybe not in name but certainly on the songwriting aspect for sure. All are lovable pieces of melodic music, with the typical Donnie Vie's melodic power pop and classic rock touches.
As example, "'Better Love Next Time" is a glorious slice of Donnie Vie in his prime, writing a song full of life, love and musical hope, as far I'm concerned anyway. "Handy Dandy" gets back on track with what Donnie does best - melody and harmony all inside that Donnie musical intelligence.
There's an obvious piano ballad included here in the shape of "My Love" (a highlight), something Donnie has perfectly executed musically over the years in one way or another and this track is up there alongside some more of his other balladry masterpieces.
CD 2 starts with the first of two cover versions on the record, this initial one a live rendition of Chicago's classic "25 or 6 to 4" in a very classic rock vein with lots of guitars.
A pair of songs follow on, "You're My Favourite Thing To Do" and one of Donnie most perfect compositions, "Almost Home" - beautiful musical creations that stand up there alongside so many tunes that litter his unique songbook of life.
The second cover crops up, this time a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" - yeah of course, Donnie sure took his time getting to this point and it's worth the wait. In all honesty I was unsure on first listen but once I opened up and shrugged off my lazy tiredness I accepted the brilliance of the version.
"Angel Eyes" and "Without You" continue the musical intelligence: maybe not everybody will get this record or for that matter Donnie Vie as an artist, but if you simply listen intently to the songs here in front of you, you cannot doubt the ability of the man as a songwriter.
The opus ends with "Big Brother" and "Freaky Deaky"', more tunes that yet again remind me just why I have adored the songs and the vision of Donnie Vie for a quarter of a century.
Donnie Vie has created a wonderful double album in "The White Album", a true musical delight.
The melodies throughout are so exquisite and admirable, an almost jealous attitude comes over me for the man who seems to make this ever so easy to achieve his musical standards.
The record is co-produced by Donnie and Lewis John - a Donnie fanatic - who has also mixed the double opus and added additional guitars rather elegantly. The mastering is at charge of Andy Pierce, from the Rock Candy headquarters.
This release is absolutely essential for all Enuff Z'nuff and melodic / classic rock fans. It may be Vie's last release for some time... who knows? But for sure it's a really nice 2014 Christmas present.
Rating - 9/10

Note: incredibly, the album was badly submitted to digital retailers, with most tracks wrongly tagged / named. Besides, there's cuts on many track intros. So be sure to get (at least for the moment) this physical CD version at Cargo Records.

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