Friday, 16 October 2015

Bryan Adams - Get Up (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Melodic Rock / AOR
Label - Polydor

Track listing:
01 - You Belong To Me
02 - Go Down Rockin'
03 - We Did It All
04 - That's Rock And Roll
05 - Don't Even Try
06 - Do What Ya Gotta Do
07 - Thunderbolt
08 - Yesterday Was Just A Dream
09 - Brand New Day
10 - Don't Even Try (Acoustic)
11 - We Did It All (Acoustic)
12 - You Belong To Me (Acoustic)
13 - Brand New Day (Acoustic)

The following review is taken off line, but instead of repeating or trying to paraphrase it, I have chosen to reproduce it here as I agree whole heartedly with its sentiments. All credit to the original reviewer!

"Multi-platinum Canadian BRYAN ADAMS long-awaited upcoming 13th studio album, produced by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame, will be titled "Get Up". Due on October 16 in some countries (and at the end of the month in North America), the project was co-written with Adams’ long-time collaborator Jim Vallance, co-maker of his biggest hits.
Of all the skills in his repertoire, perhaps the most effective is Bryan Adams’ ability to keep things similar while never allowing them to become samey. There is a distinctly unique element to his sound – one that is quintessentially Adams-esque – but he is unafraid to alter his sonic signature in increasingly inventive ways.
He is also very clever to permeate the producer's style (always chosen by Adams) on every album. It happened in the past with Bob Clearmountain or Mutt Lange when shaped the sound in a Def Leppard vein.
It's no different now with Jeff Lynne; "Get Up" must be Bryan Adams 'most classic rock' album from his career.
The new songs in "Get Up" have all the hallmarks of the Adams sound: relatable, down-to-earth lyrics, Adams’ whiskey-and-honey tones and some energetic, infectious guitar work. But despite these recognisable elements, it’s not Adams covering Adams, or trying to cash in on the hits of the past.
"Get Up" is a solid collection of well crafted Rock songs, from the uptempo tracks such as lead song "Brand New Day", "That's Rock And Roll", "You Belong To Me" and "Thunderbolt," to the gentler tracks such as "Don't Even Try" and "We Did It All," plus the 4 Adams-produced acoustic versions, highlighting his unique voice and depth.
There is something immediately forward-thinking about the release: it sees Adams combining rock and roll in its purest form with the updated pop conventions of the present, creating a hybrid of past, present and future that immediately gratifies, and even thrills. Fortunately, there's no electronics here or modern touches, everything in "Get Up" is about Rock.
Adams may well be one of the most underappreciated rock&pop stars we have at the moment. He is a consummate professional, a fearless risk-taker, and a distinctive voice in a sea of imitators.
He is resolutely his own artist, and as a timely reminder of his many skills "Get Up" is a triumph."

Well Worth Checking Out!

Rating - 8/10

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