Friday, 31 July 2009

None The Less - The Way To save Ourselves Review

None The Less, a relatively new band having originally formed in 2007, have already reached fifth place in Best Unsigned Band by Kerrang and been billed to play at this years Download festival so "The Way To Save Ourselves", their debut mini album is an album that in certain circles may have a small sense of expectation behind it.None The Less are a young band in the Nu-metal vein, like so many out there on the British underground circuit at the moment, but what makes these guys stand out is their obvious talent especially in the songwritting department. "The Way To Save Ourselves" is an album filled with refreshing ideas, some great technical guitar work but above all some awesome vocal arrangments, beautifully crafted backing melodies and a sing / scream interplay that comes across as neither predictable or cliché. You only have to look at closing track I Feel Like Your Enemy to hear an example of how a great use of vocals can make a whole album sound amazing.These guys have the talent to really break big given the right breaks.If you like the heavier side of music, with a nu-metal tinge then these guys are really worth checking out.rating 10/10

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