Friday, 31 July 2009

XXX's - Heven, Hell or Hollywood Review

This could have gone so badly but thankfully XXX are a welcome addition to the glam rock scene!But to be honest we're not talking about fresh faced wet behind the ears new guys on the block here, the band comes with some great credentials!This is a party album, pure and simple, just crank it up and enjoy!“Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood” is a pretty happy album all around it has catchy riffs and choruses that grab straight from the first spin.The songs vear from classic punk (like Its Suicide) to LA Glam (Like We're Gonna Rock) to pure cock rock like on So Fucking You!Dont get me wrong, this isn’t a perfect album, and could do with a few more kick ass tunes than it has.Occasionally the vocals seem a lilttle out of place for my liking too, but what it does have is a lot of heart and a great sense of fun about it. When XXX get it right you can see them gaining a big following!If they can pull off the energy of the songs and the fun factor then triple X must be amazing live!Long Live the party!!!!!!!!!rating 8/10

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