Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dr Grind - Speechless

Seattle's Dr. Grind were guilty of being in the wrong place at the dead wrong time. hailing from the early 90's, Dr Grind played a melodic even progressive hard rock / metal something akin to early Queensryche, Icon and Dokken, at a time when Grunge was killing off everything that was fun in rock n roll. Before they disbanded in 1996 they did manage to release one album, which went sorrowfully unnoticed by the masses.
Now Eonian records gives us a chance to hear 17 songs by this band, and I'm truly glad they did. Vocalist Rick Allen has a great range, the songs are well written and performed by a band that really do believe in what they are doing. The guitar duo of Tom Moore and John Tippins are solid and they offer up a great sense of control and even some fine solos. All of the songs offered here are from the 1993 - 1994 era of the band, but many of them could have easily been written in the mid eighties, and that's probably why they still stand up so well. Dr Grind weren't trying to fit into any fads, they were just writing and playing the kind of music that they loved.
Speechless is a great way for those of us whom missed out on this band the first time around to get a listen, and realise just how good they actually were!

rating 8/10

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