Monday, 2 August 2010

Bret Michael's - Custom Built

Poison front man Bret Michael's returns with a new solo album in the form of Custom Built, and the album is exactly what you would expect from such a veteran.

Opening with 'Ride Against The Wind' which has a poison meets country rock vibe going on before moving on to 'Lie To Me' which has a more contemporary rock vibe.
'Nothing To Loose' follows, which a beautiful country esq duet with Miley Cyrus, a surprisingly good song, very reminiscent of Poison's 'Every Rose'.
Of the rest of the tracks, “Open Road” which is a kind of summer anthem and a countrified version of “Every Rose”, (featuring Brad Arnold of Three Doors Down and country artists Chris Cagle and Mark Wills) prove to be album highlights.

A solid album on a whole, not amazing, but strong all the same.

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rating - 8/10

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