Monday, 10 January 2011

Kamikaze Test Pilots - Diaspora

Genre - Alternative / Metal / Rock
Label - Independant
Track listing -
01 - The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum
02 - Kenny Rogers (with a Shotgun)
03 - Chikken
04 - The Journey
05 - The Drunk
06 - Betterway

Kamikaze Test Pilots are a hard band to pin down. Their sound seems to draw from so many different genres its unbelievable, but to me and it’s my opinion only they seem to fall somewhere between a mix of Kashmir and System Of A Down. They draw heavily from their Indie roots but beef up their sound with a heavy edge which gives them a kind of unique sound.
Every song has something different to offer, and closing track Betterway is just beautiful!
The band claim 'Kamikaze Test Pilot’s origins are deeply rooted in Africa and their music shows this. Two of their founding members Ryan and Wesley Niemandt grew up in a little hick mining towns in Zimbabwe', and to be honest I think this is what forged a unique mindset that sets Kamikaze Test Pilots above so many of the other bands out there trying to be different.
Stand out tracks for me include, Kenny Rogers )with a shotgun), Chikken, The Journey and Betterway, a song that I just think is brilliant.
Give these guys a spin, you may just love them!

Website -

Rating - 10/10

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