Monday, 3 January 2011

Black Sand - Abbey Road

Genre - Melodic Rock / Ballads
Label -
Tracklisting -
01. Life Without Me
02. Forbidden Stormy Night
03. Abbey Road
04. You’re All I Ever Wanted
05. Changing
06. I’m Coming Home
07. Backstage
08. Field Of Tirol
09. Secret Vision
10. Love Is More
11. You Won’t Let Me Love You
12. Please Forgive Me
13. Rock On (live)

Black Sand are a strange beast, sometimes coming up with some truly haunting melodies, and the odd truly inspired vocal line, but the lead vocals make this album difficult for me to listen to. The accent is just too strong, sorry, I can hear hear some great songs here like Forbidden Stormy Night, but I just cant get past the vocals.
A different album,for sure, very laid back and easy going. Enjoy

website -
rating - 5/10

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