Monday, 10 January 2011

Black Spiders - Sons Of The North

Genre - Rock
Label - Dark Riders

Track listing -
01 - Stay Down
02 - Kiss Tried To Kill Me
03 - Just Like A Woman
04 - Easy Peasy
05 - Blood Of The Kings
06 - St Peter
07 - Mans Ruin
08 - Medusa's Eyes
09 - Si, El Diablo
10 - What Goods A Rock Without A Roll

British rockers finally unleash their debut album upon us after what seems like an eternal wait! And what an album!
Opening with Stay Down, which originally appeared upon the Cinco Hombres Ep and quickly flowing into the melodic Kiss Tried To Kill Me, which has some absolutely brilliant tongue in cheek lyrics! Next up is Just Like A Woman which appeared on last year’s No Goats In The Omen Ep, and proved to be one of the best songs of 2010!
Next up we get Easy Peasy and the Epic Blood Of The Kings which is the albums longest track.
The Excellent St Peter follows, which originally appeared on last year’s St Peter Ep, and quickly became a fan favorite gaining considerable radio airplay on the likes of Kerrang radio.
Man's Ruin and Medusa’s Eyes quickly follow once again maintaining the excellent standard set by their predecessors’. Si, EL Diablo is up next, which has a kind of groovy stomp thing going on, a brilliant track. The album closes out with What Goods A Rock Without A Roll which is an out and out rocker, a great way to close an album, and although the lyrics can be a little clich├ęd how can you not sing along to ' Eat Thunder, Shit Lightning'?
A great album, truly magnificent!

Very Highly recommended!

website -
Rating - 10/10

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