Monday, 10 January 2011

Incassum - In Vain

Genre - Metal / Progressive
Label - Casket music

Track listing -
01 - The Beckoning
02 - History Repeats
03 - Space To Breathe
04 - So Red
05 - All These Lies
06 - In Vain

Unfortunately for Incassum (a Latin word meaning In Vain), the band’s sound offers up nothing new or exciting. They seem to combine a lot of musical ideas that have already been done, in most cases so much better too. Musically they come across as a Death / Gothic metal band with slight Evanescence tendencies, unfortunately Sharleen Kennedy's vocals just aren’t up to the job.
In most cases the music comes across as a little dull and uninspired, although it does have its moments, I thoroughly enjoyed Space To Breathe and the opening of title track In Vain, but I fear the good points were too far and few in between to warrant repeat listening. Sorry

website -
Rating - 6/10

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