Monday, 3 January 2011

Bad Things - Age of Wisdom

Genre - Rock / Classic Rock
Label - Bad Things Music
Tracklisting -
01 - Prison Train
02 - Killing Time
03 - Jack The Ripper
04 - Revolution Man
05 - Where Few Have Tread
06 - Numb
07 - Flame Burns Out
08 - Better Than You
09 - P.O.D.
10 - Age Of Wisdom

b ad Things sound draws on a few influences, from British Hard Rock, Blues to classic southern tinged rock, which gives the guys a nice comfortable feel to them, and what the guys manage to deliver is pure and simple solid hard rock tunes with a classic vibe, modern edge, and a little southern roots influence.
Opener Prison Train really does set the standard leaving the listener with no doubts as to what lays ahead.
The songs all seem great, but something just doesn't seem to sit right with me, the band have such a loose feel to them, they're so laid back that you're left expecting someone to fall over. the drummer seems to struggle to keep up with the rest of the guys, and sometimes I'm not sure if they are wanting us to take them seriously or not. Maybe with the help of a good producer these guys could put album the album that their songwriting is capable of. Killing Time is a great standout track though.

website -
rating - 6/10

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